5 Reasons Why You Should Be Kissing Annie Lennox’s Music Ring

For nearly four decades, divine diva Annie Lennox has not only been a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, but she also has proven to show amazing poise, grace and dignity during her time rocking our worlds. In a recent overseas march for International Women’s Day, the singer showed even more class, as she was very vocal about how there was still a lot of fight left for women’s rights, and she would continue on to spread the message even further. Really, what a gal. In fact, reading about her recent ventures, it got me puckering and kissing the overseas diva’s music ring even more than I did before, and you guys should be, too. Today, Philly Mixtape came up with 5 reasons why in fact, we should all be lip smacking to the music brass worn by the one-and-only, Ms. Lennox. Get lost in my convincing case below.

1.She had the best performance at this year’s Grammy awards….

It’s no secret that the performances at this year’s Grammy awards were kind of “ugh,” but when Ms. Lennox performed alongside “Take Me To Church” crooner, Hozier, that’s when things took a rousing turn. Annie and Mr. H stole the show that night with their haunting musical pairing, but Ms. Annie absolutely killed it when she took a solo turn on a rewire of “I Put a Spell On You” off of her ‘Nostalgia’ album. The performance was critically praised, and also gained Annie some new fans, as sales of her latest set spiked a whopping 500 percent the following week. Pass the chapstick, please.

2.Her group, The Eurythmics, were the pinnacle of ’80s music…

If there was ever a music group that simply just brought it to ’80s radio, it was certainly Annie alongside David A. Stewart, as the two formed super group, The Eurythmics. For pretty much the entire decade, Lennox and Stewart delivered hit-after-hit in tracks like, “Here Comes The Rain Again,” “Would I Like To You?” “Love Is A Stranger” and most famously, ‘Sweet Dreams(Are Made Of This)” Music truth be told, there will never be quite a synth-fully delicious duo who will bring the killer material that Annie and David did back then. If you guys aren’t too familiar with this dynamic duo, I suggest you go to music school right now and get lost in their tantalizing tunes.

3.Her solo material is incredible…

In the early ’90s, Ms. Annie decided to take a risk and head out for her own solo venture. The risk certainly paid off, as the songbird delivered a handful of hit solo records and singles, creating a very impressive catalog of her own work. Her hits,  “Little Bird,” “Why,” “Walking On Broken Glass,” “Precious’ and “Sing” are all masterpieces. And I don’t know about you guys, but every time I hear “No More I Love You’s,” I break down and wonder why Nicki Minaj just HAD to sample it for her song, “Your Love.” Sigh…Annie’s original will musically always be where it’s at.


4.She feels she doesn’t belong in the music industry…

In a recent interview with ABC radio, Annie dished on her ‘Nostalgia’ set and also on how she has always felt like an outsider to what makes her happy-and it has nothing to do with recording music. “I think if it came down to lack of happiness versus lots of success, I think I’d rathe be happy, really,”says the singer, “I mean, I’m talking about a place in one’s life where you feel solid and not coming from a place of, you know, trauma, or disturbance basically, of course, many creative artists have been inspired by the dark side, the shadow self, I certainly would put my hands up to that.” She also said that she always feels outcast-ish, telling Vogue magazine that if she were ever to stop signing, she would have no idea what she would be doing. “I don’t know,” says the starlet, “I don’t belong anywhere. I don’t belong in the music industry. I’m an outsider.” Words spoken like a true, humble diva. Pucker up.

5.These inspirational words….

Enough said. Kiss, kiss.