5 Ways to Prepare for Britney’s Atlantic City Takeover

Get ready, Atlantic City, because for what’s sure-to-be three spectacular nights…’s Britney, bitch.

Yes, that’s right, beginning tonight, July 19th, through this Saturday, July 21st, the legendary Ms. Britney Spears is bringing her Las Vegas owning Piece of Me Vegas spectacle under the spotlights at the Event Center in Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

And while indeed, there are many, many ways to prepare for our beloved Princess of Pop and all that her box office destroying show has to offer (and it’s a whole lot, folks, so grab those last few tickets while you still can), here are 5 sure fire ways to get the entire Jersey Shore and beyond more than ready for all things Brit Brit

Let’s go. 

1.Dance to the fact that “…Baby One More Time” is turning 20 this fall…..     You might want to mark October 23rd down on your calendar because it’s sure to be a national holiday as Ms. Spears legendary debut ditty (that opening keyboard riff, tho…priceless) will be celebrating twenty years of still owning our pom-pom wearin’ lives. While it’s easy to feel old at this coveted news (two decades…seriously??), you should waste no time in squeezing into those Catholic School Gurl digs and practicing that choreo because we need to party ’90s Britney-style, um, one more time and celebrate a track that legitimately changed the face of the pop music landscape forever. Like, seriously. Oh, baby, baby indeed. 

2.Watch this “Toxic” performance on repeat….    While we could spill Godney tea all day and burn our corneas out watching each and every one of her earth shattering live performances, for the sake of our general well beings, let’s just say they’re all legendary….yes, even that one. But if there’s one performance that’s sure to get you all sorts of right prior to her AC takeover, it’s this smokin’ hot take of “Toxic” that will certainly do the trick and will always get us thinking of these seven magical little words…in the zone and up all night. Anyone remember? Of course you do. Now, dance. 

3.Show ‘Glory’ a little love……     Let’s face it, you barely listened to Britney’s ninth studio offering when it was released two years ago, and you most likely haven’t listened to it recently..and no, no that certainly isn’t a question. Although it was well received by critics, Britney’s most recent-and quite excellent-set didn’t fare so well on the charts…and it’s a damn shame. Lead single, “Make Me,” still makes for a credible bedroom banger (despite the video drama), and the oh, so underrated “Slumber Party” and its Tinashe co-starring hot-as-f@#k video simply demand repeat viewings. Then you’ve got the bumpin’ “Clumsy,” then there’s, ah, well, just relive it all below and find your Glory-us moment. But by the way, when is that next album dropping, B?? 

4.Watch these slaying clips from Britney’s Vegas show…..   If there’s one thing that Ms. Britney proved to the world while her Piece of Me show was dominating the Vegas trip (besides, well, everything), it’s that she still knows how to throw down her classic choreography. From “Slave” to “Crazy” to “Oops” to “Me Against the Music,” the yaas-worthy compilation video below shows our Queen B displaying that she still knows how to get it, get it….what. Just watch and you better practice those moves before this weekend, bitch. 

5.Listen to “Work Bitch” every day of your Britney lovin’ life……    Now, you betta werk, bitch, and get those tickets to see Godney own Atlantic City this weekend. 

Cover photo courtesy of Britney Spears 






Borgata Turns 15…..Let’s Party!

Picture it…..July 2nd, 2003…..11:45 pm…..

Atlantic City’s latest skyline addition, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, opened its glamorous doors to the public……and history was instantly made. 

A bright, bold and beaming structure, the MGM Resorts International owned Jersey Shore hot-spot features 2,002 luxurious rooms and suites (and so, so much more…keep reading), and certainly owns it place as the largest hotel in New Jersey and is currently the top-grossing casino in Atlantic City

However, needless to say, Borgata’s opening came with quite a bit of negative chatter as many in the gaming industry were concerned about the resort’s staying power. This was much due to the fact that the grand opening was right around the same time that the AC we once knew as the place to be began to falter with many, many, many favorite casinos beginning to either shut their doors or be sold off.

But as we’ve all seen, the grand resort has certainly withstood the, um, sands of time and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And we just can’t leave out Borgata’s stunning exclusive $400 million non-gaming boutique-lifestyle hotel, The Water Club, which features 800 grand guest rooms and suites that have no doubt added more flair to the name that will always be…..Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

While the fifteenth anniversary celebration is indeed a grand occasion, it’s also a rebirth of sorts thanks to the grand openings of Atlantic City’s latest endeavors–Ocean Resort (formerly Revel) and Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City (formerly Taj Mahal)–which have both already driven tourism way up this summer. Obviously this is a feat that could only help Borgata as well, especially for those who haven’t been to AC in a while… is certainly the time. 

