• All of the April Local Drag Tea w/Ms. Brittany Lynn

    TweetHey Qweens! OH MAH GAWD it’s April already! As we experience all four seasons every day of the week now, the Qweens and Kings of the city are gearing up for Pride, the circuit Qweens are cutting carbs, and the other gays have six more months for anything with pumpkin spice, but are patiently waiting. 

  • Groove of the Day/JoJo/”Let It Rain”

    TweetAlthough JoJo‘s thunderous pop anthem from her 2007 set, The High Road, provides the perfect soundtrack for what’s going to be a ridiculously rainy Tuesday in Philly, it should also hype us up quite a bit for when the “Honest” diva takes over The Trocadero stage exactly one month today.  And since we can’t predict

  • Sunday Funday & Beyond Entertainment Mixtape

    TweetWhile florals for spring may not be to groundbreaking, the Philly performers and events listed below certainly are…so let’s do it.  And please…be safe out there, kids.  The Importance of Being Earnest So, just what is the importance of being earnest? Better yet, what’s the meaning of this thing called life? You’ll have a better

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