5 Reasons Why You Should Be Living That Pia Mia Music Life

Growing up as a fan of Beyonce, and Michael Jackson, singer, songwriter, and model Pia Mia had early ambitions to mix pop, R&B, and hip-hop hooks into her music. Born Pia Mia Perez in Guam, the young diva (she’s nineteen) launched a career out of uploading videos of her singing covers to her YouTube channel, which ultimately earned over 17 million views. This sudden attention caught the sudden attention of Chris Brown’s manager, About Thaim, and just recently the songstress signed a multi-album deal with Mr. Brown’s label, Interscope. 

However, after a recognizable a capella  cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” that took place at the Kardashian dinner table (Pia Mia is besties with Kylie Jenner), it’s clear that she has the chops to gain some serious music attention. Meaning you should be living that Pia Mia music life…and here are 5 reasons why. 

1.You’ll instantly want to start practicing your dance moves the first time you see the video for “Touch”….

Hot off the new music press, Ms. Mia has just released the throbbing tropical house influenced single, “Touch,” along with its steamy accompanying video. The Dave Meyers (Missy’s “WTF”) directed clip is laced with sexy visuals, plenty of Pia’s fondness for the grill, and dance moves for days that you’ll no doubt start practicing right away once you see them. 

Just watch. 

2.This girl can sing…..

Getting her start at just fourteen years old, Pia’s career officially began when she started singing covers on YouTube that quickly gained her a massive following. Taking on of Bruno Mars’ ‘It Will Rain,” Rihanna’s ‘Stay,” and Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home,” in which she got to sing it out with Drake at the dinner table with the whole Kardashian clan. 

Oh, so now you recognize her….

3.She’s young, cute and perky…..

Another factor that sets Pia apart from those other divas-in-training is that she’s got a one-of-a-kind look and fashion sense. Armed with face that’s part “girl next door” part “cut a bitch,” the songstress caps it off with a fashion prowess that’s just a touch of diva-meets-B’gurl. The “Touch” singer also keeps an Instagram account is full of stylish pics, and is also a regular on the Young Hollywood scene, hitting dance floors with Kylie, Nicole Richie‘s little sister Sofia, and Will Smith’s son, Jaden. 

4.She’s still highly underrated…

Although Pia has been on the music scene for quite some time, she hasn’t taken off on the charts just yet. However, she has been working on her first full length studio set (in which she says she’s recorded “100 songs”), serving us with singles, “F**k With U,” “Touch” and “Do It Again,” all of which have gained the diva plenty of her buzz for her anticipated album. 

Being that she’s only nineteen, it’s safe to say that she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And judging from her vibrant performance of ‘Do It Again” at this year’s American Express Unstaged concert, she’s got a lot of fans and music love behind her. 

See for yourself below. 

5.The video for “Touch” though…..

You just need to watch it again. 



5 Reasons Why You Need to Be Living That Rudimental Music Life…Right Now

Let’s live that Rudimental music life today…because it’s just so delightful….

After virtually popping up out of nowhere in 2012 with their overseas chart destroying number one single “Feel the Love,” West London-based electronic quartet Rudimental first came together a few years earlier under the production name of duo Piers Agget and Kesi Dryden. Agget’s turntable skills brought him into the mix with DJ Locksmith, who soon joined the pair, followed later by a chance meeting with Amir Amor at a recording studio in London, which completed them to be the music truth holding quartet they are today. 

The funky group’s first release, 2011’s dancehall-inspired “Deep in the Valley,” appeared on the dub stepped up label, Black Butter, and was followed by singles “Speeding” and “Spoons,’ where they were picked up quickly by Asylum Records/Warner Music and finally released the blockbuster “Feel the Love.”

Working with some of the U.K.’s finest talent including Foxes, Alex Clare and MNEK, Rudimental’s mix of dubstep, R&B, house and drum’n’bass fits like a music glove with any of the dazzling music artists they werk with. But sadly, Rudimental’s cutting edge music sound hasn’t ignited stateside (for now), meaning that there’s no better time to put this extraordinarily talented group in this week’s 5 reasons why spot to convince you that you need to be living that Rudimental music life….right now. 

