Weekend Entertainment Groove

Just when you were about to cancel summer out……

……there’s al of this to do this weekend. 

Let’s do it. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke  What better way to turn those end-of-summer frowns upside down other than to go out and sang your little heart out courtesy of the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr and her always yas-worthy Sing Your Life Karaoke collection, which is serving Philly for the rest of the summer(and every season!) at all of these fabulous locations listed below. Fri/9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.Sat/9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave Sun/9-2 Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues/9-2 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs/9-2 Milkboy South Street/401 South St.

2 Live Crew/Coolio/Biz Markie/Salt-N-Pepa  No explanation needed. Get those tickets because it’s certainly going to be a live one across the river tonight.  BB & T Pavilion/730 pm 

Electric Light Orchestra Tell you once more to get out the door and get those tickets while rockin’ the f@ck out to “Don’t Bring Me Down” all weekend long.  Tonight/Wells Fargo Center/730 pm 

Philly’s Foxes Fourth Friday  So, who’s looking to get a lil’ Fox-ed up this weekend? Since that would be everyone, you should have no problem sashaying over to Franky Bradley’s tonight to see what Maria TopCatt, Sapphira Cristal, Zsa Zsa St. James and Iris Spectre–more fabulously known as Philly’s Foxes–have cookin’ down in their foxholes just for you. And as always, the thunderous DJ Chris Urban will be serving up those foxy grooves all night long, as well as at L’Etage (10 pm) tomorrow night and Positano Coast on Sunday (12 pm-4 pm) for your hangover pleasure. Let’s slay. Tonight/Franky Bradley’s/830 pm 

The 2018 Miss Boxed Wine Pageant  It’s baaaack……and your host Bev is more wasted than ever! Yes, that’s right, kids and kweens, everyone’s favorite Franzia-worthy contest is sloshing back once again, so werk it on over to Tabu this very evening see which local queen (Miss Troy? Eric Jaffe? Kitty Skittlepump?) has what it takes to be Bev’s bish and earn her rightful spot in the next Bitchfest! And of course, your love and respect as well. Don’t miss it!  Tabu/9 pm 

Keely Siblia/Rover Rover/Impuritan   If you’re looking to check out an explosive array of local talent to kickstart your last full weekend of August, look no further than struttin’ on over to The Barbary tonight. And oh, yeah…may you always support your fabulous local music artists. 730 pm 

Stevie Wonder  What happens when you have not one, but two nights of all of those hits taking over the Jersey Shore this weekend? The best ending to summer you ever thought possible. Get those tickets…if you still can. Saturday & Sunday/Event Center @ Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa 

Smokey Robinson  And another one….got tickets?  Saturday/8 pm/Mann Center

Jason Aldean/Lauren Alaina  If you haven’t sailed on over to the BB & T Pavilion yet this summer, there’s still quite a bit of fun going on across the river, like this dynamic pairing right here who will show you just that tomorrow night. Giddy up for those tickets. (730 pm) 

Pride Night in Manayunk  If you haven’t gotten a chance to spend a lovely evening in Manayunk yet this summer, this weekend is certainly the one to do it…and you might want to throw some glitter while you’re at it! This Sunday, strut it on over to La Roca in the ‘Yunk, where they’ll be throwing a Pride bash packed with fabulous cocktails, beats, treats and of course, lots and lots of love! Check it on up right here for tickets and then get ready to be free as f@#k…we’ve earned it. 11 pm  

Also on the local and legendary entertainment decks for your…….


Lots of fabulous dancing @Woody’s & @Tavern on Camac all weekend long………Donovan Frankenreiter@TLA(8 pm)…………..Espers@Union Transfer(830 pm)…………CID@NOTO(10 pm)………….American Wrestlers@Kung Fu Necktie(730 pm)….lots of incredible local entertainment @Time Philadelphia all week&weekend long………Betamaxx @District N9ne(9 pm)…….Shane Henderson/June Divided @Boot & Saddle(730 pm)………….Noel Scales@Underground Arts (9 pm)………..Dave P @The Dolphin Tavern(10 pm) 


