• 15 Underrated Madonna Singles/’90s Edition

    TweetMadonna in the ’90’s. Those four words alone provoke so many thoughts, feelings and most of all…so much delicious music. While the ’90s were a winding road of career trials and tribulations for the Material Girl, her music collection got edgier, bolder, and most importantly…she finally learned how to sing! Hey, momma always said it’s

  • 15 Classic Paula Abdul Singles

    TweetThere are many fabulous things to be musically said about the lovely, Ms. Paula Abdul. For one, on the heels of Madonna‘s mid-’80s mega success, many dance-pop divas tried to achieve the same global superstar status, but out of them all, Paula was indeed the only one who sustained a healthy music career. And two,

  • 15 Britney Spears Tracks You Probably Haven’t Listened to Recently

    TweetOh, Ms. Britney. Where would we be in our gay lives without her iconic dance moves, epic videos, and a catalogue of tunes that will last us through all of rainbow eternity? While yes, for some, these days Ms. Spears is viewed as a manufactured pop robot who does it all for daddy. For others,

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