1.They’re musically tight with Ed Sheeran…..

if there’s one overseas male diva out there right now who’s certainly displaying fine shades of ginger music truth, it’s everyone’s favorite “Seventeen” crooner, Ed Sheeran. Besides appearing on stage with Beyoncé and adding to his growing catalog of live covers, the UK crooner is super tight with Rudimental, appearing on not one, but two tracks on their just released and brilliant We the Generation set.

The first being is “Bloodstream” (for which Sheeran receives a co-writing credit) and the other being the blissful, “Lay It All On Me,” which just showcases that these boys really know how to gel when it comes to laying down a phat groove. In a music word, here lies one of the best songs that you’re probably not listening to as well as one dazzling track that radio hasn’t picked up on….and we can’t figure out why.

2.Their new album will set your fall off right….

Along with “Lay it All On Me,” Rudimental’s new set is just packed full of gummy & grimy goodies, dynamic overseas sounds and a roster of guest stars who simply add even more spike to the already powerful UK music punch.

Working with some of the U.K.’s finest talent, Rudimental will make you tell the truth alongside Anne-Marie and Will Heard on the dizzying, “Rumour Mill.” Red-hot overseas divas Lianne La Havas and Ella Eyre show their chops on slinky serenades, “Needn’t Speak” and “Too Cool,” and dazzling singer/songwriter MNEK is the matches that start the fire in the jazzy, “Common Emotion.” Really, that’s just a tiny bit of the talent that is laced on Rudimental’s sultry, seductive new set that musically molds together with the dirty and delightful bedroom ready beats that these memorable music artists cook up. 


3.They’re even better live….

There’s a certain truth that we always must face when it comes to seeing our favorite electronic music artists live-will they or won’t they be playing off their laptops all night?

While some have prevailed in this subject (and some we won’t be, um, disclosing), Rudimental is just that act that knows how to bring the heat in and out of the studio. While we could put our headphones on and have quite the music ride through cruising through all of their live performances (especially for their more intimate in session sets), it’s when they take over BBC Live Lounge 1 Radio–especially for their riveting set in Ibiza from this year. The magical outdoor music display is not only driven by live music sunshine, but also a stunning display of special guests join them on stage, including MNEK and Emeli Sande, who show up to lend their vocal talents to Rudimental’s insane live medley of their romping roster of hits.

4.Because we must always respect our overseas music artists….

Not to throw shade at American music artists, but have you ever thought about just how much the UK has such extraordinary talent…who never breaks through to mainstream success? Sometimes (if not all the time.), some UK artists seem one step ahead of the curve (hey Sia and Adele) and truly deserve their moment on the music sun, with Rudimental certainly proving that they’re one of those coveted artists. Mainstream music has such a different vibe overseas, and we can only wish that each year we will get another Sia..Sam Smith…Ed Sheeran…Rudimenatal who will keep bringing us closer to all of us living that overseas music life.

But for now we must respect these artists because acts like Rudimental are certainly werkin’ hard to keep setting the music bar high for those who dare try to make it in this oh, so roller coaster-y mainstream music ride–and for that we must always show respect. 

5.They rocked Bobby Womack’s world before he passed away…..

If the above reasons haven’t sold you as to why you need to be living that Rudimental music life right now, perhaps this final one will…

Close to the end of their tremendous We The Generation record is a track called “New Day,” which features vocals by the dearly departed, Bobby Womack. (For those that may not know, Mr. Womack was the epitome of baby makin’ music, creating such classic anthems, ‘If You Think You’re Lonely Now” and “Across 110th Street,” just to get down with a  few.)

