Groove of the Day/Bon Jovi/”Wanted Dead or Alive”

In just a few hours, legendary New Jersey raised Bon Jovi is all set to bring their long-lasting rock prowess front-and-center at the Wells Fargo Center for a stop on their This House Is Not for Sale Tour for a show that’s more than guaranteed to make all of our Aqua Net and ripped jeans fantasies come to life. 

While you’ve been waiting patiently since New Year’s for the moment when you can finally belt “Livin’ on a Prayer” at the top of your lungs besides the shower and/or your best friend’s wedding, we must give it up to the Slippery When Wet boys’ biggest anthem–the rocked out wonder ballad, “Wanted Dead or Alive.” 

As much as the chart topping single is a beacon for all things Bon Jovi, what it did for a little/big show called MTV Unplugged is truly unprecedented. After Mr. Jon Bon Jovi and then guitarist Richie Sambora (with whom they no longer spill tea can break mugs all about it in Philly Voice), took “Prayer” and “Wanted” to the 1989 Video Music Awards stage and gave it new life by taking the groupie punch out if it and taking both singles to greater, stripped down levels for a performance that’s still one for the live music record books. 

As any late ’80s/’90s kid knows, it was from that coveted moment we were blessed with a stunning array of MTV Unplugged artists performances including Mariah Carey, Nirvana, Eric Clapton (sigh), Bob Dylan, De La Soul, 10, 000 Maniacs, Hole, Kiss, and seriously many, many, many more. 

And to think, it all truly began right here. So, now that you’re even more hyped up for tonight’s show, calm down because you still have to get through work (and this rain!), so put that lighter or lighters all the way up and get lost in this riveting Bon Jovi performance one more time…as your co-workers will thank you for the song butchering break on “You Give Love a Bad Name.” 

To read more of Bon Jovi’s interview with Philly Voice’s Ed Condran, go here, and to get those tickets to tonight’s show at Wells Fargo Center, rip those jeans out right here.