Forgot About Friday/Iggy Azalea

When it comes to the once thriving music career (just in case you forgot) of one Ms. I-G-G-Y Azalea……where, oh, where the f@ck do we begin? 



That pesky lil’ social media feud with Brit Brit? #youwantapieceofme 

Rita Ora? Who? 

Now, first things first, this isn’t to say that  J.Lo’s “Booty” bestie isn’t still doing her music thing (play last year’s “Switch,” like now), but the days when Ziggy Iggs ruled the music earth have now been seemingly swept waaaaay back into the latter portion of our 2014/most-of-2015 minds.

So, let’s bring them back, shall we?

Yaaas, “Pretty Girls” kween.

Born and raised in Australia as Amethyst Amelia Kelly, Mizz Azalea migrated to the U.S. at the young age of sixteen. The “Mo Bounce” beauty headed straight for Miami to pursue her dreams of spittin’ her, um, one-of-a-kind rhymes in the studio…..but it certainly wasn’t easy along the way. When she first arrived on the scene in the early 2010s, Igs was met with loads of criticism, mostly towards her ability to truly be taken seriously as a rap artist.

However things all changed when a trap-tastic mixtape called Ignorant Art hit headphones across the country and its lead single, “Pu$$y” quickly blew up on YouTube and was quite simply…in ya f$$king face. While gettin’ her groove on in the music scene, the future “Black Widow” temptress also put her feisty stilettos on the runway and in the spring of 2012, she was signed to Wilhelmina Models International and pursued modeling full-time. It was there that she landed a job as the “New Face of Levi’s Jeans.” Yes, it’s true. 

Oh, and did we mention she just began dating A$AP Rocky during this time? There’s that whole thing.

Oh, and hey, T.I… know

Later that year, the name Iggy Azalea truly got some “who dat” recognition when XXL Magazine put her on the cover of its annual Top Ten Freshman issue right next to Roscoe Dash and French Montana. As the first female, non-American rapper to make the list, serious hip-hop fans like Diplo took notice (and haters did as well, naturally) and soon lent his talents to Ariana’s “Problem” co-star and helped her out on the equally successful follow-up Iggy MixtapeTrapGold.

Now, with two successful Mixtapes under her heels (and one kick-ass collabo, “Beat Down” with Steve Aoki), it was now time to serve out that single. And while her freshman record, Reclassified, err, The New Classic‘s first few singles, “Work,” “Change Ya Life” and “Bounce” served out moderate steam for the set, there was one track that plain and simple took it to the next level…..and it took over our fucking lives. 

Yes…picture it…the spring of 2014.

A song called “Fancy” with its Clueless inspired video, krunk-a-fucking-licious beat, and killer hook provided by Ms. Charli XCX owned anything and everything around us…..and spent seven weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100. If that wasn’t enough (it truly wasn’t), Ms. name-in-bold was also co-starring with Ari on “Problem” right around the same time, which soon put that track at number two right behind “Fancy.” And if you throw in “Black Widow” (hey, Rita) a few months later, Azalea became the only female in Billboard chart history to have three singles in the top 10 at the same time. Like, that’s some fucking shit, gurl. 

But then it wasn’t. 

While Azalea kept the heat up in early 2015 by pairing up with J.Lo, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Hudson and MØ, too…..a little ditty named “Pretty Girls” with the legendary Ms. Britney Spears came along and well, you know. One part, make that, all parts a rehash of “Fancy,” the song and its Earth Girls Are Easy inspired video didn’t do any of the gals justice on the charts…or with each other. Maybe it was that thing that Iggy said about why the song didn’t fare better on the charts? Eek! While we won’t rehash the drama here, you can relive the “Pretty” mess for yourself right here. 

Or wait, maybe it wasn”t such a great track to begin with? Yes, that’s it! Sigh…

Unfortunately, the rest of 2015 didn’t fare so well for Ms. Azalea as there was that canceled concert tour, eventually scrapped second album (which is now rumored to be called Surviving the Summer and is looking to finally be released later this year), loads of record label drama and of course, all of those other feuds.

Isn’t that right, Mizz Banks? 

But whatever the music case may be, this isn’t a time to figure out just what the fuck happened or blame Cardi B, it’s a time to rejoice in–and never forget–the not-so-long ago music ride of Ms Iggy Azalea

Because it truly was just so fucking “Fancy” wasn’t it?  

May we never forget. Keep on, boo, keep on…..








2016 Groove of the Day/Rihanna/Drake/”Work”

With just over three weeks to go in 2016, let’s start to wrap this fucking bitch up, shall we? 

While none of us have any idea what the next four, oops, few years will bring, what we do know is that those grooves will continue to bump no matter what, and as long as we have tracks like Ms. RiRi’s “Work” to get us by on the dance floor of life, it’s all fucking good in the music hood. 

Served up at the start of the year as the lead single from her much delayed (and now super successful) ANTi set, the contemporary dancehall inspired number not only came armed and ready with not one, but two accompanying music videos, but it had all of us wondering just what the fuck Ri was spittin’ out. Right, Drake? 

