Weekly Entertainment Groove

Happy second full week of 2019

Who’s off to a good start, already?

If you’re not quite there yet (it’s all good, the year is young), then this list of local and legendary entertainment happenings around the town is  just what you need to rev up your 2019 engine. 

Now, there’s nothing left to do except put the pedal to the entertainment metal and drive.

And is that Kacey Musgraves stopping by The Fillmore this week? Why, yes, yes it is…go. 

Beautiful:The Carole King Musical  Oh, the days when the legendary Carole King’s Billboard chart defying 1971 record, Tapestry, ruled the world. Oh, wait, it all certainly still most does. In fact, you can ask anyone who’s witnessed any of the performances from the first-week run of the Tony Award grabbing musical and they’ll tell you that the preceding statement is absolutely true. And you, too, can experience the magic that will forever be laced in this heart warming show as tonight kicks off another full week of stellar performances at the Academy of Music! We could say much more here, but chances are, you got “I Feel the Earth Move” stuck in your head the second you saw the name Carole King and got your tickets five minutes ago. And if you haven’t..go..your 2019 self will thank you very, very much. (Tonight-Sunday, January 20th

Sing Your Life Karaoke  New year, new you? Well, take your newly reinvented self over to any of these phabulous Philly locations listed below where the always lovely Sara Sherr will be waiting for you with her always warming Sing Your Life Karaoke collection. There’s really nothing left to do now but sing, sing, saaang it out all year long! C’mon, you know you want to. Sun/9-2/Bob and Barbara’sTues/9-2/12 Steps Down Thurs/9-2/Milkboy South Street Fri/9-1/Southhouse Saturday/9-1:45/Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap   

Charlotte’s Web/Arden Theatre Company  The rumors are true….the Arden’s critically acclaimed production of E.B. White‘s still delightful children’s book has been extended through Sunday, February 3rd! But since we’re (somehow) already in the middle of January, that date will be here soon, so don’t waste any time in you and the whole family grabbing those tickets! Plus, you’ll be able to see what else the Arden has in store for 2019 and it’s a guarantee that its a whole lot of everything and more that you’ll absolutely love. Enjoy the shows!

Late Night Laughs/Tavern on Camac Garfield is absolutely right…Mondays suck. But you know what helps those start-of-the-week doldrums right out? A little laughter, of course. Actually, it’s the key to this so-called life, so get ready to loosen and liven up your Monday night well-being! Tonight, join your esteemed hosts, Jordan Kapil and Brooks Corbett, as they serve out a side-splitting open mic night this side of the rainbow! So, all you (meaning you, you hilarious thang,),need to know is sign ups start at 730 with the grand show at 8pm sharp! Ready, set, ha ha funny. 

The Warm up #27/The Boom Boom Room  So, what’s all of this BBR fuss about? Well, if you’re down with good vibes, underground grooves, slick beats and pleasant company, than this is the party for you. According to the event’s official Facebook page……”The Warm Up is a live music event that is partly curated and partly free flow offering Featured Acts as well as an Open Mic element that aims to unite seasoned musicians with soul driven musical novices. The event’s host and visionary, Geri Omni aka Omni MC, aims to bring our musical community together in an environment that both honors our city’s great musical masters as well as fosters our up and coming artists with collaborative sonic expression and inspiring entertainment. And all this before bedtime!!!” Now, doesn’t that sound like a lovely way to jumpstart your week? Absolutely. Go right here for much more info and then go get your Boom Boom right on..because we must. (Tonight/7 pm

A$AP Rocky/Liacouras Center  We’re not ready…actually, wait, yes we are because it’s going to be that kind of live music year this side of the Ben Franklin. Bag those tickets up and of course, #F@#kin Problems” 4 lyfe. (Tuesday/8 pm

