• Groove of the Evening/MC Lyte/”Ice Cream Dream”

    The time we’ve all been waiting for is here….happy Summer 2017!  Of course, with that fine calendar display will come lots of beach time, bikini-and-stillettos sets, Baby Gap speedos, sunburns, fabulous vacations, umbrella laced cocktails and of course…lots and lots of tasty grooves, both new and classic to go along with all of the sun-kissed

  • Groove of the Day/Missy Elliot/”Work It”

    Only 364 more days until Pride 2018!  But as we begin the glittered up count down to next year’s love fest, let’s not forget that there’s plenty to do, so let’s all continue to work it like Missy, shall we?  Yas. And of course, put our thing down, flip it and reverse it while we

  • Pride Groove of the Weekend/Route 94/Jess Glynne/”My Love”

    Just look up to the rainbow…it’s that simple. Happy Pride Weekend, kids….keep it classy, real and get over your fucking shit as this weekend’s glitterfest isn’t just a Gayborhood event, but one throughout the entire City of Brotherly Love.  Represent, bish, represent. Now, dance…and love. 

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