Breathe Carolina @ Bungalow Beach(1 pm)…………..Adventure Club @ Ocean Resort Casino(12 pm)………..American Trappist@Boot & Saddle(8 pm)……….Sebastian Olzanski@Voltage Lounge(230 pm)…………..Here Lies Man@Kung Fu Necktie(7 pm)……..Station/Resillient@Dockside Bar@Dave & Buster’s(3 pm)……….Max Weinberg@World Cafe Live (8 pm)……….Joanna Pascale @South Jazz Club(9 pm)………DJ Scene@NOTO(10 pm)………..Lester@Underground Arts(9 pm)……….Holy Trinity @The Dolphin Tavern(9 pm)


Shinedown/Godsmack @ BB & T Pavilion(7 pm)……..Toby Keith/Trace Adkins @Hard Rock Hotel Casino & Spa Atlantic City(8 pm)…….Megan Davies @The Foundry(8 pm)……Showtunes Sundays@Tavern on Camac (9 pm)………Chill Moody @Silk City Diner(8 pm)…….Incite/Aethere@Kung Fu Necktie(8 pm)……….Full Bush @Bourbon & Branch(8 pm)…….Sinful Sundays w/The Godess Isis @ Tabu(10 pm)………..Deep Creep @Johnny Brenda’s Downstairs (8 pm)

Since we’re all in this music and entertainment life together, be sure to also check out Uwishunu and Visit Philly to see what other kind of shenanigans you can get into before we say “bye” to summer. 





10 Reasons to Fly Away with Cirque’s ‘Volta’ Before It Flies Out of Philly

Oh, August……

While indeed it’s a month filled with those classic dog days of summer, it’s also a month full of dread as you know in the back in your mind that it’s time to get the kids back to school and get back to….that routine-kind-of-life.

So, how about we don’t worry about all of that just yet? Yes. 

Cirque Du Soleil’s spectacular production of Volta (their 41st Cirque spinoff) is still gliding over at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and is looking to help you (yes, you) break up those end-of-summer doldrums until it flies from Philly to Seattle next Sunday, August 19th. 

Since its debut this past July 12th, Volta has dazzled audiences from all across the tri-state area, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to witness everything this immaculate show has to offer(and it’s a whole lot, folks), you should absolutely do it now. 

And just in case you need further convincing, here’s 10 reasons why you should fly away with ‘Volta‘ Before it flies out of Philly next weekend. 

1.It’s under the Big Top!!   Just like the circus….but better. Take a look at this Big Top behind-the-scenes action when Volta took over the Old Port of Montreal for its opening last year. Amazing…to say the least. 

2.It’s fun for the whole entire family….   Well, you might not be able to bring the family cat, dog or goldfish, but grab grandma and grandpa, call the aunts and uncles, gather up the cousins…because there’s still some family packages available! Plus, Volta is a pure stress reliever before the craziness another school year begins. Now you know you definitely want those tickets. 

3.Let’s talk about this ridiculously limber cast……   Rope skipping, precision walking, roller skating, unicyclying, ballet dancing, baton twirling, bungee stunts, contemporary dancing, trampowall-ing, shape diving…..and all of that’s just in the first five minutes! Curious for more? Watch this stunning clip below and then get ready. 

4.Oh, wait, someone actually hangs from their hair!!   Just watch the video and prepare to be amazed…and maybe say, ouch??!! By the way, her name is Danila Bim and you need to show her your love right now because she is truly something else. 

5.It’s story will move you to pieces……  A big top residing show centered around extreme sports, Volta tells the gripping, freeing and oh, so wildly entertaining story about a popular game show host named Waz, who becomes blinded by fame and fortune–both in the literal and biblical sense. After he meets a high-flying group of free spirits at his lowest moments in life, they encourage Waz to spread his wings and fly so he can begin his journey by taking a trip back in time to find his true self. If the story line sounds familiar, it’s because most of us are still trying to find our true selves every day…especially these days. While we may not be able to figure out the whole truth within it all, Volta will no doubt help us get a tad bit closer to it while providing a most entertaining escape…so in a word…go. 

6. Because we could all use some top-notch entertainment in our lives right now…   Hey, if there’s one thing that we can all agree on right now, it’s that it’s a crazy world for all of us! And if there’s one thing that Volta has proven to do (besides, well, everything), it’s that it truly has the aerial ability to take you to another place and make you forget about everything else that’s going on. Now, what could be better than that? Absolutely nothing. Well….maybe another incredible clip. 

