Weekend Kickstarter Groove/Reba McEntire/”Fancy”/Audio Assembly Main Mix

Sadly, our country divas week has come to a close, but not before we serve up the fanciest country/diva kickstarter groove of them ALL! Many of you may be familiar with Reba McEntire’s “Fancy” – one of the flame-haired country goddess’ signature tunes. Now, what you may not be too familiar with is the firestorm of a remix that was was crafted up by local music production trio, Audio Assembly.

Just to musically school you guys real quick, Audio Assembly is made up of NYC DJs Billy Waters, John Micahel (Di Spirito), and Joel Dickinson. In only a few shorts years of making music together, the trio has rewerked some of the biggest names in the biz including Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, and the incomparable Whitney Houston (as they rewired the late diva’s classic late-’90s tune, “My Love Is Your Love” to glowing results). In fact, If you want to get lost in Audio Assembly’s Whitney music truth, you should go right here.

They are perhaps most well-known – and for good reason – for their remix of Reba’s classic country hit.  It will absolutely have you kickin’ up your music spurs once that beat drops as you forget all about the week and dive headfirst into the haystack this weekend (and beyond ..!)

Thank you for another great week, everyone! And now, we get our “Fancy” on – courtesy of the dynamic trio Audio Assembly.