10 Classic Debbie Gibson Singles

One of the reasons I love doing the Mixtape Music News every morning is because you truly never know just what kind of news is going to pop up on your music radar. So, you can imagine my delight yesterday when I stumbled across the news that the one-and-only Debbie Gibson (now known as Deborah), had a new song out, a tender ballad called, “Promises.” In a quick review of Deb’s somber sonnet, it’s a piece of musicmallow fluff that is just kind of, “eh,” but in the end, Mixtape is grateful that Ms. Gibson has been making the rounds because it got all of that music mojo flowing that only her classic late ’80s/early ’90s grooves can deliver…

Now, just why are we gagging over Gibson? In a music word, before there was Mandy, Jessica, Justin, 3LW, XXXtina, Britney and Tiffany…there was simply, Debbie. The young songstress made her chart debut at just sixteen years old with her debut set, “Out of the Blue,” a fun pop album that pretty much contained hit-after-hit single. From the moment lead single “Only in My Dreams” hit Sony Walkman headphones everywhere in ’87, Debbie became an overnight sensation, selling millions and heading out on dazzling concert tours. In fact, Philly Mixtape’s first concert tour was Ms. Debbie–and it was nothing short of spectacular. 

After ‘Blue,’ Debbie released follow up set, “Electric Youth,” but besides the ballad, “Lost In Your Eyes” and the moderate success of the albums title track, her music heat began to cool soon after. But, over the years, the delightful diva has stayed on the scene, delivering a handful of later albums, starring in Les Mis on Broadway, and who can forget that epic film, ‘Mega Python vs. Gatoroid,’ in which she starred in with her music arch nemesis, Tiffany. Priceless….

These next 10 tracks are not only slices of pure pop perfection, but they also resemble a time when music seemed a lot more fun. Hey, if you could get away with wearing some of these outfits from her classic videos, it most certainly was a great time. Get lost in ALL things Debbie Gibson below…


“Only In My Dreams”

Six words…the one that started it all…

“Shake Your Love”

She certainly wasn’t a one-hit wonder with this successful “Dreams” follow up…that whistle!!

“Out of the Blue”


“Foolish Beat”

This track not only became Debbie’s first #1 single, but she also became the youngest songwriter ever to have a #1 spot on the Billboard singles charts, as she co-wrote the heartbreaking ballad….

“Staying Together”

One of Ms. Gibson’s lowest charting earlier singles…and it’s even better live…

“Electric Youth”

You can tell that Debbie was making that coin by watching this video….but it was spent in a VERY ’90s kind of way….watch and watch again!

“Lost In Your Eyes”

Another #1 co-written hit for the diva, and when it comes to this beautiful ballad, we just fell….don’t know why…

“No More Rhyme”

Another underrated Gibson groove, and with lyrics, “You can find your place/but never fit in”….it’ll get you….

 “Anything Is Possible”

When Debbie grew up a bit on her album of the same name, sadly, the fans didn’t follow as this song would become her last well known hit…but we’ll take this underrated ’91 gem any damn Debbie day of the week…

 “Red Hot”

A Philly Mixtape favorite, the last single release from her ‘Out of the Blue’ album….it’s all wrapped up in sax. 



10 Soothing Lisa Shaw Grooves

If you guys are like me, then you certainly know the struggle is real on the Monday after a holiday weekend. No matter how much you rest you get or how much you vibe it out the night before, nothing ever seems to be enough to get us to that zen level. Personally speaking, whenever I need a music rub down all over to soothe my aching brain and body after a long holiday weekend, I turn to anything and everything provided by the grooves of neo-soul goddess, Lisa Shaw. 

For those that may not be familiar with this highly underrated delectable diva, Ms. Shaw got her start in NYC after she went there on vacation from her native Toronto….and never left after getting lost in the underground club scene. Her first big music break into the spotlight came in 1995 when she appeared on the DJ Smash penned jazzed up groove, ‘Makin Love, Makin’ Music.” The soaring number was recognized all over, and soon Ms. Lisa would begin werking the underground club circuit, going on to work with famed deep-house producer, Miguel Migs and earning a spot on the sensual ‘Salted Music’ record label. 

Besides the intriguing grooves she serves up, Ms. Shaw’s incredibly warm, sultry vocals have all the ingredients to grip the heart of your music aura…and never let go in the most delightful way. In her two decade career, Lisa has delivered a handful of albums and E.P’s, including ’05’s ‘Cherry’ and ’09’s ‘Free.’ Each set contains the perfectly crafted mixture of soul, R&B and feel good vibes, which are seasoned to perfection with just the smallest dash of house music flavor. Whether it’s on the dreamy flows of tracks, “Like I Want To,” “Grown Apart,” or on the swinging Mr. Moon rewerk of “Honey,” Ms. Shaw is nothing short of perfection with a voice that will soothe you out to the core.

While Lisa’s solo work is deemed effortless, whenever she teams up with Mr. Migs, it’s pure music bliss. On the DJ’s previous studio sets, ‘Outside the Skyline’ and ‘Dim Division,’ the two music besties teamed up to deliver a buffet of coaxing numbers, “Give Me Something,” “Heartbeat,” “Breakdown” and “Lose Control, ” which Philly Mixtape has all set up for you guys below to get lost in. Trust me when I say that after one listen to Lisa’s rousing romps, your day will be made and packed with some true R&R….rhythm and relaxation. Go. 

“Like I Want To”

“Grown Apart”

“Makin’ Love, Makin’ Music”

“Honey”/Mr. Moon’s ’80s Vocal Mix

“Lose Control” 

“Give Me Somethin'”



“Music In You”/Dario D’Attis Tech Vocal Mix

“All Night High” (Mr. Migs Salted Vocal)