BalletX Artist Spotlight Spring Series 2019  If you’re one of the many who’ve gotten to live in the bask of a Philly BalletX performance and wondered the who’s, what’s, where’s, why’s and how’s of, well, it all, this Wednesday night you’ll have a jumpin’ chance of getting a toe tap closer to the local entertainment truth. Join 2019 Choreographic Fellow Katarzyna Skarpetowska and Nicolo Fonte for an in-depth discussion and everything and more that make up one of Philly’s hardest working entertainment dance troupes. If you’re in the mood to be dazzled (really, who isn’t?), then this is the tea for you. Dance it on out right here like you mean it for more info and ticket sales. (Wednesday/530 pm

The Everything Show/L’Etage  So, which phenomenal Philly performer has what it takes to be our everythang and more? You’re about to find out as this season’s hottest competition show over at L’Etage is about to heat up in week seven as the contestants will be asked to belt out a tune….for their talented lives. It also doesn’t hurt (well, maybe a little) that your judges (and yes, thy will be) including Miss Troy, Turn Pyke, Ron Binary and your host, Sir Eric Jaffe, will be spilling some advice tea along this journey to see who has what it takes to be the fiercest everything king or kween in all of the Philadelphia land. (Every Wednesday/10 pm

Underground w/DJ KRK/Voyeur Philly  Have you stepped into the Underground with the always yas worthy DJ KRK yet? If not, you betta, because when it comes to the launch of his new downstairs Friday par-tay at Voyeur, the volume on those beats is only going to go all the way up..and you won’t want to miss any of it. Oh, and if you dance it on over to his official website and Soundcloud pages, you’re bound to bump into a couple of more treats. Get ready to werk it out with DJ KRK every Friday night….only at Voyeur, kids, kweens, guys and gals. (Every Friday/10 pm

Kacey Musgraves/The Fillmore So, what’s going to happen when everyone’s favorite CMA winner for Album of the Year takes over the Fillmore this Friday night? Well, there’s truly only way to find out….giddy up here for one of those last remaining tickets right here (seriously!) because this is one show and one extraordinary country diva energy and talent that we could all use in our lives right now. (8 pm

Also spinning on the local and legendary entertainment turn tables for your…..

Monday/January 14th 

Tigerbeats Indie Dance Party @The Barbary(10 pm)…………Monday Night Raw @St. Lazarus Bar(10 pm)………..Screening of Venom @The Trocadero(630 pm)……2019 Open Auditions for Old City Sweethearts(click here to check it out, 630 pm)………Melange Jazz Duo @Sassasfrass Bar(630 pm)……..Karaoke Takeover @Infusion Lounge(9 pm)……..La Noche w/ Dawn Drake @The Kimmel Center(8 pm)….

Tuesday/January 15th 

A Comedy of Tenors @Walnut Street Theatre (check website for showtimes and tickets…through March 3rd!…..Mean Girls Trivia @Landmark Americana University (9 pm)……….High on Fire @TLA(8 pm)………..Turn Out Tuesdays w/Iris Spectre @Boxers PHL730 pm)……….Pizza (!!) After Dark @Pizzeria Vetri(830 pm)………The Lemon Twigs@Boot & Saddle(7 pm)…….Made & Friends Album Release Party @The Fire(7 pm)…….Act Of/Friendship @Space 1026(7 pm)………One Hit Wonder Onesie Karaoke @National Mechanics(9 pm)……..The Ones You Forgot @Haus of Yarga(7 pm)………Pawcasso @Urban Village Brewing Company (6 pm)……….

Wednesday/January 16th 

Mineral @TLA(8 pm)………….January QOTA @Barcelona Wine Bar (6 pm)…………Noel Coward’s Fallen Angels @Mauckingbird Theatre (7 pm)………..Itchy Kisses & Moon-Liters@Ortlieb’s(7 pm)……….Pay What You Can:74 Seconds To Judgement @Arden Theatre Company(8 pm)……….Unknown Pleasures @The Dolphin Tavern (10 pm)……….Freak Flag w/DJ Jeff White @The International Bar(8 pm)……….

