5 Reasons Why You Should Be Gettin’ Down to Havana Brown

Her name is Havana…and she wants to know if you have a big music banana. 

While there may be quite a few of you out there who are smitten by Havana Brown‘s slick stack of disco whirled ditties, there are indeed quite a few who just don’t how absolutely delicious they are. Lucky for you guys, Philly Mixtape has been in a trance by this steamy groove goddess for quite some time, so now it’s time for everybody to be gettin’ down to Havana Brown…and here are 5 reasons why. 

1.She’s a sexy disco diva from down under…

While there’s nothing quite satisfying than the soul-searching music provided by our English Breakfast music tea sipping divas like Adele, Emeli Sande and Madonna, sometimes we need the beats provided by a sassy disco diva from down under like Kylie Minogue and Ms. Brown. Not only does Havana have that Aussie accent that will get you every time, much like Kylie, she’s blessed with legs and looks for days which certainly get the sassy job done. 

2.Because you should always respect the DJ….

During her beginning days of music life, Brown gravitated toward the DJs at the clubs (who wouldn’t?) and quickly learned how to master the tables through a friend. After music word got out of her vinyl abilities, she was soon spinning at clubs across Australia. But her big break came in 2008 when Hennessey company saw her talents and sent her across the globe, which led her to touring with the Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga, opening their shows with a DJ set.

It was that same year that she signed with Universal and released a buffet of mix compilations, which led her to her first album, When The Lights Go Out, which brought “We Run the Night,” and another shining wonder from down under, “Spread A Little Love.” 

And remember to always respect the DJ..especially if her name is Havana Brown. 

3.Her grooves are pure pop-disco confections…..

While “We Run the Night” is pure dance floor fire, that’s just a small part of Havana’s jar of strobe-lit goodies. She shines on her latest synth-heavy ballad, “Battle Cry,” and also on this year’s blazing, “Bullet Blowz.” Other tracks “”Warrior,” “You’ll Be Mine” and “Better Not Said” certainly prove that she’s certainly got the grooves to make you move.

But if you really want to head straight into the after hours part of the evening, slip into something comfortable and unzip “Flashing Lights,” a shimmering romp of a good time that will leave you breathless and wanting more Ms. Havana. Lace up those skates to it below…you’ll be glad you did. 

4.Because she wrote a song called “Big Banana”…

Now, what’s not to love about a big ol’ banana? They’re delicious in the summertime and you can eat them any time of the day! Ms. Brown knew exactly that so she teamed up with DJ R3hab to unwrap “Big Banana,” a steamy dance ditty that  became a Viagra-sized hit all over the music globe. And while the original is a bedroom ready good time, legendary DJ Dave Aude took it and turned it into an even, um, bigger “Banana.” One listen to this remix and you will be heading straight to the music produce aisle to peel back every layer of Ms. Havana’s delicious disco fruit.

5.Because of THIS video…..

Late last year, Brown released the ferocious, “BaBing,” a destructive dance track that was co-written by another overseas dance diva, Ms. Luciana. While the banger was just served up as just a buzz single, the Aussie DJ delivered a growling and snarling black-and-white video complete with a buffet of beefcake, Ms. Brown’s Doberman Pinscher (whose name is in fact, BaBing,), and lots of leather-and-laced up in-your-face imagery for days.

If you’re still not convinced you should be gettin’ down to Ms. Havana Brown, jump into the wild “BaBing” clip below and see why it was Philly Mixtape’s favorite video of 2014. Go. 




Philly Mixtape Music Tea w/ Empire of the Sun

With about an hour to go before their set on Sunday at Firefly Music Festival, Mixtape sat down with Luke Steele, brainchild of Empire of the Sun. We talked influences, the new tour, and taking over the new American dance culture. Judging by the reception of the huge crowd they drew…it looked like it was working.

PM- Your stage and costume design is an integral part of not only your shows but your music. Who puts it all together?

LS- My wife and I design everything with the help of Wonder and Piety. I wanted to keep imagination and adventure throughout this whole project. I’m addicted to vision, married to it really.

PM- How do you have the time to do all that and the music and perform?

LS- Your days are numbered. It’s about how little time you have to work with. We’re workaholics.

PM_YNOT Empire Of Sun4

PM- What are you doing different on this tour compared to your last?

LS- I’ve been fortunate enough to re-uite with some old friends of mine who are in Gomez. They are part of the band now. The last five years it’s been me building the shows including the sound effects, cues, etc. Having these guys in the band is refreshing and takes Empire to a whole other level.

PM- What artists are you truly inspired by these days?

LS- I just found this girl Hannah Diamond in the UK. Odesza. DJ Shadow. Chemical Brothers. All of those. I’ve always loved Ratatat. And I’m a big fan of that Brandon Flowers record. “Between Me and You” is one of those songs my wife and I like to put on at the end of the night. We dance. We cry.

PM_YNOT Empire Of Sun3

PM- What’s setting you apart this time to break through to American audiences?

LS-  We’re on a different track with Gomez, re-shuffling the whole road train. New stage, new visuals, new songs. It’s also being a part of this whole new dance culture of America that’s been so exciting.

Empire of the Sun ended up turning new fans into dedicated fans this past Sunday. It was arguably one of the most fun crowds I was a part of all weekend. Luke was a chill dude and we can’t wait to hang with him again whenever that new album drops…hint hint.

PM_YNOT Empire Of Sun