Music Tea w/ Singer/Songwriter Megan Burtt

Talented. Gorgeous. Strong.

Those are just a few of the words that Philly Mixtape can come up with to describe not only just the music of lovely singer/songwriter Megan Burtt, but also use them to describe the up-and-coming flame-haired chanteuse herself. 

Currently, the Colorado native and Berklee graduate is gearing up to release her second full-length album, The Bargain, which is set to hit headphones everywhere on August 25th. However, it hasn’t been an easy road for the singer as the recording process for The Bargain came with a price. In 2013, the sweet songstress contracted a serious illness that forced her to abandon plans in her music career and to seek treatment back home in Colorado. As Ms. Megan fought her way back to perfect health, she began writing songs to process and document the life-altering experience.

“The songs on this album are about my journey out of a health crisis, many of them dressed up in love songs… which all have something to do with that journey. The word “bargain” I find very provocative because as people we are constantly bargaining – making choices, deciding how and when and why we should show up to our lives. Every day, every dollar, every relationship, every journey feels like an exchange of something to someone, usually yourself,” Burtt explains.

Lucky for you guys, you will get to hear from Ms. Megan herself as she was kind enough to stop by Philly Mixtape for quite a festive music tea, where she spilled on her Berklee background, what kept her strong during recovery, and she also comes up with the one word that describes her unique, soulful artistic sound. 

Take a seat at the music tea party table with the lovely Megan Burtt below. 

PM-Kicking our spillage off, tell everyone how you got your start in this crazy music business…

MB-I suppose by default. It unfortunately comes with the territory of wanting to share your music with the world.

PM-Now, you got your music study on at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston. What was that experience like for you?

MB-Oh, Berklee. I wanted to be as far away from home as I could, so Boston was a nice coincidence. It’s an interesting place! I’m forever grateful for the friendships and relationships I made while I was there – I really attribute any success I’ve had to the network I gained there. It’s one of those places where you really decide if music is something you’re up for. I worked hard, I left with incredible drive and a lot of humility. Looking back I appreciate that I had the years to sink my teeth into songwriting. I think it was there that I really became a songwriter.

PM-You’ve also dealt with some unfortunate health issues along the music road. Care to tell everyone a little about that? How are you feeling these days?

MB-I feel great! It was a chapter in my life that’s really ended and what lingers from it is more what I learned about myself than anything negative or a physical hinderance that has kept me from chasing my dreams.

PM-What has made you so strong in your recovery?

MB-Gratitude. Learning to believe in my potential, and learning how to trust and show up for myself.

PM-Which music artists have inspired you over the years? 

MB-Lately I’ve been really trying to pay closer attention to creative production and records that sound really unique and undeniable. The new Emily King album is pretty slammin! 

PM-The one album you absolutely can’t live without is…

MB-D’Angelo/Black Messiah

PM-The one T.V. show you can’t live without is….

MB-My pop culture education is pretty pathetic.. I don’t know what I have one. I have a bit of a guilty pleasure for Orange Is The New Black.

PM-How about….your favorite song of the summer…

MB-It’s not new, but new to me-“Light Hits The Room” Laura Marling has been on heavy rotation in my life lately.

PM-Describe your sound in one word…


PM-One last broken tea mug. What words of wisdom would you give to someone who right now decided to sign up in the music business?

MB-Recognize that you’re a small business and find a mentor who can help you run your music career like a business with a storefront.

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