• Groove of the Day/Soundgarden/”Black Hole Sun”

    No words, just lots and lots of fantastic rocked out grunge filled memories served up by Mr. Chris Cornell in everything he ever touched, may he forever rest in peace.  Plus, the video for “Black Hole Sun”…..still fucking epic and eerily relevant. Let’s jam.  Cover photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

  • Groove of the Day/Drake/Rihanna/”Too Good”

    Because life and because you know you absolutely cannot wait for So Far Gone:Dreezy Night at The Fillmore tonight.  So, let’s ride and enjoy this f#$king weather, shall we? Yes.  Go…..right here to iTunes or Spotify to listen…YouTube apparently took the day off today.  Are you an entertainer, promoter or event planner who’s lifting up

  • Groove of the Day/Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes/”I’ve Had the Time of My Life”

    Dirty Dancing… The title of the 1987 box office busting film not only sparks nostalgia in all of us (you know it does), but its also blessed with an incredible soundtrack that’s seemingly intertwined with oh, so fond memories of its male lead, the dearly departed, Patrick Swayze.  And of course, Ms. Jennifer Grey you still

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