2016 Groove of the Day/Ariana Grande/”Into You”

If there’s one diva out there whose had quite a fabulous year (besides you, of course), it’s certainly Ms. Ariana-if-you’re-Grande.

Kicking off 2016, the Dangerous Woman served us life with the slinky, sexy title track to her Billboard chart owning album of the same name. The diva-in-training’s third studio effort was met with glowing reviews as well as a handful of smash singles (although no number one yet…sigh), including current hit, “Side to Side” with Ms. Nicki and today’s 2016 groove, the pop music wonderland that was the album’s second single, “Into You,” which is without a doubt one of the best singles of the year.

Produced by Max Martin (naturally), the synth-fully delicious banger is stacked like Pringles with plenty of Grande gusto, which was evident in the cotton candy coated accompanying music video which featured our girl in a scan-duh-lus situation with two handsome gentlemen along with a new hairstyle that wasn’t that tired ass ponytail. Bliss. 

But if there’s one moment we’ll never forget about the 2016 era of Ari (besides, well, everything..maybe even Hairspray ), it was her SNL takeover this past March where she simply played and slayed it all. Whether it was her brilliant impressions turn (Celine..Whitney..RiRi…yas) as Tidal intern Chloe;a spot on J.Law impression (she’s a regular person..) or when she struck all those poses vogueing alongside her sleek back up dancers for a performance of Woman ditty, “Be Alright”(next single, please), it all just werked, bish.

And we were certainly into all of what Mizz Grande had to offer in 2016 and it looks like we’ll be for a very long time. 

Even if Mariah doesn’t know her either. 



Groove of the Day/Ariana Grande/”Be Alright”

Starting things off, I would like to send some Veterans Day love to all of the oh, so brave women and men (and service animals, too!) out there who’ve fought so fucking hard for our country. Your services will no doubt continue to shine a light of freedom down for us all. Thank you.

Second, happy Friday to everyone. And guess what, kids? We survived this week and something personally tells me we’re going to survive every week from here on out. Because if there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that when times get tough, we are stronger when we put aside the shade, the hoops holdin’ and the wig snatchin’ to  come together as one on the dance floor of life. 

I also believe that the almighty power of music also helps anyone get through anything, which is why I can assure you that Philly Mixtape will be serving it up for any of you kids out there who could use an escape into the music, entertainment and business wild every once in awhile….which is like……all of us. 

With that being said, let’s press play on Ms. Ariana Grande’s deep house driven ditty, “Be Alright,” because I know that there are many of you (myself included) out there who may not see it that way now, but indeed things are going to be alright, bitch… long as we have that music to get us by. 

Now, groove. 



Groove of the Day/Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj/”Side to Side”

Out of all the things we truly came to terms with this summer–Trump really did that say that s#$t and Ryan Lochte is really a board certified..dumbass–one thing we also realized is that Ms. Ariana Grande is certainly not living that Nickelodeon feud life anymore because she’s, like, a grown up pop star, now, you guys! 

Gently gliding miles away from last summer’s pesky donut licking, um, scandal, our favorite window shattering songstress first served us life at the top of the season with the release of her slinky, scandalous third record Dangerous Woman. (which followed a now classic romp on SNL…please come back, girl). Although the album landed in the runner-up position its first week out, the ravenous record continued to dominate the top twenty of the Billboard 200 album chart all summer long, thanks to its slinky title track, followed by the release of the thunderous “Into You,” which was paired perfectly with a cotton candy coated video in which she finally Yas, Frankie Grande kween. 

But perhaps its the way she’s closing out of the sexy season is what makes the former Sam & Cat star the queen of all things summer music (no shade, Britney…we all also know Bey now that you’re in a class all of your own) by serving us Labor Day life with the video for the third single release (we’ll get there soon, “Be Alright”) from Woman, the reggae-ed up,  “Side to Side.”

The Jane Fonda/”Anaconda” flavored video and single (and according to The Cut, it’s about what you think it’s about), also co-stars Ari’s “Bang Bang” bestie, Nicki Minaj, who stops by for a little neon ignited sauna action and a little tea spilling with her girl, Mizz Grande. 

While we don’t know if “Side to Side” will finally give Ariana that number one single she deserves at this point (girlfriend works really, really hard), what we can do is jazzercise it up to her eye-popping latest visual, which in turn will help you forget all about that performance of it at this past weekend’s VMAs. Enough said. 

Well, that and those heels and those live pipes on an exercise bike on live T.V. is never a good idea. Never. 

Then of course, there’s this….

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