15 Angst-y Grooves for Your Valentine’s Day Shadin’ Soul

So, how many of you out there remember the life rearranging Chicken Soup for the Soul books series?

Basically……everyone and their Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul readin’ motha’….right, Mom

The highly regarded self-help collections are not only delightfully (and sometimes…tearfully) consumed with inspirational life truth about ordinary people’s lives dealing with this f@#king thing called life itself, the ups and downs of love, pets and those damn teenagers, but it proved that as human beings…..we all go through it and we all have a story to spill about…something.  

Much like there are words for every emotion and feeling, there’s also a grand groove for,well, all of it as well. So, what better way to serve out Philly Mixtape‘s new Chicken Soup for the Soul based bi-weekly strictly music column other than on Valentine’s Day

While today is indeed a celebrated day full of fancy eatin,’ tender lovin,’ and between-the-sheets baby makin'(right, Adina Howard, Keith Sweat and SWV…yes), it’s also regarded as National Singles Awareness Day! So, whether you’re deeply in love with someone or deeply in love with your damn self, as long as you’re feeling some kind of love filled way today, sexy Cupid will most likely be squeezin’ that ass Gaga style. 

But what about all of those who maybe be spending their first Valentine’s Day after ending a long-term relationship or messy divorce with (eek!!) no pre-nup? Of course, there’s those broken-hearted souls who still can’t believe they you for her/him and there was no pre-nup and you’re really, really angry and you just want to blast……

……….some angst-y rhythms from Kelly Clarkson, Courtney Love, Beyoncé, Eamon, Alanis, Shirley Manson, Madonna (“bitch”), Method Man, Carrie Underwood, and of course, Nazareth (’cause can love can really, really fucking hurt sometimes) as loud as you possibly can in hopes that it will take all of the pain away. 

Guess what? It most likely will because if there’s one element out there that gets us ( more than anybody, it’s that dear, sweet music.  And to all of those out there going through it today because of them(!!!!), you got this….just remember…you’re never alone when you’ve got those grooves. 

Now, let’s get angst-y and tell Cupid to f@#k off, shall we? Always

Garbage/”Vow” Like Joan of Arc coming back for more…you still betta preach that mid ’90 angst, Ms. Shirley Manson..forever. 

Rihanna/”Breakin’ Dishes”  All night…uh huh. 

Alanis Morrisette/”You Oughta Know” Right, Uncle Joey? 

Kelly Clarkson/”Since You’ve Been Gone” No kidding, Ms. Clarkson, no fucking kidding. 

Eamon/”Don’t Want You Back” Like, fucking ever. Bye, bitch. 

The Murmurs/”You Suck” First of all, The Murmurs…second of all…u suck, bye. 

Hole/”Miss World” For when the cookie dough runs out, there’s always a world missin’ mid ’90s Courtney Love to get us through…anything. 

Madonna/”Thief of Hearts” Bitch. No further statements. 

Method Man/D’Angelo/”Breakups 2 Makeups” Not that we shouldn’t sip-and-reminsce to this classic headboard board breaker every chance we get, actually, wait, that’s it.. we should. And if you haven’t gotten all up in this old school hip hop fire, take a puff and do NOT call that ex. 

 Nazareth/”Love Hurts”  Yes, it does…a$$ hole. 

Carrie Underwood/”Before He Cheats”  For the angst-y country diva inside of all of us, Ms. Carrie, baby…

Jackie O/”Before He Cheats”   For the angst-y dance floor diva inside of all of us, this Jackie O-ified rewire…..

Beyonce/”Ring the Alarm” Smash that alarm, gurl, it’s yours for the ringin’…they deserve it. 

“XXXtina”/”I Hate Boys”  Especially clueless ones who are ugly on the inside…you are permanently dismissed because we’re too busy moving on and pumping out our angst on the Bionic dance floor with Ms. Aguilera and this boy hatin’ beat. #fadedegoslittled!cks 

PCD/”I Don’t Need a Man” Right, Ms. Nicole and those other girls? Hmm..hmmmm….

For much more lovely shenanigans like this and beyond, break some headboard beats right here and here with Philly Mixtape….and let’s all work together and without personal shade or judgement please. It’s the only shit’s ever going to get done…like, fucking ever. 

Cover photo courtesy of 1994 


Forgot About Friday/Arrested Development

To all of the ’90s kids out there….close your eyes for a forgotten about music moment in time. 

Now, imagine a world without the vibes and beats of Arrested Development‘s Grammy winning album, 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of… laced throughout it and spreading the life that it did when it took over our Sony Walkmans nearly a quarter-of-a-century (!!) ago. 

We just can’t do it. 

Oh, and a game of horseshoes down by the peach tree, anyone? Always.

The music brainchild of rap vocalist Todd Thomas (“Speech”) and beat master Timothy Barnwell (“Headliner”), Arrested Development first formed in Atlanta in 1988 along with members Dionne Farris (“I Know,” right?), Montsho Eshe, Baba Oje, One Love, Tasha Larae, Rasadon, JJ Boogie and Aerle Taree. 

Bulldozing onto the Billboard charts with their pulsating and powerful lead single, “Tennessee,” the still truly one-of-a-kind group instantly became regarded for their soulful rhymes and Southern fried beats, which were abundantly crisp and clear in any one of their follow-up singles including “Mr. Wendal” and their groovy rewire of the Sly & the Family Stone classic, “Everyday People,” which they musically crafted into “People Everyday.” Genius. 

