10 Reasons Why We Should Forever Worship P!nk

Grammy winner…….Earth shattering singer……incredible performer…….jaw dropping aerialist……..four Billboard Hot 100 #1 Singles…….thirty-three music videos…….forty-seven million albums sold worldwide….stand out wife and mother of two…and one bad ass attitude that we simply can’t live without.

Plus, she’s from Doylestown!!

Yes, those are all of the stand out elements–if not just a few–that make up the now nearly two-decade lasting legacy of one Alecia Beth Moore, otherwise known to all of us as the one-and-only, P!nk.

While it’s easy for any one of us to sit around and spill about our favorite Ms. Moore moments in music time (“Feel Good Time” from Charlie’s Angels:Full Throttle and “God is a D.J.,”anyone? Yes.), it takes less time to just simply bow down and worship anything and everything she’s given us over the years and will no doubt continue to do so as the decades roll on.

And if you throw in her well received latest set, Beautiful Trauma (which is aiming to give her another chart-topping record), a much, much buzzed about electrified set on SNL this past weekend and a high-profile spot on this morning’s Good Morning America, there’s a few more reasons why all of us should forever worship P!nk.

Here’s ten more…..

1.”There You Go” The one that started….it all. No further statements. 

2.”Lady Marmalade” 4 Lyfe……   Just ponder this for a music moment–and all tea, no shade–out of all of the lovely ladies on this Billboard Hot 100 dominating Moulin Rounge owned Labelle rewire from 2001, which one is still the most relevant? And no, the answer’s not Lil’ Kim, Mya or (sigh) Xtina. Hey, at least they all nabbed a Grammy for this one. Go on, soul sistahs……

3.We’ll always understand “Mizzundastood”   “L.A. told me you’ll be a pop star, all you have to change is everything you are,” chants P!nk on “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” The second single from her sophomore set, Mizzundastood, which is still the songstress’ best selling record with fifteen million in headphones worldwide.

So, why did the music kiss off work? Because this album was basically a big “fuck you” to her label Daddy, L.A. Reid, who had a hissy fit when P!nk wanted to transition from those basic Destiny Child beats from her debut, Can’t Take Me Home, (again..all tea no shade) into a more pop rock influenced sound. 

But what it all boils down to like Alanis (she’s another pop diva who went from cookie cutter to cookie cruncher on her sophomore set) is that first….P!nk truly showed us that’s it’s all good to be your damn self and not part of the clique. Second….she truly fucking rocks.

And it all started right here, which is why we’ll always understand it all when it comes to her standout second studio effort. 

“Get the Party Started” indeed, Ms. P!nk. Like, right now. 

4.Sigh…….”Just Like a Pill”  We fucking couldn’t back in the summer of  ’02, and we still fucking can’t to what is arguably one of the best recorded pop rock ballads that’s ever graced the Billboard charts. Plus, this video and those fucking rabbits. God damn, you, Alecia. 

5.This Grammy performance……    Four words…”Glitter in the Air.” Again…no further statements. Just watch and try not to clutch your pearls while doing it. You god damn can’t. 

6.And then there’s this pearl clutching moment……   Hey, we all have to take a header off of the stage at some point in our lives. But at the end of the day, it’s all about how you pick yourself up and carry on…all while dropping a few “F” bombs along the way, of course. You know, because life. Love you, gurl. 

7.She knows a thing or twelve about love…..      In case you’ve been living under a music rock for the past two decades, P!nk has had quite the fine gentlemen by her side during her rise to the top in that of professional motocross racer Carey Hart, whom she met at the 2001 X Games right here in Philly. Although the two split in 2003, they eventually got hitched in 2006 in Costa Rica and, well, split again three years later.

But lucky for all of us, the two crazy kids worked it out just a short time later and now have two beautiful children together–daughter Willow, 6, and a ten-month old baby boy, Jameson, all of whom are seemingly living that happily ever after kind of life. It just goes to show you that one, long-lasting commitments take a long time and a lot of work. (So, get off of those fucking apps and put it in, guys, girls and gays).

And two, without Ms. P!nk’s and Mr. Hart’s love woes tracks like “So What” (in which Hart also appeared in the video) and pretty much every song off of her 2012 Let’s Talk About Love record just wouldn’t have had the same impact on our music minds……that there is hope out there for the rest of us.

Plus, they’re just like so fucking cool together, aren’t they? 

