• Forgot About Friday/Cobra Starship/Leighton Meester

    While we didn’t know shit about Cobra Starship or where the fuck they come from (they’re from NYC and actually parted ways just last year) what we do know (or sort of remember) is that there have been many, many summer nights boozin’ along to their Billboard Hot 100 smashes, “Good Girls Go Bad” co-starring

  • Forgot About Friday/Samantha Mumba

    “Gotta Tell You” and “Baby Come On Over.” (sit down, Xtina, this isn’t about you..yet).  Or, “Baby Come On Over” and “Gotta Tell You.”  Yes, ask anyone who was, like, alive during the TRL days of the early ’00s and they’ll instantly serve out the names of these two tracks when it comes to bringing

  • Forgot About Friday/Gin Blossoms

    With their knack for not being Candlebox and their flair for being the anti-grunge (hey, Ms. Courtney), Gin Blossoms made us work for our college radio lives with their multi-platinum ’93 (da f#$k?) record, New Miserable Experience.  Getting their start thirty years ago in Tempe, Arizona, bassist Bill Leen and guitarist Doug Hopkins formed Gin Blossoms,

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