Music Tea w/ Jade Starling

So, has anyone seen that temperature forecast for this weekend? Of course, we all have. However resident Philly diva Jade Starling of Pretty Poison (“Catch Me(I’m Falling),” you know it, you love it.) music fame is hoping you’ll forget all about the never-ending falling temps when she warms you up with her powerful stage presence and iconic demeanor at the iHeart ’80s party that is set to take over Harrah’s Philly tomorrow night. 

Also starring Ms. Debbie Gibson and Mr. Rob “It Takes Two” Base, whether you’re coupled up or debating whether you should sit home alone in the dark, this is a show that will make you feel all of the music love this Valentine’s Day weekend. Even better than that is that tomorrow night is Ms. Starling’s long time Pretty Poison music bestie’s Whey Cooler’s birthday, which is even more of a reason why you should brave the tundra and step on out to celebrate that one-of-a-kind ’80s style and sound. 

Before Jade takes over Harrah’s Philly tomorrow night (get your tickets right here…hurry!), take a seat at her esteemed music tea table as she spills on all of the I Heart ’80s party happenings, her personal journey through this music life, and of course, we just had to break some music tea mugs about the one-and only, Beyoncé. 

Hey, Jade! Thanks so much for taking the time to spill with us. Kicking things off, how is your 2016 going so far? So far, so good! I’ve been in the studio recording my new single, also getting some remixes done by some top remixers. I’m very excited! 

How are you preparing for the big show tomorrow night? I’ve been rehearsing every night with my dancers, and of course, Whey Cooler. We’re preparing a really special show for this weekend. It’s truly an audio-visual experience. We’re going to be performing the hits off my Captive album, starting with “Better and Better,” and then we’re going to do a freestyle medley into all of my club songs. We’re also going to be adding a song that people have been putting in mad requests for, “When I Look Into Your Eyes.” Really, were just looking to warm everyone up and to have a great time!

I just have to know, what is Ms. Debbie Gibson like? She’s great! I actually toured with her back-in-the-day when we were teen queens. 

You know, she was my first convert ever! I was seven years old, a true in-the-closet the queen. Oh, that’s so funny. You were a queen in the making! Yeah, I’ve known [Debbie] for a long time. I also did a lot of shows with her and Tiffany back-in-the-day. When I see her, it’s just like seeing family.

Would you say that whole family aspect is why tomorrow night’s show will be so much fun?  I think that the goal with everyone that’s performing that night is to entertain the audience and make sure everyone has a good time. And, you know, it’s great to reflect on the past and the songs the bright us so much joy, but to also open up some new music, too. It’s interesting to me how the ’80s have maintained their popularity. We’re all very lucky to have that music that still resonates with so many people.

It’s all just one big crazy journey, isn’t it? It really is, but the journey is what makes it exciting. Because obviously you know where you’ve been, but the future is still wide open. For me, everyday I get to do what I do, I still feel have that passion in the music and when I’m creating new music as well. I still can’t believe the fans that have followed us for all of these years. It’s really an emotional journey and it touches my heart. 

I almost forgot to ask, how is Mr. Rob Base doing these days? He’s a very approachable cool dude! When you meet him, you almost forget that he’s really this legendary DJ rapper. His song, “It Takes Two,” it’s just so iconic! 

Okay, let’s talk about the now infamous Super Bowl 50 halftime show to close things out. What did you think of Lady Gaga’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner?” Totally flawless! I thought it was fabulously done. She’s really like other worldly when it comes to her singing sometimes.

Then of course, there’s Beyoncé...You know, I don’t really think she meant it to some kind of racial thing. It’s entertainment, but whatever your take is on it and how you interpret it is up to you. You can’t deny, the girl is talented. I thought her performance was as much entertaining as it was exciting. She’s Beyoncé, she can do whatever she wants. At the end of the day, it was her interpretation. I think she’s a fierce bitch, I have nothing bad to say! 

For all of Ms. Jade Starling’s music truth, check out her official website right here. See you tomorrow night! 








Music Tea w/ The So So Glos

After their explosive set at Union Transfer this past weekend (if you’ve ever seen them live you’d understand the energy they’ve got, packed with a punch), Philly Mixtape drank some music tea with The So So Glos, which or may not have been spiked.

Break a tea mug with So So Glos brothers Alex (singer/bassist) and Ryan (guitarist / singer), as they spill about the records that made them who they are today, and just what their new record, Kamikaze, will be all about. 

PM- How is Kamikaze going to be different from your previous record, Blowout? 

Alex- It’s going to pick up where Blowout left off. I like records where you could listen to one and you can put on the next and it sounds like a continuation. Kamikaze is like the next saga. Darker, Angrier, Sparser. It’s more direct. The highs are higher, the lows are lower. The loud is louder.

Ryan- We didn’t plan it out that way. It was a just a natural progression.


PM – You guys had a chance to play Letterman before he signed off the late show circuit. What was that like?

Alex –I don’t really remember being up there. It was like a really quick flash. Letterman was cool because of that space. The Ed Sullivan Theater. The Beatles played there you know?

PM – Do you guys maybe see any other televised performances in the music future? 

Ryan – We don’t really think about it. Those are all just an added bonus.

