• Throwback Thursday/Duran Duran/’Rio’

    Tweet“I don’t remember quite how I met you, was it long ago?” These are the opening words of “Last Chance On The Stairway” from Duran Duran’s iconic Rio album. I have a similar relationship with Rio. I can’t say I remember the exact day I bought [the album], which is quite unfortunate. In fact, I

  • Throwback Thursday/Missy Elliot/’Miss E…So Addictive’

    Tweet“Break me off, show me what you got, cause I don’t want no one minute man.” Not only are those words to live by, but they’re also the coveted lyrics spit out (in your face!) by the one-and-only Missy Elliot in “One Minute Man,” the glorious second single from her third album, Miss E…So Addictive.

  • 5 Throwback Thursday Music Chart Moments

    Tweet You guys know that since we’ve begun our Mixtape journey a few months ago, there have been all kinds of new features added along the music road. Some of those segments have proven to be funkdafied and flourished, (‘5 Reasons Why’ and ‘Forgot About Friday’), while some have had a shorter career than Hanson,

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