15 Underrated Madonna Singles/’90s Edition

Madonna in the ’90’s. Those four words alone provoke so many thoughts, feelings and most of all…so much delicious music. While the ’90s were a winding road of career trials and tribulations for the Material Girl, her music collection got edgier, bolder, and most importantly…she finally learned how to sing! Hey, momma always said it’s not shade if it’s the truth….

Kicking off the decade, she taught us how to “Vogue,” have lots of Sex, read us a fab collection of Bedtime Stories, and brought us into her dazzling Ray of Light. But, as many hits as she served up for us in the beloved decade, there were quite a bundle of single offerings that were just as brilliant (not you, “Bad Girl.” Sigh.) as her other ’90s hits, but didn’t quite get the Billboard boasting they truly deserve. So today, Philly Mixtape took a deep dive into the oh, so coveted Madonna music vault and pulled out those singles that are ready to strike a pose for your immediate attention as you prepare to glitter bomb yourself for this weekend’s upcoming Philly pride festivities….and it all begins with a delectable underrated Madonna ditty called “Rescue Me“……

“Rescue Me”

We never want to be rescued from this insatiable underrated hit that no one seems to speak of. 

“Hanky Panky”

A Dick Tracy tune that remains more of a secret than the true alias of 88 Keys

“This Used To Be My Playground”

Perhaps her most underrated Billboard #1 single..ever. Like her A League Of Their Own co-star Geena Davis’ movie career, this dreamy Shep Pettibone produced ballad just came and went. 


A stand out single from her excellent Erotica adventure ..


While this gorgeous ballad may not be that underrated….for Madonna fans it certainly feels that way sometimes. 

“I’ll Remember”

Another gorgeous piece of music art that just feels like no one listens to a regular basis…as you should when it comes to this breathtaking–literally–ballad. 

“Bedtime Story”

Before Ray of Light taught us kabbalahism….there was this truthful Madonna tune that you probably haven’t listened to in awhile. This video….

“Don’t Stop”

This deliciously disco-kissed Bedtime Stories track was released as the album’s final single…radio played it once. 

“I Want You”

Remember when Madonna took on Mr. Marvin Gaye? 

“You’ll See”

A sexy continuation of her iconic “Take a Bow” clip….that most of us forgot about. 

“Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

The dance remix. Enough said. 

“Nothing Really Matters”

All that matters is…you need this tantalizing tune in your music life again. 

“Drowned World/Substitute for Love”

The spaced out opener for Ray of Light….we can never leave this one out. 

“Beautiful Stranger”

Does anyone still think of this groovy gem anymore? Anyone?

“Your Honesty”

Not released as a single, but this Bedtime Stories cutting room floor flow amounts to pure pop perfection. 






15 Classic Paula Abdul Singles

There are many fabulous things to be musically said about the lovely, Ms. Paula Abdul. For one, on the heels of Madonna‘s mid-’80s mega success, many dance-pop divas tried to achieve the same global superstar status, but out of them all, Paula was indeed the only one who sustained a healthy music career. And two, she better werk….

After her non-stop energy and choreography charisma caught the eye of music executives, Paula left her spot as head choreographer and dancer for the L.A. Laker Girls and was hired as an assistant dance director on the Jackson 5‘s Victory tour, which then led her to schooling their kid sister Janet Jackson on moves for her Control era videos. Because of the dazzling werk she served up in Ms. Janet‘s timeless clips, Paula became a quickly sought-after choreographer, where she went on to lend her dance capabilities to The Tracy Ullman Show, as well as mixing up moves for videos by ZZ Top, Duran Duran, the Pointer Sisters, and many, many others. Soon after, Paula jumped into the studio to record her debut set, Forever Your Girl, and as we all know, the rest is pure delightful music history.

Over her three decades entertaining us (which we all know she most certainly has. #HeyPaula), Paula has had plenty of multiplatinum success, put up with Simon Cowell and Nigel Lythgoe, as well as giving us a music catalogue to last a lifetime. While she has also endured personal fights and battles as well, there’s one thing about Paula that most certainly still holds true after all of these years–she puts plenty of pride in whatever creative project she takes on….and these 15 classic singles prove exactly that. Go on, Ms. Paula.