7.Did we mention the talented cast?  While we don’t have time at this very moment to get to know all of this tremendous Volta ensemble, you can take all the time in the colorful world to get to know each of them right here by diving into the official Volta website…which we must say…is a party within itself. Go ahead…you know you want to. 

8.Tickets start as low as $49…..   However, seats are limited, so if you want those tickets at this ultra-low price, you better trapeze it up right here, right now to grab them. 

9.This Instinct article will also hit you in all of the right places…..   Since ‘Volta’s’ powerful theme is “find your free,” this wonderful Instinct Magazine feature written by Philly author Devin Randall certainly takes that theme and runs with it while tugging you at every single heartstring. Join Mr. Randall has he chats with two incredible gay couples who work full-time in the ‘Volta’ universe as they discuss the challenges they’ve faced, what it means to work in a show of this caliber, and of course, they break all kinds of mugs about what love is like behind the Volta curtain. It’s a great read and one you won’t forget anytime soon. Check it out right here. Oh, and you just might want to grab a Kleenex. 

10.Do you really need another reason?    Absolutely not. So, go ahead and grab those tickets now before Volta flies (literally) out of the tri-state area next Sunday! Ready, set, find your free…and that you certainly will when it comes to this show. 

Cover photo courtesy of Cirque Du Soleil Volta 







Weekend Entertainment Groove

Now, what to get to into on this impending seasonable second weekend of August? 

How about…all of it. Let’s do it. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke  What better way to glide through the dog days of summer other than to go sing your little heart out courtesy of the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr and her always scorching Sing Your Life Karaoke collection, which is serving Philly all year-long at all of these fabulous locations listed below. Fri/9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.Sat/9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave Sun/9-2 Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues/9-2 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs/9-2 Milkboy South Street/401 South St.

Cirque Du Soleil Volta  Where do we begin when it comes to this incredible entertainment spectacle? How about with the fact that it’s simply dazzled the tri-state area all summer long? Or, that it’s (literally) under the BIg Top??!! So, you see, we can go on and on about how this is a must see for the whole entire family, but there’s only just two weekends left to experience it all, so you better go right here to grab those tickets now….and then prepare to be amazed. Various dates&showtimes/Greater Philadelphia Expo Center/100 Station Ave/Oaks, PA, 19456

BB & T Pavilion  Whether it’s the hazy beats and rhythms provided by Wuz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd tonight, or the classic modern rock flavors that will no doubt be served up by Counting Crows and Live tomorrow night, there’s no denying that BB & T Pavilion has got you covered like Coppertone for your live music needs this weekend and for the rest of the summer. Get those tickets. 

The Offspring/311 Hey, it’s a crazy f@#king world out there, but if there’s one thing that we can all agree on right this very second, it’s that there’s going to be a whole lot of ’90s music lovin’ taking over Penn’s Landing tonight. You betta mosh right here for access.  Friday/Festival Pier /7 pm 

DJ Chris Urban  Whether he’s makin’ you werk on the dance floor at L’Etage every Saturday night (10 pm) or helping you groove responsibly to cure your Sunday hangover over at Positano Coast (12pm-4 pm), this red-hot local DJ will keep your dance music needs in check with his collection of delicious grooves every weekend for the rest of the summer. 

LiPSMACKeRS:’90s-’00s Edition  What happens when you take a whole lot of TRL-worthy grooves and throw them all on the dance floor at Tabu courtesy of DJ Mike Shaffer? You get the absolute best night of your f@#king life. Go. Saturday/9 pm/Tabu 

Lil’Kim  AKA….the one-and-only…..Lil’ Kim because there ain’t no other and there never will be. So, show your girl some love and go see her in AC this weekend. Saturday/10 pm/Haven Nightclub AC 

Jason Mraz   Now that you’ve swooned over him in his well-received “Have it All” documentary, get ready to swoon over “The Remedy” crooner when he takes over the Philly stages this weekend…and you can get your tickets right here…that is if you haven’t already. Saturday/8 pm/Mann Center for Performing Arts 