PM – You guys also write a lot about this so-called current generation “z” and how they’re lost in technology. 

Alex – Oh is that what they’re calling it now? I think we’re like the last generation to grow up with a concept of tangibility. We remember a time before the Internet. Sometimes I feel super hopeful. There’s just so much more information that kids have their hands on. Without the experience though, you lose these very important skills like looking people in the eye. You go to the doctor and he won’t even look you in the eye. Sometimes I feel hopeless. The only thing we can do is talk about it. I think people need to be reminded of humanity all the time. We’re losing it in a way.

PM – Which albums influenced you as young music kids? Any favorites in the crate right now? 

Alex – The first Specials record was one of the most influential records for me. I loved it. “Do The Dog” “Concrete Jungle” “Stupid Marriage.” It was miles and miles ahead of everything that was happening. It’s a hodgepodge of styles.

Ryan – When we were kids our parents played us a lot of 70s punk stuff / new wave stuff. I was into that early on and then “Dookie” came out.

Alex – Operation Ivy “Energy.” That was a huge influence for “Blowout”s album art. Wu Tang “36 Chambers” is one of the best records of all time. Beastie Boys “Licensed To Ill.” Why don’t we throw Clash in there too. “London Calling.” It’s one of those records you can always go back to. You are never done with it. The first Violent Femmes record.

Ryan – Cyndi Lauper “She’s So Unusual” that’s definitely one of our favorite records. The Kinks “Arthur.” We grew up on a lot of Kinks.

PM – What does the word “punk” mean to you? 

Ryan – It doesn’t matter.

Alex – It really doesn’t matter. You’ll know it when you see it. It’s a conversation that’s constantly happening in the Universe. And it doesn’t mean a leather jacket. It’s more about fighting through your inner demons; standing up and facing the day; to inspire someone to do the same thing.


PM – What’s been one of your favorite cities to play in?

Ryan – On this tour, Cleveland was cool. It’s a rock n roll town. Boston was really fun. Some cities are exciting to get to. Detroit. New Orleans…but not so much for the show. I like playing Shea stadium.

PM – Do you consider yourself in the punk scene?

Alex – No.

Ryan – There’s more bands that call themselves punk bands now than when we started. Punk is in now. It wasn’t when we started.

Alex – Labels and genres are less important than they’ve ever been. We’ve never been accepted into any scene. We’re outsider artists in a way. There’s no band around that sounds quite like us. We like hip hop. When we started artsy kids were laughing at us. Hardcore kids said we were too pop. We just started our own culture. You gotta build your own army. We’ve never been scene-sters.

For more on The So So Glos, check your music life and click here.


Mixtape Music Tea/ Stetson Rose

A few weeks ago, Philly Mixtape sat down in a much well deserved air conditioned room at the Firefly Music Festival to spill some music tea with local singer/songwriter, Stetson Rose.

Having already won the hearts of many at Philly Songwriters Project, Ms. Rose was offered an opportunity to play the annual festival, where she was quite gracious in spilling all of the local music dish for us. Take a sip below…

PM- How did you get your start as a musician?
SR- I just always have (been a musician). I started on ukulele then my parents got me a guitar when I found a broken one in the garage.

PM- Hey, that was like me! I found one in my mom’s attic after being enamored by my cousins. She got it fixed up for me and I started just riffing on it. So, Firefly is a pretty amazing opportunity. How was the experience for you?

SR- It was phenomenal. I was so scared before going on but it was so much fun while I was up there. I just wanted to keep going.
PM- You did have a good crowd going. I could hear your voice half a mile away when walking up to the tent.
SR- Aw thanks ! People came up afterwards telling me they were headed to another stage and that I had stopped them in their tracks.

PM- That’s an awesome thing. So you have traveled a bit before I’m told?
SR- I was born in the Bay area on the west coast. I have traveled to New York and Florida, was a part of California’s West Coast Songwriters. I’m well traveled I guess you could say. For a long while I took a on music to focus on family. It definitely feels good to be back and this is probably the first time I’m professionally promoting it.

PM- It looks like it’s working quite well for you. What inspires you as an artist?
SR- Making someone cry (laughs). It’s being so touched within that moment that I try to evoke.

PM- Any artists?
SR- My parents lived in San Francisco in the 60s…so The Band, Paul Simon, Sam Smith. I’m a sucker for a vocal. First and foremost I’m a singer. But the feeling…I don’t know how to describe it. Oh and Ray la Montagne. His album, Trouble, so good.

PM- So you do have a day job and a child at home as well as being a performer. How do you juggle all the responsibilities?
SR- I cry a lot (laughs).
PM – So do I. Trust me haha.
SR- I have a lot of support though from friends and family. No one becomes successful alone. For me it’s about how to get the energy and then keep the energy.

PM- Any act that inspired you here at the festival?
SR- Paul McCartney of course. I’m also excited to see Max Frost.

Listen to her single “Silver Lining” and check out her TOUR below:

Tour Schedule:

Jul 11Rose Tree Summer FestivalMedia, PA Free

Jul 15Penn Museum Summer Nights Music SeriesPhiladelphia, PA Tickets

Jul 18The Oval StagePhiladelphia, PA Free

Aug 16Bethlehem Musik FestivalBethlehem, PA Free