Groove of the Day/Anjulie/”Brand New Bitch”

Whether she’s serving us all kinds of sass on her hits “Boom,” “You and I,” “Dragonflies” and today’s Monday/life ready anthem, “Brand New Bitch” or penning tracks for Nicki Minaj, Kelly Clarkson and Emma Roberts (yes, that Emma Roberts), Canadian songstress Anjulie has indeed proved herself to be that bitch in the music industry. 

While she hasn’t broken onto mainstream chart territory quite as she has in her native homeland, her songs always find their way to getting wildly remixed (the Bimbo Jones rewerk of “Boom” will also give the start of your week new life) and groove their way straight to the top of the Billboard Dance Charts. Lucky for us, “Brand New Bitch” (which is also her biggest in Canada) is already pumped full of life, complete with a crunchy dance pop groove underneath those on-point and truly one-of-a-kind vocals that take the banger to a whole new kind of f#$k off level. 

So, whatever you need to do to feel like a “Brand New Bitch” for the start of your week and beyond, let Anjulie’s ignited floor romp help get you there. 

Now, dance.