• The Madonna Vault

    Don’t ever just stand there….. Since Philly Mixtape began its online music life earlier this year, there’s been no other music artist whose owned that coveted music truth more fabulously than the Queen of Pop, Ms. Madonna. Mostly because yours truly is a huge fan, but also because for nearly four decades, the Material Girl just

  • Review/ Firefly Festival 2015

    Imagine being handed a pass to go to the best music festival the East Coast has to offer…(I hear you Governors Ball). The only directive given: take some photos and go have fun. By the end of your 4 day weekend you’ve acquired 5 additional passes (all rightfully so), wound up with 4 interviews, lots

  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Forever Bow Down to DJ Frankie Knuckles

    Now, we could sit here all disco days and nights and get lost in the incredible career and music catalog of dearly departed DJ legend, Frankie Knuckles. We could also go on and about his tireless efforts to keep the house music world on its disco balls, how much of a music pioneer he was,

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