Indeed, it’s still a music mystery, but either way it all, um, worked because “Work” became Rihanna’s fourteenth (!!!) number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, ushered in a new era of the diva we’re still living for (“Kiss it Better” for fucking life), and now will dance its way straight to Grammy night next year as it’s been nominated for a handful of awards including Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance thanks to her former Degrassi co-star.

I guess what it all comes down to is Rihanna betta werk when it comes to “Work” because that’s what all of us will be doing for a very, very long time when it comes to this fucking track.

Get your Philly Mixtape freak on right here and here….

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Monday Music Truth

1.A broken zipper tried to stop Britney Spears….and lost. 

1, 2, 3, not even a zipper is going to get in between Britney Spears constantly showing us these days that she’s still that pop music bitch. 

During the singer’s Piece of Me show in Las Vegas over the weekend, the “Womanizer” diva suffered an “Oops” sized wardrobe malfunction on the back of her sheer, um, outfit that we saw her in during her performance of “Pretty Girls” at the Billboard Music Awards back in May. 

Many of her dancers were on it (and seemed to be almost bowing down to Britney), scurrying along trying to assist her, but being that she’s knows handle the biz like a bo$$, Spears kept up her choreography, outfit falling apart or not.

Just watch. 

2.Adele had us clutching our 25 music pearls for dear life over the weekend….

Here we (finally) go with some new Adele? 

Over the weekend, Ms. Adele had all of us checking our purses for our music lives when she broke the Internet by an airing a short, mysterious new music trailer during the UK’s X Factor telecast on Saturday night.  Playing out as a mini “lyric video” as words flash on the screen, we hear a woman who sounds awfully like Adele (as if we couldn’t tell.) singing those now coveted lyrics.

The words seem to be in Adele’s music frame of mind, (“they say that time’s supposed to heal ya / but I ain’t done much healing”) and the elegance of it all is just all delicately wrapped up in the simple style of our beloved English Breakfast tea sipping music mother. 

Watch the 25‘ hype train get rolling below. 

3.Janet Jackson got a big on-stage surprise during her Unbreakable World Tour on Friday night….

Ms. Janet Jackson got served with a big surprise at the end of her sold out show at the Forum in Inglewood, Calf. this past Friday night during a break when she thanked her audience–with Beyoncé and Channing Tatum among the lucky ones who were in attendance–for helping make her new album, Unbreakable, No. 1.

“I want to thank you for making the Unbreakable album No. 1,” Jackson told the packed music house. She then went on to thank her fans for their continued support, specifically noting how her “family has been in the entertainment business for 50 years.” #truth

It was then that Ms. Janet’s long-time producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis hopped on stage to congratulate the diva on her latest historic achievement, further reminding us why we will always be living that “If” kind of music life for all of Janet eternity. 

4.Gloria Estefan and her Miami Sound Machine had us all in their “Conga” line thirty years ago…

Fronted by a then-28-year-old Gloria Estefan, thirty years ago today, Miami Sound Machine’s infectious ’80s dance track “Conga” began its own Latin line dance with the Billboard Hot 100. Eventually going on to hit the top 10 in winter of the following year, Estefan told Billboard in 2003 that the spicy single took a full year to achieve its music milestone. “Radio kept saying, ‘We can’t play this.’ But once they played it, the phones would go crazy,” Estefan spilled. 

Cooked up in 1974 by Emilio Estefan Jr. as Miami Latin Boys, Gloria joined two years later as a vocalist, and the name changed to Miami Sound Machine. In 1978, she married Mr. Estefan and the act’s first English-language chart success came in 1984 with “Dr. Beat,” which dance its way into the No. 17 spot on the Dance Club Songs chart.

Launching into her own in the late ’80s, Ms. Gloria helmed a mega-successful solo career, which included the smash serenade, “Coming Out of the Dark,” which was her return to Latina music diva form after she broke her back in a tragic bus accident in 1990. “Conga” was truly the start of Ms. Estefan taking us a music getaway that provided music that was certainly like no other on radio at the time, all while dishing out an influence that will continue to leave its music mark of for years to come. 

5.Gwen Stefani surprises fans with performance of her shade-y new single…

On Saturday night, Gwen Stefani surprised fans with a live debut of a new track called, “Used to Love You.”

The No Doubt diva hit the stage for a MasterCard Priceless Surprises concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom, serving out the first new music since she confirmed truth of her split from Gavin Rossdale this past summer. 

“I just want to share a song that I wrote recently,” she said to the crowd at the top of the set, according to People. “This song is really special.”

With personal lyrics like “I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you” and “I guess nobody taught you how to love,” it seems as if there’s some Gavin Rossdale divorce shade being thrown here. 

Allegedly produced by J.R. Rotem, “Used to Love You” was revealed by Stefani on Twitter as her official new single, besides last year’s  “Baby Don’t Lie” & Spark the Fire,” of course. (Sigh.)

Get lost in a live performance clip of  “Used to Love You” below.