10 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Britney at the Billboard Music Awards

Get ready….

In just 3 days, the legendary Ms. Britney Spears is about to do it again at the Billboard Music Awards when she makes us a slave for her when she opens this Sunday’s show with a medley of her greatest hits. If that’s not enough Godney love for you, the down home diva will also be receiving the Billboard Millennium Award, an honor that has only been given out to two other music artists in the past–Beyoncé and the dearly departed Whitney Houston. 

Besides Britney’s soon-to-be world stopping performance, according to show executive producer Mark Bracco, “The show is going to be filled with a lot of emotion.” A statement that may very well deem true as we’ll see Ms. Celine Dion performing on TV for the first time since the deaths of her husband of 21 years, René Angélil, and her brother, Daniel Dion, both to cancer and within two days of each other in January — and she has chosen a particularly poignant song for the occasion–Queen’s “The Show Must Go On.”  Pass the Kleenex, please. 

In addition to what’s sure to be Dion’s tear jerking moment, Madonna will be serving us with a touching (and highly publicized) Prince tribute, in which Bracco says will be “intimate” and that Madonna “…has been very involved in how it will be presented. It will be one of the emotional highlights of the show.” Another emotional highlight (literally) of the show?  “You don’t want to miss Pink,” spills Bracco, who told Billboard that the “Just Like Fire” diva is cooking up a top-secret performance of her Alice Through The Looking Glass tune that’s incredibly ambitious and she’s rehearsing it off-site for five days. “She has done incredible award performances — she has flown through the air, there have been acrobatics and fire — but it’s all going to come together in this performance.” We’re ready. 

We’ll also most certainly be ready for performances by Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony with Ty Dolla Sign, Troye Sivan, Meghan Trainor, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, Nick Jonas featuring Tove Lo, Rihanna and Demi Lovato, as well as the debut of Adele’s music video for “Send My Love (To Your New Lover).”  

But it is Ms. Spears who the world is most eagerly anticipating for this Sunday at 8PM on ABC (who’s counting?), meaning you should be highly prepared for the serving of Godney life that is sure to be headed our way in just a few days, and these 10 ways you can prepare will certainly help. 

1.Watch this performance of 2001ney taking over the middle of the Bellagio fountain with a perfectly timed performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U.” at the ’01 gala. Get it, get it. 

2.Then of course, this performance of Britney making her debut on the ’99 show with a jazzed up slay of “Hit Me Baby(One More Time)” will also blow your fucking mind. Enough said. 

3.Watch the video for “Work, Bitch” Because, why wouldn’t you? 

4.Try to guess just what classic Britney grooves will be in that medley… As y’all by now, before Britney snatches the Billboard Millennium Award, she’s going to be serving us with an about-to-be-legendary performance of all of her hits to kick the show in motion. While we can only hope that the entire show will just be Britney slaying it, there can only be so much time allotted, meaning we need to spend some time figuring out just what classic grooves she’ll be providing us with during the scorching medley, which will be mixed with lots of lots of dancing and several costume changes.

My personal guess is..“(Baby)One More Time),” “Oops..I Did It Again,” “I’m A Slave 4 U,” “Me Against the Music,” “Toxic,” “Gimme More,” “Piece of Me,” “Work Bitch” and “Til the World Ends.” What’s yours? Go. 

5. Then there’s “Pretty Girls” Hard to believe that it’s been an entire year since Britney and that other girl delivered a show stopping performance of their, um, hit, “Pretty Girls.” But, what a difference a year makes, right Ms. Azalea? Just goes to show you that those who throw constant music shade…

6.Remembering the days of Britney & Justin always helps the time go by. Sigh….

7.Listen to “In the Zone” a couple of times…. Since this Sunday’s performance will be the last stop before we get served up with all the #B9 album truth we can handle (don’t expect to hear lead single “Make Me(Ooh)” for just a little bit longer…here’s why) there’s no better time to dive deep into the Britney music vault to get all sorts of ready. While Blackout is certainly an obvious choice to get down to, chances are you’re listening to it, like, right now. So, going back four years (and what a four years that was), In the Zone is the perfect album, because not only is one of Britney’s most underrated sets (that wasn’t a question), it’s one of her best.

Armed with an array of genres ranging from deep house, sticky pop, Middle Eastern, and Ying Yang Twins, Britney has never sounded more sexier, more confident and more ready than ever to show the world she’s got what it takes, no matter what Stronger video sized storm she’s faced with. While the road less traveled after In the Zone was certainly an “omg” one, Ms.Brit prevailed and this album marked the true beginning of that journey. And again…that wasn’t a question. 

