• Groove of the Evening/MC Lyte/”Ice Cream Dream”

    The time we’ve all been waiting for is here….happy Summer 2017!  Of course, with that fine calendar display will come lots of beach time, bikini-and-stillettos sets, Baby Gap speedos, sunburns, fabulous vacations, umbrella laced cocktails and of course…lots and lots of tasty grooves, both new and classic to go along with all of the sun-kissed

  • Groove of the Weekend/Jennifer Lopez/Big Pun/Fat Joe/”Feelin’ So Good”

    While there are many burning questions we all may have closing out the first week of April like….will the Phillies take it all the way to the World Series this year after this week’s opening kick off, err, tee off, err, sports games? Just how much Aqua Net will Ms. Brittany Lynn go through during

  • Groove of the Day/Gabrielle/”Dreams’

    There’s truly nothing to say except that a little bit of “Dreams” on a Monday is always a good idea, especially when they’re musically provided by the one-and-only, Ms. Gabrielle.  And you, of course. Now, groove and dream on…because you must if you want to get a tad bit closer to the truth in this

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