SWEAT 2018  Now, what could be better than an all-inclusive LGBTQ party down by the river thrown down by Back to Basics which is guaranteed to be filled with lots of glitter and rainbow love? Actually, don’t answer that……just get ready to gussy up for a par-tay full of sunshine and sonnets provided by DJs Lioness and Deluxx, all while Di the Comedian owns your life as your hostess with the mostest.  Go right here for more shiny info and then….go. Saturday/3 pm/Cavanaugh’s River Deck 

KC and the Sunshine Band   What’s your favorite classic KC groove? How about…all of them. So, do a little dance, make a little love and then get down right here for those tickets.  Saturday/8 pm/Sugarhouse Casino 10 pm/

Gladys Knight & The O’Jays   Where do we truly begin with the impending celebration of music life that’s going to be taking over the Mann this Sunday? How about with just getting those tickets and going? Works every time. Sunday/8 pm/Mann Center for Performing Arts 

Green Velvet   First, get down to this exquisitely rewerked display of “Sorry” in preparation for Madonna’s oh, so big 60th birthday celebration next week, and then go see the legendary DJ behind it all take over Hq2 Beachclub at Ocean Resort Casino this Sunday night. Let’s f@#king dance. 10 pm 

Summer Concert Guide  Don’t let the Halloween candy displays at all of the local drug stores get you down (seriously, CVS, calm down), there’s still plenty of summer left……which means plenty of time to go to lots and lots of exciting summer concerts. And just who’s on the way from now until Labor Day? You’ve got Pentatonix, West Philadelphia Orchestra, Ben Folds Five, Keith Sweat, Two Friends, Arty, Cher(!!), Interpol, Smokey Robinson, and many, many more. So, check this official guide out right here and waste no time in getting all of those tickets. 

Also on the local and legendary entertainment for your……


SNL’s Melissa Villasenor @ Punch Line Comedy Club (730 pm)………Lots of fabulous dancing @Woody’s & Tavern on Camac all weekend long(10 pm both spots)………Boatloads of local entertainment from all walks of life @Time Philadelphia all weekend long……..Cazzette @ NOTO(10 pm)………….Lydia@The Foundry(9 pm)………..Drugdealer@Johnny Brenda’s(915 pm)………..John Gilbride@Milkboy Philly(830 pm)…………Andrew Combs@Boot & Saddle(830 pm)………..Free Time@The Dolphin Tavern(10 pm)…………Rick Wonder @Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City(10 pm)…………..Warchyld@TLA(9 pm)……….Mountain Ride@Underground Arts(7 pm)………Mat Burke@Kung Fu Necktie(730 pm)………Doc Rotten@Tusk(8pm)


The Piano Guys@Borgata Event Center(8 pm)………..Steve Angello @ HQ2 Beachclub @Ocean Resort Casino(9 pm)…………Pedro the Lion @Union Transfer(830 pm)…………Impending Doom/Within the Ruins@Voltage Lounge(5 pm)………..Garcia Project @World Cafe Live:Upstairs!(830 pm)…………Tailgunner@Kung Fu Necktie(730 pm)…………Vinyl Countdown@Ortlieb’s(10 pm)…………Echo Courts @Johnny Brenda’s(9 pm)………DevaLily @The Pharmacy(8 pm)…………..E. Joseph & The Sparrows @Boot & Saddle(830 pm)…………Ships in the Night@Bourbon & Branch(7 pm)………..Dame Luz@The Dolphin Tavern(10 pm)


104.5 Summer Block Party w/Robert DeLong @Festival Pier(2 pm)………..Elephante@Daer Nightclub(10 pm)……………Nancy Wilson@Xcite Center @Parx Casino(630 pm)…….Sinful Sundays w/The Godess Isis @Tabu(10 pm)…….Showtunes Sundays @Tavern on Camac(9 pm)………….The Blasters@Kung Fu Necktie(7 pm)…………Jonah Matranga@Boot & Saddle(8 pm)………..The Upper Room@Franky Bradley’s(630 pm)…………Alice Bag@Johnny Brenda’s(8 pm)…………Aw Shucks@The Barbary(8 pm)

Cover photo courtesy of Pinterest

Since we’re all in this music and entertainment life together, be sure to also check out Uwishunu and Visit Philly to see what other kind of shenanigans you can get into this weekend.