The story of how Rudimental linked up with Womack is quite a fascinating and inspiring one, as Agget recently spilled about it  to UK”s The Boombox…

“Well, we met him on Later… with Jools Holland a few years ago, and he came up to us and said, “Oh man that was amazing.” We were like, “Oh my god, we’re massive fans of you.” We kicked a vibe there. A couple of years later, he wanted to work with us. We were on tour, and sadly he passed away. But one of his last wishes … His wife sent over one of his a cappellas and said, “Would you like to have this?” And we thought it was amazing. We listened to it, and it made us cry. It was emotional. He was 70 and still had an amazing voice. That week, we made a beat to it, which was the same key and same tempo. It all came together really, really naturally, and it’s definitely one of our proudest moments on the new album.” 

Now, do you really need another reason?

Put those headphones on and go live that Rudimental music life right here for the full We the Generation experience. Go. 






5 Reasons Why You Should Be Gettin’ Down to Havana Brown

Her name is Havana…and she wants to know if you have a big music banana. 

While there may be quite a few of you out there who are smitten by Havana Brown‘s slick stack of disco whirled ditties, there are indeed quite a few who just don’t how absolutely delicious they are. Lucky for you guys, Philly Mixtape has been in a trance by this steamy groove goddess for quite some time, so now it’s time for everybody to be gettin’ down to Havana Brown…and here are 5 reasons why. 

1.She’s a sexy disco diva from down under…

While there’s nothing quite satisfying than the soul-searching music provided by our English Breakfast music tea sipping divas like Adele, Emeli Sande and Madonna, sometimes we need the beats provided by a sassy disco diva from down under like Kylie Minogue and Ms. Brown. Not only does Havana have that Aussie accent that will get you every time, much like Kylie, she’s blessed with legs and looks for days which certainly get the sassy job done. 

2.Because you should always respect the DJ….

During her beginning days of music life, Brown gravitated toward the DJs at the clubs (who wouldn’t?) and quickly learned how to master the tables through a friend. After music word got out of her vinyl abilities, she was soon spinning at clubs across Australia. But her big break came in 2008 when Hennessey company saw her talents and sent her across the globe, which led her to touring with the Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga, opening their shows with a DJ set.

It was that same year that she signed with Universal and released a buffet of mix compilations, which led her to her first album, When The Lights Go Out, which brought “We Run the Night,” and another shining wonder from down under, “Spread A Little Love.” 

And remember to always respect the DJ..especially if her name is Havana Brown. 

3.Her grooves are pure pop-disco confections…..

While “We Run the Night” is pure dance floor fire, that’s just a small part of Havana’s jar of strobe-lit goodies. She shines on her latest synth-heavy ballad, “Battle Cry,” and also on this year’s blazing, “Bullet Blowz.” Other tracks “”Warrior,” “You’ll Be Mine” and “Better Not Said” certainly prove that she’s certainly got the grooves to make you move.

But if you really want to head straight into the after hours part of the evening, slip into something comfortable and unzip “Flashing Lights,” a shimmering romp of a good time that will leave you breathless and wanting more Ms. Havana. Lace up those skates to it below…you’ll be glad you did. 

4.Because she wrote a song called “Big Banana”…

Now, what’s not to love about a big ol’ banana? They’re delicious in the summertime and you can eat them any time of the day! Ms. Brown knew exactly that so she teamed up with DJ R3hab to unwrap “Big Banana,” a steamy dance ditty that  became a Viagra-sized hit all over the music globe. And while the original is a bedroom ready good time, legendary DJ Dave Aude took it and turned it into an even, um, bigger “Banana.” One listen to this remix and you will be heading straight to the music produce aisle to peel back every layer of Ms. Havana’s delicious disco fruit.

5.Because of THIS video…..

Late last year, Brown released the ferocious, “BaBing,” a destructive dance track that was co-written by another overseas dance diva, Ms. Luciana. While the banger was just served up as just a buzz single, the Aussie DJ delivered a growling and snarling black-and-white video complete with a buffet of beefcake, Ms. Brown’s Doberman Pinscher (whose name is in fact, BaBing,), and lots of leather-and-laced up in-your-face imagery for days.

If you’re still not convinced you should be gettin’ down to Ms. Havana Brown, jump into the wild “BaBing” clip below and see why it was Philly Mixtape’s favorite video of 2014. Go.