8.She’s a kick-ass Mommy…..    As we’ve seen, beneath all of those Billboard hits, that undeniable sass and trademark kick ass attitude, P!nk’s parenting skills have got it going on. Whether it’s taking her kids on the road (they’ll be joining the diva on her upcoming Beautiful Trauma tour) to experience the world or teaching them strong family values and how not to be like forty-five, those adorable kids are truly lucky to have P!nk has their fabulous Mother. 

But what truly makes us want to hand P!nk the Madukes of the Year Trophy was the speech she delivered during her acceptance when receiving this year’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this year’s VMAs. Dedicated to her daughter, Ms. Moore served out a beautiful buffet of wisdom laced words that didn’t just reign true to all of the upcoming lovely ladies of the world, but hit close to home for all of us, and well, just watch it over and over again. It’s hard not to. 

Btw…”What About Us” is certainly not a love song..this now infamous speech explains it all. Yas, P!nk, yaaaas.

9.She’ll always be sort of underrated pop royalty……and we love her for that.  If you ask anyone to list the divas that were responsible for changing the pop music game back in the late ’90s/early ’00s, their list would go as follows–Britney, Christina, Jessica and Mandy. Hell, some brave souls might just add Willa Ford.

However, one name that’s always omitted is P!nk‘s…and we truly have no idea why as her debut record came in 2000 right between Britney’s debut and “Oops,” so you know it was seriously right in the middle of all kinds of pop music shit goin’ down. Hmmm….maybe it’s because the choreography in the “Most Girls” video was in a class of its very own? Sigh..guess we’ll never know. 

But what we do know is that P!nk knows she’s always been sort of “underrated.” “I’ve never won the popularity contest,” the singer recently spilled in a fascinating article with the New York Times (which you should read right here).  “I was never as big as Britney or Christina. If you look at any paragraph about pop music, I don’t get mentioned — my name doesn’t come up. And yet, here I go again, right under the wave, duck-diving,” she spilled to the Times. 

However, it’s all god damn good because you know what makes a true pop diva? One that not only is completely aware of her career and the direction it should follow (you listening, Mariah?), but one who still has the talent to back it all up, all while never abandoning her fans and giving it to us in a way that only she knows how to do…just by being fucking P!nk

And for that, we’ll all be bowing down to anything and everything for the rest of our music lives. 

10.Do you really need another fucking reason?    Okay, well, how about that time she slayed Ms. Janet’s iconic  “Miss You Much” choreography on MTV Icon?


Her pair of pulsating performances from this weekend’s SNL

Or….this fucking delicious “Sweet Dreams” flavored remix to “Get the Party Started” co-starring Redman? 

Get the point? Good…let’s P!nk…for life. 

“Oh, where, oh where have the smart people gone?” Classic.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Bowing Down to Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot is back. Oh, how we’ve all waited so long to hear those treasured words. Although the Katy Perry weave-snatching Hip-hop empress doesn’t have a new single or album out (yet), it’s clear that Missy made her ultimate comeback during her much hyped appearance at this past weekend’s Super Bowl halftime show. In fact, it was in those glorious three minutes that Missy performed her monster hits, “Work It, “Get Ur Freak On” and “Lose Control,” that the whole world once again felt that special tingle that only the M-I-double S-Y-E knows how to give, well, except for that whole younger social media based generation who had no fucking idea who Missy was. That’s why today, I felt as if it was my civic music duty to take those who aren’t familiar with our leading “ba-donka-donk” lady straight to music school in a special segment called, “10 Reasons Why You Should Be Bowing Down to Missy Elliot.” Dive in.


1.Because she’s been in the music game for two decades and counting….

Okay, so as expected, there were a flurry of social media posts during the halftime spectacle about confusion as to who this “new artist performing with Katy Perry” was. Not only did I immediately feel old as all hell, but it made me wonder, how do these kids not know? Doesn’t anyone look up music anymore? However, it HAS been ten years since Missy’s last studio set, ‘The Cookbook’ (By the way, all you young music bucks, Missy’s blazing single, Pass That Dutch, is  featured in the beloved movie ‘Mean Girls’…….twice. #themoreyouknow), so it’s easy to understand how there’s a whole generation that doesn’t fully appreciate the bounty of blissful Missy bangers that were provided for us late-’90s kids years ago. However, judging by the fact that Missy’s infamous galactic grooves are destroying itunes charts at the moment, I would say Ms. Elliot just put her thing down, flipped it and reversed it on all of you young ones. It also doesn’t hurt that after being released ten, fifteen years ago, Missy’s music still sounds as fresh and relevant (“She’s a Bitch,” anyone?) as it gloriously did back-in-the-day. With that being said, bring us that album soon, girl. The music industry and…these…kids… need you now more than ever.

