Forgot About Friday/LMFAO

So, yeah, LMFAO, what’cha been doin’ these days? 

It seems like only yesterday that Redfoo and Sky Blu (fun music fact…they’re the son and grandson of Motown life giver, Mr. Barry Gordy) were giving us fist pumpin’ life on the floor while teaching us that it is our absolute right to fight to party rock until we motha f@ckin’ dropped…

………and that we most certainly did when it came to these two Jam rockin, life lovin’ gentlmen. 

Remember? Of course, how could we ever forget. And the moment they got to shufflin-and-hustlin’ alongside Madonna during her 2012 Super Bowl Performance? F@cking priceless. 

Sigh…they just don’t make it forever, do they? 

With their pumpin’ fists, ’80s/’90s inspired wardrobe, thirst for life and electro-rap, Redfoo and Sky Blue got their party rockin’ start in good ol’ Los Angeles. They made their official debut in 2008 on the growing club circuit, and eventually the pulsating pair scored a record deal at Interscope and rightfully served out their debut ditty, “I’m in Miami, Bitch” 

Gee, where have we had that one before….how about as the theme song for Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami? Now that booze/party filled memories are all coming back, aren’t they? Really, how could we ever forget? The track not only gained the boys our attention, but also of Lil’ Jon who collaborated on your Mom’s favorite party anthem, “Shots.” 

Jersey Shore, anyone? You know it, bitch. Right, Snookie? 

With the singles making LMFAO’s debut record, Party Rock, a raging success, it was only necessary for them to keep it all movin.’ his was clearly evident in their 2011 follow-up, Sorry for Party Rocking, which not only gave them two Billboard Hot 100 number in “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know It,” but it would lead them to….her Madgesty

Let’s face it, Madonna doing the Party Rock Shuffle would have been the highlight of her 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Slay if it wasn’t for, ya know, that whole M.I.A. middle finger mess. But all in all, LMFAO’s cameo will always be life lovin’ legendary, but oddly enough, Redfoo and Sky Blue were sort of never heard from again after that. 

Maybe they finally party rocked too hard? Or maybe it was just the pesky ever-so-changng music industry, because we’re still waiting for their next album. But either way, the music memories that these two beat lovin’ bros gave us will absolutely last a lifetime….and that is something we should never forget. 

Party Rock Anthem” 4 Lyfe. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Madonna 


Forgot About Friday/Donna Lewis

Feels like…..

……the raspy-yet-oh,so-angelic voice of the late ’90s wonder that will always be raptured in Donna Lewis never left us whenever we press aaah on her life-defying Billboard chart owning smash, “I Love You Always Forever.” 

And that keyboard owned middle breakdown? Bitch still betta werk our CD Maxi-Single‘d existences. 

Sorry, there’s just no sugar-coating it when it comes to a full year of forgotten about music memories that still take over our lives….much like the memories of Ms. Donna still indeed do. 

So, let’s begin to serve out the 2019 Forgot About Friday music truth, shall we? And this year’s journey (let’s face it, the list is already complete…right, Tweet, Ft. Minor, Akon, and Ms. Sophie B Hawkins?) all begins with a late ’90s rasp that we all fell in love with and will never forget. 

Born in Cardiff, Wales, Ms. Lewis was not only gifted with that voice, but with a strong musical background as her jazz pianist father got her into taking piano lessons at age six. While in high school, Lewis further owned her craft, giving her try-and succeeding in–writing a pop tune or twelve. Soon, the future soul snatching diva would earn her music degree from the Welsh College of Music and Drama, where had majored in classical composition for piano and flute. 

Just think…that is all most likely where that fabulous “Forever” breakdown got its first pearl clutching notes…yes

But of course, it was that voice again that sparked everyone’s heartbeats-and-eardums, and by the late ’90s, the future “Love” owner developed a loyal fan base and begun recording demos of her songs in her home studio. It wasn’t long before a demo of “I Love You Always Forever” caught the upright attention of Atlantic Records chairman Doug Morris, who purportedly flew Lewis to New York for an audition and quickly signed her to the label…and the rest is pure Now in a Minute history. 