With all that being said, it’s officially time to let loose and party, and naturally, your Borgata journey should always, always kick off with horizons of delicious food and five-star culinary extravaganzas. So, if you’re heading down to celebrate life and everything that comes with it this weekend or the rest of your summer, (really, who isn’t?), you might want to get the party started with acclaimed chef Michael Schulson’s Izakaya sushi restaurant.

Not only does Chef whip up the best Spicy Tuna Cracker you’ve ever had, but their explosive menu will start your experience off in the most delectable way possible. To make you even more hungry, the hailed restaurant is celebrating its tenth anniversary next Friday, August 3rd, and from the looks of it all right here, it’s simply not to be missed. 

But wait there’s more….

How about all of the incredible Italian dishes The Chew’s Michael Symon is serving up at Angeline? Or, how about all of those gigantic filets (seriously, though..) being carefully selected at Bobby Flay Steak and Old Homestead Steak House? Then you’ve also got Wolfgang Puck’s American Grille with its woodsy decor and out-of-this-world menu. You know what, now that all you can think about is food, you might as well go right here and make those reservations right now. 

Of course, no Borgata top-tier dining experience is complete without a follow-up show or concert (and everything on the dessert menu, naturally), and luckily for everyone, they’ve got you covered thanks to their many lively venues, which includes their grand 2,400 seating Event Center. So, where do we begin with all of this top-notch entertainment that’s taking over the stages the rest of the summer? How about with the legendary Cher, who’ll be taking over the Event Center for not one, but two spectacular sold out shows to make your summer celebration that much more yaaaas worthy. 

Oh, and you might want to mark your calendars and get those tickets because Huey Lewis, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, Camila Cabello, Yanni, Brit Floyd, Kings of Leon, 3 Doors Down, Jerry Seinfeld and Collective Soul will be stopping by to show the Borgata some entertainment love from now until Labor Day. 

As you might have already guessed, after the show comes the after party, and Borgata certainly has plenty of stylish offerings for the perfect nightcap. If you’re looking to get lost in some of those chill late-night vibes, then Gypsy Lounge and Mixx are waiting just for you. And of course, Borgata and AC’s #1 night club, Premier, will see the likes of Busta Rhymes, Cash Cash, Prostyle, Bazzi, Joe Maz, Crankdat and Showtek this weekend and beyond. Plus you’ve got Borgata Beer Garden, B Bar, better yet, just dance it out right here to experience all of it. 

Now, did someone say….five-star spa treatment, shopping and swimming all day long? Yes. While we could certainly go on and on about all of those fancy and relaxing details, it would truly take up another full article. So, for all of the cucumber eye peel/boutique (Hugo Boss, Misura, it’s all here) and poolside goodness you could ever want  kick up those heels right here to plan a most fabulous Borgata shopping/spa/swimming day right this very second. 

As you can probably gather by now, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa not only has everything you could ever want in a truly fabulous and stunning resort, but that their fifteenth birthday bash is truly a landmark celebration…..and it’s one that’s certainly going to last the rest of the summer and beyond. 

Let’s party! 

Cover photo courtesy of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa 









Groove of the Day/Iggy Azalea/MØ/”Beg for It”

Get ready to live like it’s 2014 all over again because the one-and-only “Fancy” rap diva from down under herself (sit down, Ms. Ora) Ms. Iggy Azalea, is about to….take a hold of the stage at the Borgata event center tonight. 

Now, while we could easily straight up break our fine Lennox tea mugs about “Pretty Girls,” this, that and the other mighty oak grown shade all, but since it will and always will be all about those grooves here (if you’re down for that, as you should, because get over it and just listen), we’re going to press play on “Beg For It,” Ms. Iggy’s collaboration with “Cold Water” co-conspirator, MØ,  who’ll on a lil’ Danish pop diva side note, will be stopping by Union Transfer just in time for the holidaze. 

Served up as the lead single from the re-issue of Iggy’s debut set, The New Classic (hey there, “Black Widow” and Reclassified), the song stumbled a bit on the Billboard charts (and hey there, that SNL performance) and went on to only peak at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

But the real mystery is..why?

Iggy’s flow is quite pussy powered up and fierce, MO’s vocals will get you in a delightfully weird way, and that produced beat just simply get to werk. 

Okay, so, let’s face it (there goes one mug), we may never, ever know if Mizz Iggy will strike back on those charts like she (sort of) did just two years ago, but what we do know is that if “Beg For It” is on fleek this evening at the Borgata this evening then a big ol’ yas Iggy queen. 

Just listen and then get those tickets…and then dance, bitch, because it’s the weekend and we need to live it up….because why wouldn’t you? 


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