Rewerk Wednesday/Paul van Dyk

There’s beats……

…….and then there’s those thunderous beats served up by legendary Germany based DJ, Paul van Dyk, which will deem so thrashing when he takes over HQ2 Nightclub in Ocean Resort Casino in AC this Friday night that everyone and their East Coast fist pumpin’ mother will be able to feel it. 

In other words, yes, Mr. van Dyk, yes. Now, let’s get rewerked, shall we? Always. 

First falling in love with the art of house music on the radio in the late ’80s, van Dyk officially draped his first pair headphones around his neck when he began mixing and playing various nightclubs in his native hometown of Berlin. With his love of hardcore trance beats aside, it wasn’t long before the impending globally renowned DJ made a stellar name for himself, which only skyrocketed after his intense residency at the legendary Tresor club in Prague

His first debut records (94’s 45 RPM & 96’s Seven Ways) and accompanying singles including “Pumpin'” “Beautiful Place,” “Words” and “Forbidden Fruit” put van Dyk onto the dance charts as well as the global touring scene, where by the mid ’90s he became a certified household name to everyone on the club kid planet…which was indeed…all of us

But perhaps van Dyk‘s most thunderous accomplishment came in 2000 with the arrival of “Tell Me Why(The Riddle”,” which still dominates dance floors and strobe lights…everywhere. More than likely, there’s a DJ spinning out this monstrous club cut at this very moment…yeah, it’s like that. No riddles or alternative facts here, the power of “Tell Me Why” truly cemented van Dyk as the beat tossing legend he is today. 

It also doesn’t hurt (well, maybe a little in the best ways possible, of course) that van Dyk continued his reign on the club scene through not just the 2000s, but to the present ditty day as well. This was thanks to his tireless efforts and ambition in the studio creating killer grooves (check out his current floor fire, “Aurora,” below) a buffet of remix collections, as well as his Politics of Dancing volume series, all of which have no doubt helped van Dyk continue his destruction on dance floors around the world and have a permanent pulsating place our klub kid hearts forever. 

So, if you’re truly lookin’ to celebrate the last weekend of February and get into complete #thinkspring mode (hey, March!), go see this iconic DJ make the stage at HQ2 Nightclub his bitch this Friday night, because he really he is just that guy with those beats…and we should all be bowing down right now. 

Now, let’s pump it out for Mr. Paul van Dyk…….because we must. 

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Rewerk Wednesday/Chromeo

So, who’s ready to party like Canadian based beat masters Chromeo are coming to take the NOTO stage by storm to help the Philly hot-spot kick off its two year anniversary bash? 

Oh, wait, they are, and that big celebratory par-tay is happening this Friday night, Katy, so now is absolutely the time to get rewerked and ready for those one-of-a-kind Chromeo beats and funkdafied-on-the-floor feelings. 

First, play this….and yes, Solange, yes. 

Widely known across the global dance floors for their killer hooks, vintage drum machines and disco flavored rhythms, Montreal based music pairing Chromeo–David “Dave One” Macklovitch &Patrick “Pee Thug” Gemayel–has crafted a sound that not only is blissfully reminiscent looked to the deepest waves of ’80s funk and R&B, but it’s a sound that just cannot be duplicated….because these fine-tuned gentlemen have werked it out to call their very own.

You got down with that Ms. Solange fire from above….yeah, it’s like that all of the time when it comes to these groovy guys. 

This is clearly evident in their bass line happy debut 2003 EP, Destination Overdrive, which would lead them to serve the world with their freshman full-length, She’s in Control, which actually sashayed its way into our disco-kissed headphones fifteen years ago this month. A few years down the road, the beat tossin’ Canadian boys would collaborate in the summer of 2008 with Philly‘s own Daryl Hall for part of his online series Live from Daryl’s House. Anyone remembers If you don’t, it’s time to recognize because any friend of the legendary Mr. Hall is certainly a friend to all of us City of Brotherly Love entertainment lovers. 

While Chromeo‘s now rabid fan base anxiously awaited another shimmering set, the bros set off on a massive touring trek, which would further cement their status as just those guys whose music you just want to live your life through…right now. Chromeo eventually went back into the studio to record their sophomore follow-up, Fancy Footwork in 2010, as well as 2010’s Business Casual(where Solange and a lot of goodies reside), 2014’s White Women and last year’s yep-they-definitely-still-got-it, Head Over Heels, which will no doubt be on heavy display this Friday night at NOTO

Chromeo has also pressed the rewerk button for several mainstream music champions like Lourde’s “Green Light,” Lenny Kravitz’s “Breathe,” Donna Summer’s (!!!) “Love is in Control(Finger on the Trigger),” and Maroon 5’s “Wait,” which you should absolutely get down to right now below.

Know what else you should get down to? Anything and everything that these guys serve out, including that dance floor lovin‘ life that’ll be taking over the NOTO for the start of your Valentine’s weekend. Now, get those groovy tickets…and dance. 

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Rewerk Wednesday/Green Velvet

Calling direct attention to all of the dancin’-and-prancin’ Philly kids, kweens, guys and gals out there…..

… DJ legend by the name of Green Velvet is coming to leave his trademark stage stamp at NOTO tomorrow night…..and we all need be rewerked and ready to light up in the floor in his iconic honor. 

And if you’re not quite ready, you should be because amplified shit’s about to go down when it comes to this state-of-the-art beat master. 

Green Velvet (real name Curtis Jones, also known by the DJ moniker, Cajmere, “The Percolator,” anyone? Fuck yes) got his start on the Chicago club scene in the early ’90s and quickly became quickly regarded for his intense non-vocal productions and (literally) insane DJ sets. His pulsating presence grew more popular as the decade went on, this was in the part to the smashing success of club thrashers like “Preacher Man,” “Answering Machine,” and “The Stalker.”

With simple vocals and big-ass booming beats, the crowds not only fell in love with a DJ who knew what the f@ck he was doing, but one that could pull tons of tricks out of his dancing hats with a clear thunderous message for his audience to no doubt expect the unexpected. A feast of studio albums also kept us hungry for more Green Velvet everythang  thanks to infectious studio romps like Constant Chaos (’99), Whatever(’01), Lost & Found(’05), and the world dance floor famed Ministry of Sound Sessions(’07). 

Of course, a batch of electrified remixes have also kept our headphones attention to this dance music legend for the past two decades, with one in particular being his church-worthy retelling of Madonna‘s Confessions on a Dance Floor smash, “Sorry.” Taking the already booming Madge groove to an amplified new level, he added his signature burps and whirls, all while giving us club kids a classic rewerk for the rest of our disco ball lovin’ lives. 

And if we’re really, really lucky, it’ll be one of the many treats he’ll serve out for Philly at NOTO tomorrow night. There’s truly only one way to find out…go and get your Green Velvet groove on, and of course, don’t forget to listen up because a true DJ legend will be speaking. 

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