Thursday/January 17th 

Ookay@The Foundry(9 pm)……….Montana of 300 @Voltage Lounge……Mad World:The New Wave Dance Party @The Barbary (10 pm)……….Philly’s Official BACK to School Party @Concourse Dance Bar (10 pm)……..Raw Street Presents Ric Rac Wit @Connie’s Ric Rac(7 pm)………..Dance Republic Presents Bachata Thursdays @Lucha Cartel(10 pm)…….Ritz East Red Carpet:’If Beale Street Could Talk'(7 pm)…..Reflect @The Trocadero(7 pm)……..Carol Riddick @South Jazz Club(7 pm)………APB@Kung Fu Necktie(9 pm)……..Hank von Hell @The Trocadero(8 pm)……..

Friday/January 18th 

@Union Transfer(8 pm)………Cracker @World Cafe Live(8 pm)………..Get Pegged Cabaret w/Cynthia Hopkins @FringeArts(1030 pm)…………EDX @NOTO(10 pm)…………Travis Scott:Night at the Rodeo @The Fillmore(9 pm)……….PLAYHAUS w/Dragula’s Erika Klash @Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar(930 pm)……….Emo Night Philly @Kung Fu Necktie(10 pm)……..Step On w/DJ Baby Berlin(10 pm)……….Midnight Madness:The Rocky Horror Picture Show@Landmark Ritz(11:59)……DJ Drama @Kung Fu Necktie(730 pm)………The Soft Moon@Johnny Brenda’s (9 pm)……..Hedwig & The Angry Inch @Connie’s Ric Rac(8 pm) 

For much, much, much more 2019 shenanigans (it’s going to be quite a ride this year, kids!), be sure to strike a pose with Philly Mixtape right here and here….and don’t ever just stand there…go. 

Cover photo courtesy of LovePhilly 






15 Sexy Deep House Grooves to Warm Your Frigid A** Up All Winter(And Beyond)

Brrrrrrr..…….it’s cold out there. 

That not-so-shameless Bring it On reference (damn you, HBO NOW) indicates that yes, Torrence, it is cold out there, but that also those temperatures in the atmosphere are going to drop like all of us after New Year’s. 

So, in order to save, well, all of us from that not-so-elusive mental #thinkspring countdown, and to save you from going all The Shining on that one co-worker…..

……we get it for the tenth time today, Linda, it’s f@cking cold out.…..a luscious setting of proper grooves to get us through these frigid times is absolutely in order. 

While any type of groove in ya damn life is fitting at any moment in time, there’s just…..something about a deeply synth-ful deep house beat. 

Whether teaching us life on the after hours dance floor or just teaching us about life in general, the (vastly underrated stateside) genre of deep house is just, well, imagine it as an never ending big ol’ mug of the world’s finest hot chocolate that just warms you up from the inside out…..and makes you feel a lil’ sexy as you take each sip. Yes. 

Plus, it’s a known scientific fact that grooves provided by Gorgon City, BURNS, DJ David Penn, Duke Dumont, Todd Terry, Matvey Emerson, Sandy B (!!!), Jennifer Hudson, Katy B, NAATIONS and Sonny Fodera will lead you to a less a frigid life this winter and beyond. 

Even Linda in accounting. 

So, let’s warm it up, kids, ’cause that’s what these ridiculously deep grooves are about to do. 

BURNS/David Penn/Johnny Yukon/”Worst”  Nothin’ like a little new deep shh…to ignite this dance floor of warmed up life. 

Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”/Todd Terry Remix Because it’s never too early to get into the #summerscomin mind frame, especially when this synth-fully delish refire is helping us keep warm all frigid life long. 

Gorgon City/Duke Dumont/NAATIONS/”Real Life”  When they ALL get together….this is what happens. 

Husky/”Work it Out”   Indeed.  

Sonny Fodera/Yasmin/”Feeling U”  That piano and this bubbly, synth-ed rhythm is absolutely going to do delightful things to you from the inside out. 

Matvey Emerson”Run Away”   This….

Matvey Emerson/”Over”  And then this…..

Sonny Fodera/Yasmeen/”Caught Up”  More caught up than Usher in ’04….now, that’s some serious shit. 

