Get To Know Singer/Songwriter BETS

From New York to L.A., singer/songwriter BETS is certainly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. For those who aren’t familiar with this dynamic diva, you most certainly should be. If her cheeky titled single, “Don’t Give A Fuck,” isn’t enough for you get involved, with its bouncy sway and indie-dance beat, then perhaps you should tune into the inspiring words as to where the tantalizing track derived from. Of the blazing banger, she states, “It’s about how you feel when you’re not worried about what everyone else thinks, when you don’t care an you’re not concerned. I feel like everything in life just flows when that happens. In fact, that’s when some of the best things happen, because you’re not getting in the way of it with all of your insecurities and fears.” We couldn’t agree more.

For much more music from BETS, you can check out her Soundcloud page right here, and be sure to dive into her soon-to-be released full-length studio set, “Days Hours Nights,” when it hits headphones everywhere later this year. In the meantime, revel in “Don’t Give A Fuck” below, but first get to know the sizzling chanteuse in a fun 5 questions round that she took time out to have with Philly Mixtape. Dive in!

PM-In five words or less, tell us your take on this year’s Grammys…

B-Didn’t watch, made music instead!

PM-Tomorrow is the three year anniversary of Whitney Houston’s untimely death. What is your favorite Ms. Houston song?

B-“My Love Is Your Love”

PM-Valentine’s Day is this weekend, what is your favorite love song of all time?

B-“Sea of Love” by Cat Power

PM-How about one album you can’t live without?

B-Lou Reed, ‘Transformer’

PM-Lastly, how would you describe your sound?


“Don’t Give A Fuck”