The Madonna Vault

Don’t ever just stand there…..

Since Philly Mixtape began its online music life earlier this year, there’s been no other music artist whose owned that coveted music truth more fabulously than the Queen of Pop, Ms. Madonna.

Mostly because yours truly is a huge fan, but also because for nearly four decades, the Material Girl just keeps on serving us with plenty of diva demure, whether it’s in a sassy spillage of music tea over her latest studio set or road romp, or whether any one of her timeless albums hits a milestone, to which we know is always a call for a Madge-sized celebration. 

Posted below are some of the hottest Mixtape features starring the Material Girl, including a fiery set list of essential rewerks, 5 reasons why you need more of her fantastic Music and Ray of Light sets in your headphones, as well as an exclusive look back at all those fabulous Madonna concert tours. 

From the good, the bad, to The Girlie Show, it’s all here and so much more…

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Review/ Firefly Festival 2015

Imagine being handed a pass to go to the best music festival the East Coast has to offer…(I hear you Governors Ball). The only directive given: take some photos and go have fun. By the end of your 4 day weekend you’ve acquired 5 additional passes (all rightfully so), wound up with 4 interviews, lots of new friends, and lots of mud on your shoes. This is what happened when Mixtape went to Firefly. And here’s what we have to tell you about it:

It’s All About The Music

Billboard has already told you that Betty Who stole the show…only second to Paul McCartney…they’re wrong on both accounts. Both of those artists blew us all away. Paul brought me to tears. Spoon was spot on as ever. AWOLNATION won my saving grace.

But there were two acts you probably missed because you were busy charging your phones or seeing Snoop. These two bands are going to have a huge impact in the next year: Empire of the Sun and Glass Animals.

I can’t say enough good things about these two acts. And being in a sea of people during their sets, you could feel the good energy reverberate off into the atmosphere. Not to mention the insane talent and fresh sounds that came from them.


Like any festival, there were many conflicts of interest. Snoop was on the same time as Empire,  Modest Mouse the same time as Kygo…yet we were able to see both floating in between (thank you VIP pass).

The biggest conflict was Thursday night. X Ambassadors (who tore. it. up. another act you need to hear), TYCHO (brought a full band complete with ocean scenes and many many shirtless bros), and The Kooks (who stole the night with their insanely catchy melodies). All three acts were on point, great openers for the weekend, and all worth mentioning.

Kygo was a full on feel good party. The energy, the vibes, the happiness. The same went for Aoki, a living legend, who seems even more relevant today by his Firefly set.

Festival Layout

Firefly’s a huge festival and it’s getting even bigger. As far as stages go, Forest, Backyard, and Lawn all seemed to be the most accessible. Pavillion…was a great idea with a terrible execution (it was a muddy pond the entire time complete with agitated security guards). Apparently there were two hubs for food, confusing interviewees when they tried to meet up with us…staff and security had NO idea where we were or were trying to go…this was a recurring theme the whole weekend. Best hangover food we tried was at one of the food vendors outside the venue (mac and cheese, sausage, bacon, chicken, in a roll…yes this is a thing and it’s called the Dr. Lector).


The amazing talented people Mixtape met along the way was due in part to the equally awesome staff behind the stages that drove golf carts around the entire weekend…god bless them. The rides were a cross between being in Jurassic World and Entourage as we were chauffeured around in the muddy Woodlands.

PM_YNOT Backstage

Expect some awesome Music Tea this week. This Firefly experience was truly one for the books.

PM_YNOT Firefly Experience

See all photos over on Philly Mixtape’s facebook page here.

And share your favorite moments from the festival in the comments section below !!


10 Reasons Why You Should Forever Bow Down to DJ Frankie Knuckles

Now, we could sit here all disco days and nights and get lost in the incredible career and music catalog of dearly departed DJ legend, Frankie Knuckles. We could also go on and about his tireless efforts to keep the house music world on its disco balls, how much of a music pioneer he was, and how he was basically a house music hero, and really, so much more. Instead, Philly Mixtape wanted to not only honor this incredible gone-too-soon talent, but to also inform those who may have not discovered his name yet, to explain why he was just such a music force to be reckoned with while he graced us with his glowing presence. March 31st will mark one year since the music world lost Frankie, as he left behind a legacy and a music catalog that will live on for all eternity. To commemorate the somber occasion, we came up with 10 reasons why it is so important to always bow down to the Godfather of House for the rest of our music lives…

1.His humble music beginnings….

