Holiday Groove of the Day/Nat King Cole/”The Christmas Song”

If there’s one December groove out there that rivals Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” as simply the best recorded holiday jam..ever, it’s certainly Mr. Nat King Cole‘s 1961 take on the still so lovely, “The Christmas Song.” 

Written by Mel Tormé and Bob Wells, the classic sonnet was written during the sizzling summer in 1945 and according to Tormé was conspired as an effort to “stay cool by thinking cool.” Passed on to the legendary Nat King Cole trio in 1946 (their label actually didn’t want them to do it!), the group recorded the cheery tune and it became a massive hot on both the Billboard Pop and R&B charts. 

Cole recorded a solo version of the song a few years in 1953, but indeed, it’s his ’61 recorded version that still hits the holiday hearts of many as it’s complete with a sweeping Ralph Carmichael led orchestra and of course, that voice.

There’s a reason why the departed Cole’s effortless take on “The Christmas Song” has earned its place in the Grammy Hall of Fame….and kids everywhere from ages one-to-ninety-two are reminded of it and all of its shimmering brilliance every year around this time.



Holiday Grooves of the Day/Mariah’s Medley

Whether you’ve decked your halls to “All I Want For Christmas is You” since Labor Day (or the 4th of July, like most), know the words to every heavenly sonnet from her two multi-platinum holiday records or wonder what the f@#k she was thinking doing a duet with the Biebs, let’s face it…there’s simply no denying that Mariah Carey is the undisputed Kween of Khristmas and the entire holiday season. 

Whether she’s right by your side all month long as you bag up those gifts and trim the tree……or completely fucking up a highly televised New Year’s Eve performance, we’ll always love MC and all of her crazy diva/bitch antics during this time of year.

And speaking of New Year’s Eve, the thunderous Ralphi Rosario refire of Mimi’s take on “Auld Lang Syne” is the only track you should be owning your life to on the floor as we get ready to bid an oh, so fond farewell to 2017. 

So, you see? Ms. Mariah has made her mark on the entire extra festive month of December, so there’s really just no escaping her no matter how hard we try sometimes…and we’ll sort of be forever grateful for it.

Okay, always. 

So, in honor of Mariah’s legendary December domination, here’s a medley of her holiday hits that will live forever in our emancipated diva lives. 

Hey, even “Oh Santa” needs some love to. 

“All I Want For Christmas is You” 

“O Holy Night” 

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” 

“Oh Santa!” 

“All I Want For Christmas is You” (Extra Festive Mix with The Biebs!) 

“Oh Santa!”(Jumpsmokers Remix)

“Auld Lang Syne” (Ralphi Rosario Remix) 

This…..because you just have to. 

Cover photo courtesy of Rolling Stone 


Holiday Groove of the Day/Tom Petty/”Christmas All Over Again”

As much as 2017 is a year we all just want to get the f@ck over with, it’s also a time to reflect and remember those oh, so god damn great entertainers we lost over the past twelve months, with the death of Mr. Tom Petty a huge loss that music lovers around the globe are still feeling. 

However, while it’s easy to be sad over the now said legendary rock gap in our lives, we simply can’t be. For one, his incredible catalog with the Heartbreakers and beyond will live in our music dreams forever, and two, he gave us, “”Christmas All Over Again,” a rockin’ holiday groove that indeed still makes us feel that holiday spirit all over again every December. 

Appearing on the charity album, A Very Special Christmas 2 (along with such gems as Darlene Love’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and Luther Vandross’ “The Christmas Song”), Petty’s dashing ditty was a holiday hit straight out of the music gift box, with a drum based, jinglin’ rhythm that would make even Scrooge get into the holiday spirit. 

Rest in Peace, Mr. Tom Petty….and 2017, too. 

Now, let’s holiday groove like Rudolph, shall we? Yes. 

Cover photo courtesy of Rolling Stone