Catapulting right into our late-summer–of-’96 lives (you remember), Lewis’ lead single was a Billboard bulldozing number two smash, where it would go on to spend nine weeks in the runner-up position.

So, what other monster single was keeping Donna from the top, you ask? A little dance ditty diva named “Macarena.” Oh, the ’90s…what bliss. 

But still….we lived for “Love,” and Minute album sales only further continued to rise when the equally dreamy, “Without Love” stormed the charts, eventually landing at number twenty-four. 

And let’s not leave out Lewis’ heavenly single release the following year, ‘”At the Beginning,” which was not just inspired by the Disney classic, Anastasia, but featured the one, the only, Mr. Richard Marx….priceless. 

And the moment when Donna Lewis met Donna Martin on a very, very special episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, well, it may be second to Color Me Badd as being one of the best television episodes of all time. Take a seat, Friends…because this 90210 montage is speaking. 

Of course, the late ’90s were nothing like they actually seemed, and Lewis had a bit of a struggle with the charts when her follow-up record, 1998’s Blue Planet, wasn’t the sophomore success (electronica, though?) any of us were hoping for. Although the single, “Love Him ” did turn out to be a moderate Billboard dance hit, but soon, all of us came to realize that we forgot about Donna….nah, never. 

The ’90s pop goddess did serve out a handful of records in the early ’00s, but none could ever take her back to the lightning-in-a-bottle that was instilled in her debut record, Now in a Minute, and its still ridiculously heavenly lead offering, “I Love You Always Forever.” 

And it’s a music memory that we’ll all love always and forever, and one we shall never, ever forget. 

Cover photo courtesy of the still epic video for “I Love You Always Forever” 

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Forgot About Friday/Kiesza

Oh, Ms. Kiesza….we hardly knew ye before some of us may have been forgotten about everything you had to offer when you hit the scene just a few short years ago…..that voice! those moves! that hair! 

With her Canadian roots and Brooklyn based sass, Kiesza was destined for stardom right from the very beginning. Well, maybe not the very beginning since she joined the Navy at 17 years to be a code breaker (true story) But, it wasn’t long before the flame-haired diva took her love of theater, ballet and tap and put it all to work at Boston’s acclaimed Berklee College of Music

From there, Kiesza soon discovered that she just really liked to get down to a solid dance beat (really, who the f#$k doesn’t?), and put her passions for EDM and deep house to great use while searching for the perfect producers to craft her first studio-kissed record—the way forgotten about 2014 pop music masterpiece, Sound of a Woman. 

Helmed by acclaimed producers Rami Samir Afuni and Jayson Jenkins (just to name a few) Kiesza’s sophomore set (she released an independent record in ’08), stormed the overseas before it made its big splash in the U.S. in mid-2014. With its mix of soul, R&B, hip-hop and dance influences, it wasn’t long before Woman singles including “Hideaway,” “No Enemiesz” and “Giant in My Heart” began tapping their way into our life lovin’ souls. 

See also, “The Love,” “So Deep,” ah, you know, just stage dive into the whole album below. 

But as much as Kiesza’s feisty and still very fresh record made its waves in the industry, it was the diva’s on-stage presence that truly got lots of attention thanks to the fact that with every live show….girlfriend just turned it the fuck out. For those of you in Philly who’ve ever seen her own the TLA not once, but twice, a few years back, you know exactly what we’re spilling about here. If you’re still not convinced, just ask Demi Lovato, Gorgon City and Duran Duran, all of whom have the taken the deep pop princess on the road with them. 

So, know comes the question….where has she been??

Well, although we’re all still so damn ready for a Woman follow-up, the energetic diva has been busy serving out (and also healing after her best friend’s death….dive into this Billboard story right here) a handful of 2018 singles including, “Mother,” “Weird Kid,” “Phantom of the Dancefloor,” and her latest hot-for-the-holidays groove, “I Only Love You at Christmas,” which is everything you think it is. 

But if we really want to take a stroll down music memory lane today, we must show love to “Take U There,” a remix collaboration with Skrillex, Diplo, and the one, the only, Missy Elliot. Because you know what they say…if you’ve earned the M-I-double S-Y-E stamp of approval, it’s something to be cherished forever and never, ever forgotten about…ever. 

Cover photo courtesy of Billboard 

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