8 Essential MØ Grooves

If you haven’t heard “Lean On,” the bangin’ banger by Major Lazer and DJ Snake, then you need to stop what you’re doing and get lost in the music. The delicious ditty grooves and wraps around you, but it’s not because of it’s infectious, yet ever so slightly slowed-down beat, but by the gripping vocals of Danish singer, MØ . Who is she? Where did she come from?! You guys are about to find out in today’s 8 essential tracks….

MØ and her friend, Josefine Struckmann, formed the punk duo MOR in 2007. They released two albums before disbanding in 2012. MØ has stated in interviews that one of her biggest role models was Kim Gordon of iconic ’90s rock group, Sonic Youth. MOR, though a bit amateurish, was a start to where her career would lead. MØ soon started working with producer Ronni Vindahl from Copenhagen, transforming herself into a more sultry and pop diva. Her single “Pilgrim” reached #11 on Danish single charts. Here is a super sexy performance of it for ‘Vogue.’

2013 was a big year for MØ. She performed for the first time on television at the P3 Danish Guld Awards and released another big single “Waste Of Time.” This song hits deeper than deep and really brings her voice and sound to the forefront. THIS is the artist known as MØ…

2013 also marked collaborations. MØ was featured on lead single, “Dear Boy,” off of Avicci’s debut, ‘True,’ under her real name, Karen Marie Ørsted. It was a harder synth pop track for her, but one that would propel her for future collaborations. 

Her last single to release in 2013, “Don’t Wanna Dance,” became Zane Lowe’s hottest record on the BBC. It showed MØ as a bad mothaf***a with an ass-shaking groove.

2014 saw MØ coming into the spotlight across the globe. Iggy Azalea’s single, “Beg For It,” featured her on vocals, which went on to be become a moderate hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. MØ also released her debut, “No Mythologies To Follow,’ in 2014. It would contain all her previous singles as well as new one with Diplo titled “XXX 88.”

“Lean On” wasn’t the first time MØ collaborated with Major Lazer. “All My Love” was co-written by her with Ariana Grande on vocals. The track was featured on the Hunger Games soundtrack. Nothing much to say about this track other than it was a primitive design for what would be to follow on ML’s and MØ’s next collaboration. Let it pop you off…

MØ just knows how to jazz it up and sing you to sleep as well….like she does on this chill rewerk of the Spice Girls smash single, “Say You’ll Be There.” 

Then there is THIS….”Lean On,” her latest collaboration with Major Lazer. After one listen, you won’t be asking who MØ is anymore. 




8 Essential Tunes by The Cranberries

I know I can speak for ALL of my ’90s kids out there when I say that I don’t know how I would’ve ever survived those awkward teenage years without the luscious light rock tunes provided by Limerick based rock group, The Cranberries. For over two decades, lead singer Dolores O’Riordan and her Jameson swigging bandmates delivered some of the most blissful light rock tunes that ever graced our headphones. While they may not be as mainstream as they once were, their extensive music catalog will remain timeless and classic. We could sit here all day and get lost in the Cranberries music vault, so to save some of your St. Patrick’s Day drinking time, I went ahead and picked out 8 essential tunes by Dolores and her gang that truly represent who they were…a classic ’90s rock group. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s time to get lost in the Mixtape with Ms. O’Riordin and the Cranberries.


This light, frothy tune is the one that started it all for Ms. Dolores and her Irish music gang. This one will be lingering in our headphones for all music eternity.


One of the group’s more underrated tracks….except for any ’90s T.V. show in which it was played repeatedly..


A personal favorite from their ’93 debut…’Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?’


In ’94, there was no other track that got stuck in your head like this juiced up Cranberries classic…

“Ode to My Family”

Grab the Kleenex and hug your mom to this one….

“Ridiculous Thoughts”

Twister. That’s all.


Another amped up Cranberries classic….


One of their last big hits….in Ireland. Over here, this blissful number didn’t fare so well…and we can’t figure out why.



8 Essential Pure/Celtic Grooves

Ahhhh…yes, spring is finally in the air. This weekend is officially the last weekend of winter, and now starts the time when the flowers start to bloom and the air will feel refreshing and brand new. This weekend is also St. Patrick’s Day weekend, so I can’t think of a better time to let loose a playlist that will chill you out all spring long…..and cure your impending Irish hangover all at the same time.You guys might remember a zenned out compilation series called ‘Pure Moods’ and ‘Celtic Moods?’ Philly Mixtape certainly does, so we went in and did some music yoga today with this eight Enya-licious tracks that are perfect as we begin our spring music lotus transformation. All we can say is….Enigma 4 lyfe.

Delerium/Sarah McLachlan/”Silence” (Airscape remix)

Long before she was fucking up our day by appearing in those ASPCA commercials, Ms. Sarah was quite a music force to be reckoned with, even appearing on some explosive club hits. While the original of this track has its music blinds drawn (it was on Pure Moods Vol 2.), Airscape took it to a magnificent new level, creating one of the most memorable remixes of the early ’00s.

Enigma/”Return to Innocence”

Perhaps the inspiration for the ‘Pure Moods’ series, Enigma’s mellow tune is not only a top ten charting hit, but it…just…gives… We have to wonder, where the hell is Enigma now?

Enya/”Orinoco Flow”

A world without Enya is like….music with no sound.


Mike Oldfield/”Tubular Bells”

Because it’s the one you remember the most from the ‘Pure Moods’ commercial…..It was also the theme for ‘The Exorcist.’ Happy Friday the 13th!


DJ Dado/’X Files Theme’

Now, we know that the ‘Pure Moods’ was supposed to chill us out, but how did a creepy ass dance tune from a weird show about aliens do that? Even listening to it now, I still think Mulder and Scully are about to show up…with flashlights….that is of course until the dance break kicks in.


Not only does this track represent ALL of what ‘Pure Moods’ was about, but it’s the best single from forgotten about electric wizard, Moby. Pure music bliss….

Celtic Woman

So many celtic women to choose from, so why not take some time to get lost in this incredible performance. While yes, St. Patty’s Day is a day for a few hundred green cocktails, but your holiday just isn’t complete without the flowing grooves of some Ireland representing chanteuses.

Enigma/”Sadness(Part 1)”

This video is still just as haunting as it was back then. Seriously, where is Enigma? Sigh….dis-moi….