Oh, yes, this was also the album that gave us “Touch of My Hand,” and for that we must forever be grateful to it. 

8.Watch this Britney/Madonna (and Xtina and Missy, too!) moment from the 2003 VMAs… Maybe you’ve seen it before? 

9.Watch this SNL skit….. That moment in 2000 on a standout episode of SNL when an “Oops” era Britney played Mouse Trap author Dawn Paslowski and served us her comedic chops alongside Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell on a fabulous show called Morning Latte.  

Go right here to watch….right now. But watch out for Ms. Dawn cuts the grease…..she’ll set you’re hair on fire.

10.Repeat steps 1-through 10. Because if you’re like me, you don’t know how you’re going to get through the next few days so you can get a little closer to the 2016ney truth, and hey, every little Brit helps. 



Mixtape Music News/Billboard Music Awards Edition

1.Taylor Swift…………

….won every Billboard Music Award last night possible. Among her 8 wins, the “Style” diva took home the the top Billboard 200 award for her chart-shattering ‘1989’ set, as well as the coveted Artist of the Year trophy. “Oh, this is such a good night!” Ms. Swift (surprisingly, natch.) gushed after snatching all of the awards, “Early this morning I watched my brother Austin graduate from Notre Dame … (and) to anyone who’s graduating this year … this is for you.”  Also on the music deck was Swift’s “rumored” boyfriend Calvin Harris whom she kissed and hugged after her big wins. Last night’s show also marked the world premiere of her latest single, “Bad Blood,” which features way to many cameos to list them all. You guys can check out the “Bad Blood” video below, and for your complete lis of BBMA winners (there were others), you can go right here.

2.Britney and Iggy unleashed their first live performance of “Pretty Girls” last night….

By now, we’re all well immersed in the Britney/Iggy collab, “Pretty Girls,”and last night the gals took the Billboard stage to debut their live performance of the bounce-y tune. The fun, glossy performance played out like a candy-coated ’80s workout video, complete with jump ropes, bikes and a gaggle of groovy dancers. The gals delivered quite a 3 minute spectacle, and Britney…you better werk. Philly Mixtape is sure we can all agree today that Brit Brit werked it put in her skin tight black see through body suit with THOSE boots. However, Ms. Azalea, Christina Aguilera called and she wants the wig back from her “Come On Over” video….there’s a reason why we don’t see Kool-Aid dipped hair like that anymore….it’s not the year 200. Just sayin’…..

3.Kendall and Kylie Jenner got booed with introducing Kanye West….

Guess not everyone’s a fan of the Kardashian klan. Last night while introducing their brother-in-law, Kanye West (LOL. It just sounds funny), divas-in-training,Kendall and Kylie Jenner, got met with an unexpected round of boos. Not only were the jeers very audible to all in attendance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, but viewers at home them heard the shade as well.

However, for struggle was also real for Ms. West as his is smoke and fire-filled performance of “All Day” and “Black Skinhead” was extremely overshadowed by the deafening silence of the television censors. Oops…he got censored again.


4.What was your favorite performance from last night’s show?

While it’s always exciting to find out which of your favorite music artists will take home BBMA trophies, it’s even better to anticipate the performances that are laced throughout the evening. Besides Britney and Iggy taking on “Pretty Girls,” the stage also owned Ms. Swift, Kanye, Nicki “twerk” Minaj, David Guetta, Meaghan Tranor, John Legend, Mariah Carey and Nick Jonas, just to name a few. While we’re a bit biased around because we love all things Britney (sorry, Iggy), a close second favorite belongs to Mr. Jonas and his rockin’ live rendition of his cheeky hit, “Jealous.” Maybe it’s him (it’s him)or the catchy tune, but Mr. Nick stole our Mixtape hearts last night. For clips of all the Billboard Music Awards performances, you check this out.

5.Four years ago this week, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” began its seven week reign perched on top of the Billboard Hot 100….

While we are patiently waiting for Adele’s next studio offering, we have a little reason to celebrate the diva this morning as this week will mark four years since the mother of all breakup beats, “Rolling in the Deep,” began its seven week reign owning the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The tune would go on to not only become the song of the summer of ’11, but it would propel its accompanying set, ’21,’ to astronomical sales heights, as well as help lodge Ms. Adele the coveted Artist of the Year trophy at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. If there’s one music memory that Philly Mixtape will never forget, it’s when Adele and her pipes singlehandedly saved the record industry. #Truth