• Philly Music Tea w/DJ Jazzy Jeff

    A Philly music legend… First Class DJ… Mr. Will Smith’s “Summertime” co-conspirator… And first class gentleman.  Yes, those are all of the words and phrases that anyone could use when it comes to describing the many talents and unlimited creative perseverance of the City of Brotherly Love‘s very own, DJ Jazzy Jeff. And now after thirty

  • All of the Pride Month Tea w/ Ms. Brittany Lynn

    Oh, Heyyyyyyy June! Lawwwwd it’s time for Pride! Everybody has been eating two tics tacs a day with a glass of water since late March in preparation to show off their summer bodies during the gay high holidays. And let me tell you….and I’m sure I did in person….I did a 45 day cleanse to

  • Music Tea w/Madelin

    Originality…….. Let’s face it, in today’s ever oh, so changing music and entertainment (and sometimes frustratingly so) industry, it’s a word that certainly gets lost within it…all. Drama and bullshit aside, of course.  Lucky for all of us red-hot and rising pop star Madelin is rising above it all, serving us with a fresh sound

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