MNEK/Gorgon City/”Ready for Your Love”  Ready for a lil’ deep lovin’? Yas. 

Duke Dumont/”Won’t Look Back”  When the vocals, well, you’ll see… 

Miguel Migs/”Lisa Shaw/”I Can See It”  Having one of those f#$king days? Play this. 

Miguel Migs/Meshell Ndegeocello/”What Do You Want”  See above statement. 

Gorgon City/Katy B/”Lover Like You”  For those special winter Tinder dates or those extra special nights by ya damn self…either way, what deep bliss courtesy of Ms. B and GC’s laced up beat.

Gorgon City/Jennifer Hudson/”Go All Night”   Go. 

Sandy B/”Make the World Go Round”/Deep Dish Extended  Mix  What we have right here is the deepest nine minutes of your f#$king life…are you warming up yet? If not, first, see a doctor, and then repeat these tracks until spring. Round and around we and for the rest of our deep house lovin’ lives. 

For the ultimate warmed up experience, dive in deep with this Spotify playlist. 

For even deeper shenanigans served up by Philly Mixtape this winter and beyond, dance it on over to right here and here. 





Weekly Entertainment Groove

Now that we’re getting a touch deeper and deeper like Madge into December…….

….calm down! 

Stop stressin’ because there’s still lots (and lots!!) to do before the big guy slides down the chimney, like…..

The Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House The rumors are true…..he does exist! But besides that holiday magic….yes, the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House (aka..The Met) has finally opened its grand doors to the public! While indeed we could go on and on about the building’s extravagant construction process and just what a spectacular entertainment beacon it now truly will be for everyone ((click right here for all of the tea on the big D’s), let’s spill about who else is stopping by for the grand opening celebrations. Of course, as you know, John Legend and Bob Dylan stopped by last week, and you’ve also got Jekalyn Karr (tonight!), Weezer (Wednesday), Ween(Thursday), Pentatonix (Sat & Sun)James Bay, Massive Attack, Madea (yes, that Madea), Mariah, the acclaimed cast of Schitt’s Creek(!!!!!), Trevor Noah, Meek Mill and Bill & Hillary Clinton..perhaps you’ve heard of….all of them? But what it really comes down to is…The Met is now open for business in taking all of your hard-earned green for those tickets…and we simply can’t wait for it all. 

The Grinch  Move over, Mariah?? Because it looks like there’s a new(ish) holiday champion this year. Not only is the beloved “tiny-hearted” titular character of Dr. Seuss’ magical holiday story taking, err, earning lots of green at the movie box office ( a little over $200 million ain’t bad), but he’s looking to steal your heart this Philly holiday season! For ten enchanted nights kicking off next Wednesday, December 19th through Dec 29th, the traveling national production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas is taking over the Merriam Theater! So, never mind stressing about what gift to surprise the whole entire family with, because it’s right here…and it’s a guarantee that they’ll love ya forever! But, like the last can of Who Hash, those tickets will fly away quickly, so don’t you be a Grinch in waiting too long to bag them up when you click right here!

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker It’s official, the magnificent curtain at the Kimmel Center’s Academy of Music has officially risen to the holiday tune of the Pennsylvania Ballet’s always glorious take on The Nutcracker! Which of course means the Philly holiday season is officially in full, festive swing! And now the question is…did you get your tickets to those glorious seats yet? If not, tip-toe to the box office and get them now! And for much more tea on this year’s enchanting production, dance your way right over here. (Tonight through Monday, December 31st) 

A Philly Pops Christmas/Verizon Hall @Kimmel Center Get ready….because the Pops are back! And without a doubt, it’s the one thing you must do this season before any festivities begin as it’s a beloved tradition that just exemplifies the true meaning of the holidays…incredible music and talent! So, waste no time in getting those tickets, plus the Pops are currently joined this season by Hamilton:An American Musical‘s star Mandy Gonzalez, so you already know this year’s Pops-stravaganza is going to be extra merry and bright. Shows are going on right now and run through Sat, Dec 22nd…get those tickets!