Much like we all strive to do, Frankie got his start by working hard to climb up that coveted music ladder. Born in the boogie down Bronx, Knuckles got his start in music life by listening to jazz, thanks to getting lost in his sister’s extensive jazz collection. After exploring the NYC club scene as a teenager, he hooked up with his childhood friend, Larry Levan, and the two began turning it at now defunct NYC hotspot, the Gallery. After the two music buds parted ways to go down separate music paths, a group of entrepreneurs asked Levan to join them on a new nightlife venture as a DJ in Chicago. Mr. Levan declined, but recommended his dear friend, Mr. Knuckles. From there, Frankie’s music magic truly began…


2.He changed the house music foundation…forever….

Once Frankie moved to Chicago in 1977, he began spinning at famed club, ‘The Warehouse,’ where he would delightfully spin Salsoul and Philadelphia International records, as well as including the use of beat-mixing and the addition of percussion fills on a separate turntable, to make that soul house music just….pop. However, it wasn’t until Frankie opened his own club, ‘Power Plant,’ that caught everyone’s ears, as the iconic DJ would use his newly crafted house music foundation on his own recordings, “Baby Wants To Ride,” “You Got The Love,” and most nobly, “The Whistle Song.” These trailblazing tracks were not only named as some of the best ditties to come out during the Chicago house music explosion of the mid-’80s, but to this day, they are still named as some of the best house tracks ever to grace dance floors. After Framkie exploded in Chicago, it wasn’t long until he went back to his NYC roots, teaming up with the legendary David Morales to form Def Mix Productions, and soon the two would remix hits for some of the biggest names in the music business….

3.All those diva-licious rewerks….

Frankie set ablaze all of those club diva firestorms you hear today by dishing out a whole beat buffet of superb remixes by some of the biggest diva names in the biz. Where do we begin? Donna Summer (R.I.P., boo.), En Vogue, Michael Jackson, Lisa Stansfield, Crystal Waters, Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston (sigh…), Jamie Principle. Get the point? Good, let’s dance. 

4. Every DJ spinning today owes their career to him…

Whether you’re a new DJ on the scene, one that’s been spinning for years, a club DJ, club dancer, mainstream DJ or David Guetta, you no doubt owe your career, your ebb, your flow, your music….your life…to Frankie Knuckles. 

5.Just watching him turn it out, you feel the music love…

Like this video right here of Mr. Knuckles turning it out at NYC’s Boiler Room. Not only is the set incredible, but just watching Frankie move along to the beat and seeing his reaction when he hits that perfect mix is timeless. 


6.His explosive music catalog will musically live on forever…

Whether it’s today, a year from now, twenty years or a hundred, Frankie’s explosive music catalog will forever live on and continue to be discovered by all of those that take on their DJ path. Not only does his work contain moments of pure, shimmering brilliance, but all of his grooves still have a funkdafied and fresh feeling that will just take you there and beyond. In fact, just the other day, Philly Mixtape stumbled across a glorious music retelling of Donna Summer’s disco anthem, “Hot Stuff,” which will now live on forever in the Mixtape music vault. Thank you, Mr. Knuckles. 

7.He has a Grammy and you don’t…

He won the Grammy for Best Award for the Remixer of the Year, Non-Classical in 1998. He was also the very first winner of the newly created category. 


8.He’s a music legend….

All of the reasons listed above really lead to one of the most important reasons on the list-Frankie Knuckles is a true music legend. For over four decades, the house music pioneer worked tirelessly on his DJ efforts, also making sure to not only bring those beats to life, but to make sure that the house music world was given life. There’s a reason he was dubbed the ‘Godfather of House,” because without his tireless efforts, there’s no doubt that our personal music houses would be off their foundation. 

9.He’s spinning up in disco heaven with DJ Peter Rauhofer….

Shortly before Frankie’s death, the house music world took its first blow when iconic DJ Peter Rauhofer lost his battle with brain cancer. Much like Knuckles, Rauhofer was also a house music pioneer who created some of the most powerful club anthems ever to hit dance floors. Together, the two of them must be turning it out, and we can ONLY imagine what they are coming up with while spinning on that turntable of life. 

10.Do you really need another reason?

R.I.P. Frankie