Forgot About Friday/Samantha Mumba

“Gotta Tell You” and “Baby Come On Over.” (sit down, Xtina, this isn’t about you..yet). 

Or, “Baby Come On Over” and “Gotta Tell You.” 

Yes, ask anyone who was, like, alive during the TRL days of the early ’00s and they’ll instantly serve out the names of these two tracks when it comes to bringing up the Ireland based sass of the one-and-only, Ms. Samantha Mumba

Of course, true Mumba maniacs are aware of her vastly underrated 2002 single, “I’m Right Here” (that key change, tho) and that time she gave us full on acting diva in The Time Machine. Priceless. 

As if it ever left us. 



Forgot About Friday/Gin Blossoms

With their knack for not being Candlebox and their flair for being the anti-grunge (hey, Ms. Courtney), Gin Blossoms made us work for our college radio lives with their multi-platinum ’93 (da f#$k?) record, New Miserable Experience

Getting their start thirty years ago in Tempe, Arizona, bassist Bill Leen and guitarist Doug Hopkins formed Gin Blossoms, rounding out the tuned up troops with original lineup in vocalist Jesse Valenzuela, guitarist Richard Taylor, and drummer Chris McCann.

Much like every band goes through when they first get the career bass strummin,’ the group struggled to keep it all together in the early days–McCann was replaced by Dan Henzerling (and, shortly thereafter, Phillip Rhodes), while Taylor was fired and replaced by guitarist Robin Wilson.

However, eventually Wilson and Valenzuela switched roles in the band, and soon Gin Blossoms recorded and served a self-released set, Dusted, in 1989, all while record label A&M caught on and signed the boys the following year.

After an impressive debut EP that rocked Billboard College Radio Charts across the country, 1991’s Up & Crumbling brought them up to a new level, and soon the group recorded New Miserable Experience, and the rest is light, angsty history.

Because of the album’s MTV Top 20 Countdown ready realness and ridiculously catchy melodies, three more singles were released—-“Found Out About You,” “Until I Fall Away” and “Allison Road”–and the album wound up owning the Billboard 200 Album Chart for an entire year. However, during this time, tragedy struck the group when Hopkins shot and killed himself, even as most of the songs he wrote were taking over our My So Called lives. 

But keeping in tribune to the fact that the show must go on, the Blossoms released their second set, Congratulations I’m Sorry in the summer of 1995, which was carried by “Follow You Down” and “Till I Hear It From You” another pair of light & frothy rock tracks, the second of which that also appeared on the classic Empire Records soundtrack.

Unfortunately, due to the pesky ever-changing  late ’90s music market (those teeny boppers, tho..) the boys of Gin Blossoms officially went their separate ways in 1997. But they do still tour every one in a while (they were here last year, actually), which further proves that no matter how hard we try, we’ll never be able to escape “Hey Jealousy” or anything else Gin Blossoms touched our Sony Walkman headphones with back-in-the-day. 




Forgot About Friday/Eamon

Staten Island born singer Eamon first hit the music scene–and all of our TRL lives–in 2003 when his bold breakup ditty about that bitchF**k It (I Don’t Want You Back)”–took radio and the Billboard charts by seize.

With that voice, that melody, stripped-down R&B flow, and the astronomical amount of how many times the word “fuck” is used (about 762, to be exact…and she even gave him head!), the love scorned ballad (?) got everyone’s attention including your cousin, your Mom, your grandma…..everyone knew this song.

And remember the reprise by ol’ what’s her name? That was some fucking shit, too.

Although Jive (naturally..think of the year) jumped on Eamon’s d#$k to get his first full-length album, I Don’t Want You Back, out in early 2004, the set was well received by critics, but with the exception of “How Could You(Bring Him Home),” the album–and Eamon–quickly fell from our thoughts. As was the case with his ’06 follow-up Love and Pain. And the answer is yes, he actually did record two albums. 

Let’s not forget he’s also got a song called “I Love Them Hos” co-starring Ghostface Killah. But isn’t that why we’re here in the first place? Long live Eamon’s short-lived music career, it was certainly so angry and so much fucking fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?