It also never hurts to mention that Arrested Development also gained recognition from Grammy voters in 1993 when they would take home two trophies-one Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for “Tennessee” and the coveted Best New Artist honor. Yeah, it was like that…and it still most certainly is when it comes to that classic AD funkdafied flair and sound. 

Also during their early ’90s reign, Arrested Development also caught the attention of famed (and currently Oscar nominated) director Spike Lee to add a song to his then upcoming, little known film, Malcolm X. The group took Mr. Lee’s offer and of course, vibe-d with it, recording the thunderous single, “Revolution,” which appearers on the oldies (but goodies!) dominated accompanying soundtrack. 

However, much like what happens with most Best New Artist winners(by the way, hey there, Paula Cole, Shawn Colvin and Marc Cohn), Arrested Development’s music struggle certainly became a little too post-Grammy real with their 1994 sophomore set, Zingalamaduni. Besides the moderate chart success of lead single, “Ease My Mind,” the album wasn’t as well received on the charts as its predecessor, which would eventually lead the group to part ways a few years later in 1996 due to “creative differences.”

However, putting their differences aside in the late ’00s, the group reformed and continued to tour overseas, eventually releasing released their 10th (!) and final album Standing At The Crossroads in 2012. Recorded while touring internationally, the album also coincided with the 20th anniversary of their debut for which the group embarked on an official worldwide tour to celebrate. They also kept the good vibes and beats flowing just last year with the release of “Craft and Optics,” which indeed proves that Arrested Development hasn’t lost a bit even two decades later. 

Not that they ever would, because when it came to this group, they’ll always be in a groovy, life-filled music class of their very own, and it’s something no ’90s kid or beyond should ever forget. 

For many, many more delightful memories along this here music way, play a game of horseshoes with Philly Mixtape right here and here

Arrested Development cover photo courtesy of SPIN



Forgot About Friday/Donna Lewis

Feels like…..

……the raspy-yet-oh,so-angelic voice of the late ’90s wonder that will always be raptured in Donna Lewis never left us whenever we press aaah on her life-defying Billboard chart owning smash, “I Love You Always Forever.” 

And that keyboard owned middle breakdown? Bitch still betta werk our CD Maxi-Single‘d existences. 

Sorry, there’s just no sugar-coating it when it comes to a full year of forgotten about music memories that still take over our lives….much like the memories of Ms. Donna still indeed do. 

So, let’s begin to serve out the 2019 Forgot About Friday music truth, shall we? And this year’s journey (let’s face it, the list is already complete…right, Tweet, Ft. Minor, Akon, and Ms. Sophie B Hawkins?) all begins with a late ’90s rasp that we all fell in love with and will never forget. 

Born in Cardiff, Wales, Ms. Lewis was not only gifted with that voice, but with a strong musical background as her jazz pianist father got her into taking piano lessons at age six. While in high school, Lewis further owned her craft, giving her try-and succeeding in–writing a pop tune or twelve. Soon, the future soul snatching diva would earn her music degree from the Welsh College of Music and Drama, where had majored in classical composition for piano and flute. 

Just think…that is all most likely where that fabulous “Forever” breakdown got its first pearl clutching notes…yes

But of course, it was that voice again that sparked everyone’s heartbeats-and-eardums, and by the late ’90s, the future “Love” owner developed a loyal fan base and begun recording demos of her songs in her home studio. It wasn’t long before a demo of “I Love You Always Forever” caught the upright attention of Atlantic Records chairman Doug Morris, who purportedly flew Lewis to New York for an audition and quickly signed her to the label…and the rest is pure Now in a Minute history. 

Catapulting right into our late-summer–of-’96 lives (you remember), Lewis’ lead single was a Billboard bulldozing number two smash, where it would go on to spend nine weeks in the runner-up position.

So, what other monster single was keeping Donna from the top, you ask? A little dance ditty diva named “Macarena.” Oh, the ’90s…what bliss. 

But still….we lived for “Love,” and Minute album sales only further continued to rise when the equally dreamy, “Without Love” stormed the charts, eventually landing at number twenty-four. 

And let’s not leave out Lewis’ heavenly single release the following year, ‘”At the Beginning,” which was not just inspired by the Disney classic, Anastasia, but featured the one, the only, Mr. Richard Marx….priceless. 

And the moment when Donna Lewis met Donna Martin on a very, very special episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, well, it may be second to Color Me Badd as being one of the best television episodes of all time. Take a seat, Friends…because this 90210 montage is speaking. 

Of course, the late ’90s were nothing like they actually seemed, and Lewis had a bit of a struggle with the charts when her follow-up record, 1998’s Blue Planet, wasn’t the sophomore success (electronica, though?) any of us were hoping for. Although the single, “Love Him ” did turn out to be a moderate Billboard dance hit, but soon, all of us came to realize that we forgot about Donna….nah, never. 

The ’90s pop goddess did serve out a handful of records in the early ’00s, but none could ever take her back to the lightning-in-a-bottle that was instilled in her debut record, Now in a Minute, and its still ridiculously heavenly lead offering, “I Love You Always Forever.” 

And it’s a music memory that we’ll all love always and forever, and one we shall never, ever forget. 

Cover photo courtesy of the still epic video for “I Love You Always Forever” 

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