• 10 Reasons Why We Should Forever Worship P!nk

    TweetGrammy winner…….Earth shattering singer……incredible performer…….jaw dropping aerialist……..four Billboard Hot 100 #1 Singles…….thirty-three music videos…….forty-seven million albums sold worldwide….stand out wife and mother of two…and one bad ass attitude that we simply can’t live without. Plus, she’s from Doylestown!! Yes, those are all of the stand out elements–if not just a few–that make up the now

  • 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience Motown:The Musical

    TweetThere comes a time in life when we must not run, we must not walk, but instead just straight up….dance. And while we’re all on the dance floor of this crazy little thing called life, we must groove it on over to see an incredible Broadway experience in the City of Brotherly Love…and Motown:The Musical

  • 25 Reasons Why We’ll Forever Praise ‘Sister Act’

    TweetGird all of the halos and habits and get ready to relive all of the Mother Superior shade you still heave all over the place (of course, there’s never enough, thank you Maggie Smith), because everyone’s favorite movie in the whole entire world, Sister Act, is celebrating twenty-five years of makin’ fabulous music for our

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