8 Essential Tracks from the ‘Pretty Woman’ Soundtrack

Twenty five years ago today, Julia Roberts strutted off of the street corner and into our hearts with Pretty Woman, the story about hooker with -a -heart- of -gold Vivian Ward, who rocked some truly great unruly, prostitute-y hair, while at the same time, found her way to a better life by falling in love with workaholic businessman Edward Lewis, played oh-so-dashingly by Richard Gere. The Garry Marshall directed film was a runaway smash from the instant it opened at the box office, where it would go on to gross an unprecedented $463 million worldwide, also giving star Ms. Julia an Oscar nomination for best actress. And just what just what did Julia think about Matt Lauer’s surprise “Pretty Woman’ 25th anniversary gift he gave her on the ‘Today’ show? You can read about it right here.

As much as the film was a box office destroyer, its accompanying soundtrack also brought home the Rodeo Drive bacon. To celebrate the beloved film and and its classic hooker grooves, Philly Mixtape got lost in Julia’s hair and big smile once again and picked 8 essential tracks from the movie that will just get you owning your street corner of life, honey.  It’s  time once again to get lost in the Mixtape…Ms. Vivian is waiting for you.

Roxette/”It Must Have Been Love”

Sigh….be still our 1990 hearts. One of Roxette’s best singles.

Go West/”King of Wishful Thinking”

Forgot about…..forever.

Roy Orbison/”Oh, Pretty Woman”

Do we really need to say anything about this classic? If you don’t know this one…it’s back on the corner for you.

Natalie Cole/”Wild Women Do”

Yes, Ms. Cole…they most certainly do…especially to this ’90s gem.

David Bowie/Fame ’90

When Mr. Bowie is on your soundtrack…you know it’s going to be a hot one.

Jane Wiedlin/”Tangled”

Get your spiritual Go-Go on to this one…

Robert Palmer/”Life in Detail”

This was absolutely was Vivien was listening to on her Walkman….

Red Hot Chili Peppers/”Show Me Your Soul”

Back in 1990, RHCP was just making their climb to mainstream success….this somber tune was one of the ones that put them there.