10 Essential Notorious B.I.G./’Life After Death’ Jamz

By now, you guys know that as much as I absolutely love dishing on all of the current mainstream music and trends, there’s nothing I love better than diving deep into the Mixtape Music Vault and getting lost in THOSE timeless tracks. However, when it comes to getting lost in the music provided by the dearly departed Notorious B.I.G from his classic, ‘Life After Death’ album? Well, it’s like an out-of-mixtape experience. Really, there is no other album for me that not only represents my crazy high school years, but also represents a time when hip-hop was hip-hop. Let’s face it….they don’t make music joints like these anymore.

Just to familiarize you guys, ‘Life After Death’ was the second and final album from the Notorious B.I.G. Released on March 25th, 1997, just two weeks after his untimely death, this double-disc set was packed with krunk jam, effortless Biggie rhymes and a slew of high profile guest rappers and vocalists. From its explosive start to its dynamic finish, ‘Life’ was the pinnacle of what Biggie was all about…just letting it all flow. Normally, I would have picked out 8 essential tracks, but since this album is just…so…fucking..brilliant, I gave you guys a few extra today. Truly, albums like ‘Life After Death’ are the stuff that real “Throwback Thursday” dreams are made of. For those of you who may just be jumping into Biggie’s world….this is THE list for you. Get lost in the Biggie Mixtape below and relive this incredible album…


Biggie at his best….a classic. Take that, take that, take that…

“Ten Crack Commandments”


“Notorious Thugz” (ft. Bone Thugz N Harmony)

The ultimate cruising -with- the- windows -down -while- ridin- with- your -homies jam…let’s get high to this one.

“Sky’s the Limit” (ft. 112)

It sure is….especially when this joint is breaking the system. Dear 112, we miss you.

“Another” (ft. Lil’ Kim)

With Biggie and Kim on a track….how could it not be a classic?

“Fuck You Tonight” (ft. R. Kelly)

How many Biggie babies have you made to this one?

“Going Back to Cali”

Let’s go….

“Nasty Boy”

The only thing nasty about this track is its naughty flow….

“I Love The Dough” (ft. Jay-Z & Angela Winbush)


“Mo Money, Mo Problems” (ft. Puff Daddy & Ma$e)

Do we REALLY need to say anything about this timeless Biggie track?