Beverly Hills, 90210 Groove of the Day/Jeremy Jordan/”The Right Kind of Love”

What do now defunct teen magazines BOP, Teen Beat and 16 all have in common?

At one time in the early ’90s, they all featured singer and actor Jeremy Jordan who made us all swoon back-in-the-day with his top 5 Beverly Hills 90210 smash, “The Right Kind Of Love.” A sensual mix of pop and R&B, Mr. Jordan’s “Love” had all of us patiently waiting until those coveted 90210 end credits rolled out so we could catch a glimpse of his oh, so tantalizing tune’s accompanying video that simply rocked our Brenda Walsh worlds. 

But besides being an, um, esteemed singer, Mr. Jordan also had quite the impressive acting resume, appearing on shows like Ellen and The Drew Carey Show, as well as small roles in beloved ’90s films, Bio-Dome and Never Been Kissed. But these days? Well, no one really knows what happened to him and his budding career, but for a music moment in time, we all lived that Jeremy Jordan life–and some of you just might still do today. 

Your secret is safe with me. 



Beverly Hills, 90210 Groove of the Day/Cathy Dennis/”Why”

It’s time to dance with Ms. Dennis….

One of the best elements of the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack is that it still contains quite a memorable mix of music genres–pop, R&B, ballads, Paula Abdul. Another genre that shimmers throughout is just a touch of deep house that’s provided on the upbeat banger “Why” from everyone’s favorite ’90s dance goddess, Ms. Cathy Dennis

For those that may not know (and you should.), Ms. Dennis first strutted alongside D-Mob on the top ten hit, “C’mon And Get My Love,” a fun, frothy number that perfectly compliments Dennis’ dance ready vocals. She then went on to launch a successful solo career that blessed us with classic dance ditties like her retelling of Fonda Rae‘s boogie classic, “Touch Me,” as well as owned hits, “Just Another Dream,” “You Lied To Me,” “Why” and “Irresistible,” all of which have put the lovely Ms. Dennis into our dance music hearts forever. 

But the best part of “Why” besides being featured on the classic soundtrack, is that the shimmering serenade is also on Cathy’s scrumptious(and vastly overlooked) ’92 Into The Skyline set, which is nothing short of a dance music love affair complete with cheeky vocals and all of the ’90s house music sass you can handle on a throwback Thursday. 

Hit the floor with Cathy’s 90210 contribution below and then head straight into her shimmering Skyline…you’ll be glad you did.