• Track-by-Track Truth/LION BABE/’Begin’

    TweetA funky New York City-based duo with a knack for mixing neo-soul with a slightly retro R&B feel, LION BABE is made up of vocalist Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman. After linking up at a party, Hervey–the daughter of Ms.,Vanessa Williams, by the way–overheard tracks Goodman, aka Astro Raw, was laying out and soon

  • Track-by-Track Truth/David Bowie/’Blackstar’

    TweetBefore we get lost in the gone-too-soon artistic brilliance that’s all wrapped up in David Bowie’s twenty-seventh and final studio album, Blackstar, you need to know that the record was actually never intended to be his music farewell. Earlier this week, Rolling Stone spilled music tea with Bowie’s pal and long time collaborator (and Philly

  • Track-by-Track Truth/Ellie Goulding/’Delirium’

    TweetAt this point in the year, it’s a safe bet to say that it’s been a diva’s werk out there–Janet!, Missy! Adele! Taylor! Ariana! So, many divas, really, so little time to sort them out until the next chanteuse comes along with a pop music manifesto to own our music hearts, much like Ellie Goulding has

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