“Da Rain(Supa Dupa Fly)”

2.Because, let’s face it, she’s the only reason the halftime show pulled in astronomical numbers…

So, the order of MVP’s at the halftime show went a little something like this….Missy Elliot, Left Shark, Katy Perry…..Lenny Kravitz. Yesterday, the ratings for were announced and a whopping 118 million viewers tuned in to see Missy & friends, making it the most watched halftime show yet.  You can’t tell me that the fab appearance by our beloved Hip-hop queen didn’t have a little something to do with that feat? I rest my Missy halftime weave.

Just Missy’s performance at the Super Bowl

3.Because she’s the only female MC that matters at the moment……

Salt N Pepa? Okay, Geico commercial? (WTF?) No. Lil Kim? Miss your (old) face. Eve, Foxy and Trina? “Forgot-About- Friday” all day. Igloo Australia and Nicki Min-“ugh?” Fuck,no. Missy “Mis-motha-fuckin-demeanor Elliot? Yas.

4.Because all of you long-time Missy Elliot fans clutched your music pearls for dear life in anticipation of waiting for her at halftime…..

Okay, so picture it, Sunday night, I’m on my couch, flipping back-and -forth- like Aaliyah between Lifetime’s ‘Sugar Daddies’ and patiently waiting for the Missy Elliot Sunday night extravaganza to finally get its ass in gear on that other channel with the sports on it. This comes after reveling in my Missy music vault all weekend after hearing the news that she was, indeed, going to steal the spotlight, er, perform at the Super Bowl with Katy Perry. Then, while watching Ms. Perry’s performance (my review…yay! but, eh.), there was that flash in time when “California Gurls” ended and I could begin to feel the presence of all things Missy……and my reaction went a little something like this picture of E.J. Johnson below. Anyone else feel the same way?



5.Because she had in a hand in some truly classic ’90s baby makin’ joints….

As much as our girl is a true solo music force to be reckoned with, she’s also had a brilliant hand in producing some seriously killer records back- in- the-’90s- day. Let’s see, where do we begin? How about the classic track, “Make It Hot” featuring one-time R&B diva, Nicole Wray? If we really want to get lost in the music forest, there’s “What About Us” and “Trippin,” her collaborations with luscious ’90s R&B trio, Total.  There’s also the whore-y remix of MC’s “Heartbreaker” (“He used to lie me on my back/take that!”) , and her crack-ya-teeth prowess is in full force on the remix of Janet’s (underrated) blazing, “Son of a Gun.” However, when it comes to the powerful music productions of Missy, her work with the late great Aaliyah speaks for itself. If you don’t get musically turned on after hearing classic ‘Liyah/Missy  moments, “Hot Like Fire,” “If Your Girl Only Knew” and the dazzling, “One In a Million,” then I’m afraid all Missy hope is lost for you, my friend.

6.Because she’s best friends with Timbaland…

Not only did all of the tracks mentioned above featured Ms. Missy, but they also featured her long time music partner-in-crime, mega-producer, Timbaland, who, by the way, is currently killing it musically  with his top-notch productions on FOX’s smash show, Empire.  Together, Missy & Tim have proved to be an unstoppable duo, delivering some of the most futuristic and funkdafied grooves that most of us have ever exposed our headphones to.  One of my favorite joints was brought to my ears during the duo’s early  days in a little collaboration called, “Up Jumps Da Boogie,” also co-starring Ms. Aaliyah….and long-lost ’90s MC, Magoo. Those were the days, kids.


7. Because of THIS.



8. Because before there was “Bang, Bang,” there was a little record called, “Lady Marmalade.”

This is for those who fondly remember the one-two-three sock-it-2-me radio punch  in early ’01 that was Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor,” Ms. Janet’s “All For You” and “Lady Marmalade,” the Missy/Rockwilder produced T-tex-of- a- tune starring Xtina, Mya, Pink and the original Lil’ Kim.  Yes, all three of these diva-licious tracks bulldozed their way to the top of the charts, but it was “Marmalade” that brought each of the ladies (and gentleman) involved a Grammy awards, meaning that Missy’s “Lady” will always bust a cap in the ass of the Ariana/Nicki/Jessie J collabo, “Bang, Bang,” any day of the week. Take that.

9. Because she has 5 Grammy awards and you don’t…

She’s also been nominated 33 times, has 7 BET Awards, 8 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards, 5 Billboard Music Awards and 7 VMAs. How many of those do you have?

10.Because she’s just that bitch.

Need I say more?

Work it like Missy.