“Knocked Out”

This punchy groove was actually Paula’s first radio release, but it wasn’t quite a knockout on the charts…but, then…..

“Straight Up”

…..this happened. Hey, Arsenio! 

“Forever Your Girl”

Forever yours, Ms. Paula. 

“Cold Hearted”

Bob Fosse +Paula=yas.

“The Way That You Love Me”

An underrated Paula ditty at its very best…

“Opposites Attract”

At one time….there was this video….that featured an animated cat….

“Rush, Rush”

A pre-‘Speed’ Keanu Reeves… still our early-’90s hearts…

“The Promise of a New Day”

Her sixth and final chart topper….but still one of her more underrated gems. 

“Blowing Kisses in the Wind”

Cross our music hearts…..

“Will You Marry Me?”

Her music proposal to then boyfriend, Emilio Estevez. How can we ever forget? 


We still don’t know exactly what Vibeology means….

“My Love Is For Real”

When’s the last time you thought of Paula’s summer groove from ’95?

“Crazy Cool”

There was this video….with Ms. Abdul riding a mechanical bull…..spilling champagne on herself….

“Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up”

Sexy, slinky and jazzy…

“Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”

Anyone remember Randy Jackson’s Music Club? Anyone? 






15 Britney Spears Tracks You Probably Haven’t Listened to Recently

Oh, Ms. Britney. Where would we be in our gay lives without her iconic dance moves, epic videos, and a catalogue of tunes that will last us through all of rainbow eternity? While yes, for some, these days Ms. Spears is viewed as a manufactured pop robot who does it all for daddy. For others, Philly Mixtape included, the diva will always be a pop force to be reckoned with who even in the worst of troubling ’07 times, pulls through like the fierce bitch that she is. With or without those pop puppet strings propping her up, for almost two decades, Britney and her team have cooked up a vault of grooves that certainly put the “haaaay” in gay. 

For most die hard Godney fans, we live and breathe each one of her rousing records. (Except you, Britney Jean, you can have a row of seats.) We know every lyric by heart, every move, every “get it, get it,” and most of all, there’s loads of music love for Team Britney. Each album in her elusive career contains pop gems that are like no other, that are prim, polished, auto-finished and packed with plenty of gasoline to set our music hearts on fire. However, since there are so many songs to be cherished in Britney’s music memoirs, we would be here all disco day sorting them out. So, today, Philly Mixtape wanted to serve up some of those slices of music life that are ones that you might not give the full Britney music treatment to on a daily basis.

Now, get to werk…bitch. 

“Born To Make You Happy”

It was either this one or “E-mail My Heart.”

“Don’t Go Knockin On My Door”/”What You See”(Is What You Get)”

An Oops 2-for-1 of early ’00s Britney bangers. What could be better?


A stand out from ’01’s Britney. Play on repeat all the time…that is, if you’re not already. 

“What It’s Like To Be Me”

Britney and Justin. Sigh…. That matching denim outfit…double sigh….


A slinky, sexy In the Zone groove written by ’90s dance queen, Cathy Dennis. Bedroom perfection. 

“Don’t Hang Up”

When it comes to this Britney groove, we’ll always call back. 

“Do Somethin'”

Part “Pretty Girls,” part Britney/KFed era equals all parts fabulous…


Still trying to figure out why this sexy Eurythmics sampling number didn’t get a proper single release…oh, yes…it came out in ’07….

“Tell Me What Your Sippin’ On”

Pass the umbrella laced Britney music cocktail, please…

“Outta This World”

It’s Britney and Ms Keri, baby…all over this breezy track. 

“Shattered Glass”/”Blur”

A 2-for-1 ‘Circus‘ special of two sleek “not crazy anymore” Britney jams….


This one will always take us back to the end of the infamous MTV Britney doc, For the Record…


Britney at her dance-pop best. 


The only song Britney co-wrote for the Femme Fatale era. Delicious. 

“Tik Tik Boom”

Corny? Yes. But, it’s still a lot of fun and demands at least one more listen…even if it is from Britney Jean