• 7 Breathtaking Celtic Woman Performances

    TweetIf you’re like me, you prefer a more peaceful and serene approach to St. Patrick’s Day (this past weekend in Philly…big ol’ sigh), so what better to take that Sinead edge off other than getting absolutely lost in a bounty of breathtaking performance provided by radiant Ireland based diva vocal ensemble, Celtic Woman.  Since 2004,

  • 10 Classic Ace of Base Singles

    TweetAce of Base. There’s so many things that come to mind when we hear those three coveted words. For one, it remind us of that great pop culture moment in time on Full House when Stephanie Tanner performed with her group, Girl Talk, taking on Ace of Base‘s signature sonnet, “The Sign,” to quite comedic results. (Oh, Gia.)

  • 15 Christina Aguilera Songs You Probably Haven’t Listened to Lately

    TweetMuch like that other eardrum shattering diva, Xtina Aguilera is another chanteuse you either hate to love, love to hate or if you’re like Philly Mixtape, you simply live for. Of course, those who don’t know her extensive catalog at least know her roaring hits, “Genie in a Bottle,” “What A Girl Wants,” and “Lady

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