Charlotte’s Web/Arden Theatre Company Now, what could be better than an ultra-talented cast of teens taking the stage for a fabulous adaptation of everyone’s favorite children’s book? Maybe if puppies and kittens were doing it, but since we know that can’t happen (maybe?), this is the absolute next greatest thing. So, get those tickets and head on over to The Arden Theatre Company (right in the glory of Old City) to get your holiday season started off in the most spectacular way possible. Plus, wait until you see Ms. Charlotte (the amazing, Anaya Strutz) in all of her Cirque-inspired jaw dropping talent! The show runs through January 27th and tickets are going fast, but don’t panic because you can get them right here, right now! 

Matilda:The Musical/Walnut Street Theatre  It’s official…no one in Philly is going to be able to escape the magic of everyone’s beloved children’s books this holiday season…but then again, why would we want to?! Yes, another one of our faves from bedtime has come to life, only this time on the Walnut Street Theatre stage right in the heart of Philly’s Washington Square area. So, grab the kids (don’t forget about grandma, too!) and grab your tickets to once again revel in all of the magical shenanigans that lil’ Ms. Matilda and her classmates will be up to…and chances are, you’ll absolutely live for every moment of it. Fly away right here for much more info. (Now-Sunday, January 6th)

Sing Your Life Karaoke  Whether during the hustle-and-bustle of your week or the slay of your weekend, the always lovely Ms. Sara Sherr (treat her right this holiday season, kids) has got your vocal chords covered like a light snow on the ground thanks to her always on-point Sing Your Life Karaoke collection. And as always, it’ll be rightfully serving Philly at each of these fabulous locations listed below all holiday season long. Ready, set, sang and be merry! Sun/9-2 Bob and Barbara’s, Tues/9-2 12 Steps Down Thurs/9-2/Milkboy South Street Fri/9-1 Southhouse Saturday/9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap   

That Show! A Comedy Cabaret  What happens when you combine standup, sketch comedy, musical numbers and improv, and put all of those elements in one delightfully cray cabaret show? Well, you forget all of your f@#king troubles, of course! This Wednesday night, don’t even think about it and head straight upstairs at Franky Bradley‘s where your lovely and quite hilarious hosts, Christa D’Agger and Nick Reeves, where they’ll no doubt like Gwen be primed and ready to give you an evening of local entertainment you’ll never forget. Sound good? Yes. So, get those tickets right here and then..go.(830 pm

The Aunt Mary Pat Live! Holiday Experience/Tabu   You know what they say…ain’t no holiday party like an AMP holiday party because this bitch doesn’t know how to stop…but then again, why would we ever want her to? If you’re looking to revel in some holiday cheers and jeers (because we’re all goin’ through it right now, hon), chug that six-pack of Zima and head over to Tabu this Thursday night where the always ready Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino will be waiting for you with jinglin’ balls and a red nose on. Of course, lots of other surprises will ensue(like a visit from AMP’s asshole doorter, Kelly, perhaps?), so don’t you be an asshole and get those if they’re not already sold out. And, yes, Santa and Aunt Mary Pat are both watchin to make sure you go. (Thursday/7 pm

One More Time:A Tribute to Daft Punk/NOTO  Does this one really need an explanation? Even your Mom has tickets and is ready to “Get Lucky” and tear up the floor to this event all night long. Are you? If not, put your shiny DP helmet on and go right here.  (Thursday/10 pm

LiPSMACKeRS Holiday Edition/Tabu Since we all know what happens on the floor when you take candy cane coated holiday hits by Mariah, Hillary, Britney, Wham! and of course, Ms. Whitney, there’s no reason for you not to go and twirl it out at Tabu this Fri-sleigh night. No further statements…just lots and lots of dancing and prancing while we put in werk for Santa. (Friday/9 pm) 

Midnight Madness:The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Landmark Ritz Movie Theatre You know what they say….’tis the season to do the “Time Warp” again and again. Get those tickets right here while you still can. (Friday/11:59

