Grammy Performance of the Day/Beyoncé/Jay Z/”Drunk in Love”

What happens when you take Beyoncé, that hair, one lucky chair, and well, that was all we needed when it came to her 2014 show snatching opening performance of “Drunk in Love.”

Of course, lots of smoke, a few thousand spotlights and an on-point cameo from hubby Jay didn’t hurt, and you can’t help but wonder if this is the one they watched to get them in the mood for when it came time to make those recently announced twin babies.

Either way, werk all day with this show stopper and the world can’t wait to witness whatever Bey and the fam have in store for us during this Sunday’s Grammy festivities. 


2016 Groove of the Day/Beyoncé/”Formation”

If we were to spill 2016 tea about the many, many, many ways Queen Bey slayed our lives this year, we would simply be here all damn day.

Isn’t that right, Becky? 

Whether it was that HBO special which visually catered to the explosive numbers on her blockbuster Lemonade set, any one of the performances from her bulldozing stadium sized Formation World Tour (splash, splash, eh?) or one performance from this year’s VMA’s that Britney and the rest of the world will never forget, there’s no denying that Bey took 2016 and made it her Solange. 

But of there’s one moment from the year of Mizz Knowles that no one will ever forget (and I do mean ever…isn’t that right, Mom?) it’s that moment during the first week of FeBeyuary when the former Destiny’s Child diva unleashed (literally) the video for the behemoth single that was and always will be “Formation.” 

Getting the head start before her Super Bowl performance that following Sunday night with Bruno Mars and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex, “Formation” (that Mike Will Made It beat, though) was served up on Saturday night, Feb 1st and the rest of our lives were once again altered because of Bey.

Directed by the brilliant Melina Matsoukas (Ne-Yo “Closer,” Rihanna “Rude Boy), the now legendary video made stunning use of its New Orleans backdrop, gave us Big Freedia werk and featured lots and lots of Queen Bey giving us life with her looks for daze and those…dance….moves. Yas.

Naturally, the clip received mixed response for its alleged anti-police stance and (brilliant) depiction of today’s social angst, but either way, it all werked because not only did it help launch Beyoncé into a new Beyoncé era, but “Formation” is now nominated for three Grammy Awards next year including Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Music Video. 


Besides, with lyrics “I got hot sauce in my bag…swag,” how could you not want to get into complete life formation overtime Bey’s “Formation” twirls on? 

Slay. All day. Red Lobster for lyfe.

Cover photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

Let’s not forget about this…


Then of course, there’s this. 


7 Ways to Get (Even More) Woke for Beyoncé….Again

Just when you thought Beyoncé done stole your life when she destroyed Lincoln Financial Field with a stop on her box office crushing Formation World Tour….she’s about to do it again this Thursday night with round two. 

While one may never know what to expect when it comes to that live entertainment work provided by Blue Ivy’s momma, what we do know is that she covered all of  Lemonad(disclaimer–it’s actually not on the list because most you’re most likely listening to it right now) and some Destiny’s Child’s classics (and perhaps you got a little wet?), which certainly got the Philly crowd more than ready as evident in any one of the 875, 567 social media posts that were tossed out into the social media sphere during her last stop. 

While the weather this Thursday looks a little Becky-ish, that certainly shouldn’t stop you, your brother or your grandma from getting (even more) woke for Solange’s sister….again. So,who’s ready for some more of that Lincoln Financial Field jelly? There certainly seems to be a lot of it these days. 

Ready, set, Michelle Williams. 

1.Celebrate Bey’s B”Day… Pass the Bey-tox, because earlier this month, Beyoncé’s Dreamgirls anger inspired sophomore set, B’Day (“10..”)turned a decade old. Let’s face it, it’s miles away from the hardcore heat that the diva serves us with today, but at it’s very best, it’s an album full of laid back vocals on top of definitely 2006 beats provided by Rich Harrison, Swizz Beatz and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, who whirled out “B’Day’s lead single, “Deja Vu,” which co-starred B’s (“9..”) future husband, Jay z. 

If you’ll remember, this was also the beginning of the Yoncé Video Queen era, where it was with this set that Bey served us with an accompanying video for each of the tracks….sigh….all that “Get Me Bodied” choreo and of course, “Kitty Kat” is life. And while the record became a Grammy snatching success and eventually gave us a deluxe edition (hey there, “Beautiful Liar”) there’s truly only four words to describe B’Day to the fullest–The Beyonce Experience and “Irreemplazable.” 

2.Listen to this underrated DC banger…. Somewhere in between “No, No, No” Parts 1 &2 (yes) and the beginning of those infamous DC eliminations, the lovely R&B ladies jumped on the soundtrack train to record “Get On the Bus,” which was inspired by the movie Why Do Falls Fall In Love starring Halle Berry, Ms. Vivica A. Fox and Lorenz Tate as legendary ’50s rock-and-roll pioneer, Frankie Lymons. 

The thunderous track was produced by Timbaland in 1998, and just that phrase alone should tell you that you must listen to it right now. Get on that early DC bus, indeed. 

3.Watch the “Say My Name’ video…..Because you just have to see them all in action again….



5.Watch the video for “Girl” Because…life. 

6.Then there’s this…. Sorry, Britney….no shade. (this is the best I could do..MTV be strict, um, gurl). 

7.Now, slay trick. You know what happens…