7 Breathtaking Celtic Woman Performances

If you’re like me, you prefer a more peaceful and serene approach to St. Patrick’s Day (this past weekend in Philly…big ol’ sigh), so what better to take that Sinead edge off other than getting absolutely lost in a bounty of breathtaking performance provided by radiant Ireland based diva vocal ensemble, Celtic Woman

Since 2004, the extraordinarily talented overseas chanteuses have owned stages worldwide (one of them even dances around and plays the violin!) by captivating audiences with their gleaming stage presence and gorgeous performances of their Celtic, new age, and adult contemporary music. There’s no need to argue like The Cranberries–a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without Celtic Woman is like getting  a box of Lucky Charms without marshmallows….it just doesn’t make sense. 

And guess what? The overseas groove goddesses are going to be stopping at the In Lancaster this April to truly make all of your music pot o gold dreams come true. But for now, be the lucky one who gets to close out your day by getting lost in any one of these 7 breathtaking Celtic Woman performances. 

“Danny Boy” Please pass the bottle of Jameson, some Kleenex, more Kleenex, all of the Irish potatoes, more Kleenex, and then you better let me call my ex…because that’s life….and so is this life altering performance. 

“You Raise Me Up” No words. 

“Amazing Grace” DONE. 

“MO GHILE MEAR”/Emerald Music Gems:Live in Concert Never mind the fact that you have no idea how to pronounce that title and just watch. Simply stunning. 

Home for Christmas:Live from Dublin A breathtaking reason why we should celebrate Christmas every day of the week. 

New Journey:Live at Slane CastleThere’s really nothing to say here except for the fact that the name of the gorgeous performing venue pretty much sums this all up. 

“Danny Boy” I can’t. 



10 Classic Ace of Base Singles

Ace of Base. There’s so many things that come to mind when we hear those three coveted words. For one, it remind us of that great pop culture moment in time on Full House when Stephanie Tanner performed with her group, Girl Talk, taking on Ace of Base‘s signature sonnet, “The Sign,” to quite comedic results. (Oh, Gia.) Second, those words remind us of a much, much simpler time in music when radio offered up fluff as delightful as the songs provided by these Swedish hit makers. They’re all pure pop perfection at their very best. 

Comprised of lead vocal divas Jenny and Linn Berggren, and keyboardists Jonas “Joker” Berggren and Ulf “Buddah” Ekberg, Ace of Base became an international music phenomenon when their 1993 debut album, The Sign, danced its way into our Sony Walkman headphones. Their simple, melodic Euro-disco flow owned us with songs, “All That She Wants,” “Don’t Turn Around,” “Beautiful Life,” “Lucky Love” and of course, their dazzling debut’s epic title track. 

Before they formed in 1990, Jenny and Linn sang in local church choirs in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their brother, Jonas, played synthesizers and wrote songs with his music pal, Ulf. Eventually, Jonas and Ulf recruited the gals to sing with them, and the newly formed quartet began playing dance music at local clubs and within a year, the group signed with Mega Records and released their debut single, “Wheel of Fortune,” and accompanying album, Happy Nation, in 1992.

When “Fortune” was released, it became a hit across Scandinavia, and soon German-based record label Metronome signed a European distribution deal with the group. The release of “All That She Wants” soon followed and became their first big international hit, and thanks to heavy exposure on MTV (who played videos at the time), the song became a number one hit in ten different countries, and soon, they released their debut set, The Sign — a rewerked version of Happy Nation, which featured four new songs — and it quickly sold nearly two million copies in the U.S..

Throughout 1994, Ace of Base dominated the music globe as “All That She Wants,” “Don’t Turn Around,” (a Diane Warren penned number originally recorded by Ms. Tina Turner in 1984) and “The Sign” received heavy airplay on radio and in the clubs. The group even popped up on some modern radio rock radio formats as well. (Hey, it was the ’90s.) By the end of the year, The Sign had sold over eight million copies in the U.S. alone and Ace of Base was nominated for three Grammys that year, including Best New Artist.

When they released their second album, The Bridge, in the fall of 1995, it faired moderately well on he charts;eventually going platinum and spawning the Jock Jams anthem,”Beautiful Life.” but, due to the ever so changing ’90s music market, Ace of Base’s pop novelty eventually wore off soon after the release of their sophomore set. However, the sugary quartet did keep it up a bit in later years, releasing a handful of records overseas, as well as a greatest hits set. And just a few months ago, they put out a compilation set called, Hidden Gems, which is everything you think it is.

Is of Ace of Base’s music collection full of big ol’ pop fluff? Absolutely. But, did they create timeless music that your kids and their kids will certainly know and love? Absolutely.


15 Christina Aguilera Songs You Probably Haven’t Listened to Lately

Much like that other eardrum shattering diva, Xtina Aguilera is another chanteuse you either hate to love, love to hate or if you’re like Philly Mixtape, you simply live for. Of course, those who don’t know her extensive catalog at least know her roaring hits, “Genie in a Bottle,” “What A Girl Wants,” and “Lady Marmalade,” and you’ve even most likely worked it out at the gym to her blazing bangers, “Fighter” and “Dirrty” But, indeed for us die hard fans, we’ve lived out our life to Stripped, know every Sia-penned ballad–even the ones on Bionic and Lotus–and we simply live that Xtina music life to the fullest.

Today, you’re about to get served up with some personal Christina favorites, whether they almost hit the chart mark, got overlooked on an album, or just need some more of that good old fashioned diva music love, these next 15 Xtina tracks are perfect for whatever playlist your cooking up for Philly pride weekend and beyond. 


The Mulan number that really started it all….now playing in supermarkets everywhere.



“Nobody Wants to Be Lonely”

Pre-Xtina with a pre-out-of-the-closet Ricky Martin equals pure underplayed pop bliss. 

“Can’t Hold Us Down”

Her delightfully ratchet gurl-power anthem with Lil’ Kim that was an “almost there, but not quite” top 10 hit that no one really speaks of anymore. 


The title pretty much speaks for itself. 

“Get Mine, Get Yours”

The best song about NSA-action ever recorded.

“Car Wash”

It’s Christina and Missy. Enough said. 

“Tell Me”

This forgot about Diddy laced ditty is essential for all Xtina playlists and beyond. 

“Slow Down Baby”

This saucy Back to Basics number is absolute perfection….that should’ve been a bigger hit. 

“Back in the Day”

A jazzy ode to a buffet of dearly departed music legends…why would you not want to play it everyday? 

“Not Myself Tonight”

All day. 

“Woohoo” w/Nicki Minaj

You don’t even need a plate….just your headphones. 


While the lyrics are a little over the top (“take ya supersonic…”), it’s one of her most wonderfully weird music creations…

“Your Body”

If only this version would’ve made the video….

“Let There Be Love”

Next week-500 Reasons Why this delightful romp should’ve been a bigger hit. Not to mention, it’s an Xtina flavored pride anthem at its very best. 

Did you get your diva fix all week during Philly Mixtape’s pride celebration? If not, you can get to werk below.