And also for your 2018 holiday pleasure……

…….the Philly Christmas Village is back with a giant gift….literally. This year, the beloved Philly tradition returns to a newly renovated LOVE Park (and a big ol’, lit up present right in the middle-of-it-all!) for its 11th season to put us all in the mood for the upcoming delightful madness of the holiday season….yes. Today through Monday, December 24th, be on the lookout for all of the usual holiday sights, sounds, creations, treats, and of course, lots of eats! Happy holidaze, Philly! Go right here for much more Philly holiday tea.….and don’t forget about the ice skating in front of City Hall!! and pop up holiday bar, Tinsel! , which is featuring….wait for it….snow globe cocktails this year! Yes. 

Oh, yes, there’s just one more glistening thing we must mention…..and as usual, it’s superb for all of us kids one-to-ninety-two…..the Macy’s Christmas Light Show has also made its grand return! All you and the phamily have to do is show up at the Grand Court atrium at Macy’s Center City (look for the big ol’ Wannamaker Organ) kicking off at 10 a.m. every two hours until 8 pm through Monday, December 31st! It’s just that easy to get lost in the lights and the magic of the 2018 holiday season. For much more hot and piping Macy’s tea (wait until you see this year’s third floor theme), check your bags right here. 

Also under the local and legendary entertainment tree for your……

Monday/December 10th 

Martha Graham Cracker@L’Etage(7 pm)……….Christmas Cheer w/DJ Robert Drake@Tinsel(5 pm)…..Die Hard:A Very Special Christmas Time Reading@Tattooed Mom(7 pm)……..Tender Beats @Kung Fu Necktie(8 pm)……….Girl Germs @Johnny Brenda’s Downstairs(8 pm)………Alan Scardapane@Bourbon & Branch(8 pm)…….

Tuesday/December 11th 

Dave Matthews Band@Wells Fargo Center(8 pm)………lil skies@The Fillmore(8 pm)………Every Time I Die@Union Transfer(6 pm)…….West Philadelphia Orchestra@Franky Bradley’s(9 pm)………Bad Santa@The Balcony Bar @The Trocadero(8 pm)

Wednesday/December 12th 

In Flames@TLA(8 pm)………..Jon McLaughlin@World Cafe Live(8 pm)………Magglezzz@The Dolphin Tavern(10 pm)……..Justin Faulkner@South Jazz Club(7 pm)………Det Card Sid@Bourbon & Branch(8 pm)………Haha Charade@The Fire(8 pm)

Thursday/December 13th  

Anything But a Holiday Show @L’Etage(8 pm)……..Eve 6 @The Foundry(8 pm)………..Manchester Orchestra @The Fillmore(Wednesday, too!730 pm)…………DeVotchaKa@Underground Arts(9 pm)……….Ryler Walker@Boot & Saddle(830 pm)…….Erin Costelo@Bourbon & Branch(8 pm)……..Midnight North@Milkboy Philly(8 pm)……….Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela@Tattooed Mom(7 pm)…….Drip-Fed@The Fire(8 pm) 

Friday/Dec 14th 

Lots of fabulous dancing @ Woody’s, Tavern on Camac, Tabu, Voyeur and Franky Bradley’s (10 pm,. Gayborhood)…….Ingrid Michaelson @KeswickTheatre(7 pm)……..Phosphorescent @TLA(9 pm)………..Ozuna@Liacouras Center(8 pm)………Devil Drag @Tabu(930 pm)……….The Noid/Trigger 13@The Tusk(7 pm)………RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Viewing Party @Boxers PHL(730 pm)………Keely Siblia/Gracie and the Not So Beautifuls @The Wilma(8 pm)……..Young Boy Never Broke Again@The Fillmore(8 pm)……….Darlingside@Union Transfer(7 pm)……..BURNS@NOTO(10 pm)………..Chus & Ceballos@Ocean Resort Casino(10 pm)

For much more December shenanigans in-and-around the town, check out uwishunuVisitPhilly, and of course, Philly Mixtape

Cover photo courtesy of that Philly holiday life, though…..