Grooves of the Day/Britney Spears/”Slumber Party”/”Mannequin”

First things first…..there seems to be a whole lot of Kim Cattrallin’ going’ on. 

In case you went to the moon this week, there’s a new viral sensation that’s taking the world by storm called the Mannequin Challenge, in which participants remain more frozen than Madonna while music grooves it out in the background, with most of the now infamous clips featuring “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd.

Although the origin of this pop culture phenomenon remains a bit of a mystery, it’s believed that this latest viral video craze was kickstarted up by students in Jacksonville, Florida last month. While not as memorable or downright fucking hilarious as the Ice Bucket Challenge from two years ago, this “challenge” has done wonders in being a pleasant distraction from this that and the other thing as everyone from Adele, Destiny’s Child (Michelle was there, too!), Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart, Hillary Clinton (sigh) and the legendary Ms. Britney Spears have participated in the now infamous store front sensation. 

Check out Ms. Brit Brit’s take on it below, and in case you needed to burn some time off the Friday clock, click your life right here for a whole lot more mannequin werk, bitch. Happy Friday!



Speaking of Ms. Spears (or should we say sleeping?), the Vegas owning diva struck back in the wee hours of the morning with her video for “Slumber Party,” which is being served up as the second single from her Glory set. While we could easily spill tea all damn day about the clip’s racy Eyes Wide Shut theme, how damn good Britney looks alongside co-star Tinashe, or just who that random hottie is in the video that’s making us beg for it, you just have to watch….right now and enjoy. 

Because you most certainly will. 





15 Reasons to Get Down to ‘Britney’ Right This Second

If there’s any diva out there who can bring us together with just a flick of her werk, it’s certainly Ms. Britney Spears, whose iconic third studio set, Britney, has just entered its freshman year in music school. 

Served up on Nov 6th, 2001, Brit Brit’s fiery self-titled record was a departure of sorts from the cookie cutter daze of 2000’s Oops…I Did it Again and its ’99 predecessor …Baby One More Time as it put our girl into a more decadent and dangerous sexualized territory, complete with a newfound R&B swagger with help from producers Max Martin, Rodney Jerkins and Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo who came together as The Neptunes to produce the time withstanding flair of lead single, “I’m a Slave 4 U.” 

Although Britney snatched the top spot selling 736, 000 copies its first week out, the record would become Spears’ only set in her catalog to not contain any top 20 Billboard Hot 100 hits. Yes, it’s true, not even “Slave,” which somehow only shimmied its way to number 27 for some reason unbeknownst to us Godney queens. 

Either way, “Slave” and pretty much the entire album would become an era of Britney we will never forget, because not only would it lead her into the magical In the Zone (and beyond…you know) territory a few years later, but this Ms. Spears era gave us lots and lots of moments we’ll never forget with then boo thang, Justin Timberlake. And of course, there was quite a delicious buffet of music moments that we still live for and fifteen of them are listed below for your Britney reminiscing pleasure.

1.”I’m A Slave 4 U” will forever and always be….life. Plus, you know you still own the choreo from the iconic (making the) video every Saturday night on the dance floor. Just admit it, bitch, now…dance. 

2.The Dream Within a Dream Tour…. Does Britney concert life get anymore livelier than this? Absolutely god damn not. 

3.Because we’re all searching for that perfect ‘I’m Not A Girl, Not A Woman” rock to ponder some shit on…. sigh…even now more than ever…



5.Before “Piece of Me” there was…. “Say hello to the gurrrl that I ayaam”….ah, you fucking know it. 

6.Hey, there Mr. Jerkins… And of course, we just can’t leave out the TRL owning “Overprotected” rewerk, which features that not-so-elusive Darkchild touch that we still can’t live without

7.That moment when 2001ney took over the Bellagio water fountain Fucking priceless

8.Because Crossroads will never make us feel lonely…  Britney’s big screen acting debut….written by Shonda Rhimes….Zoe Saldana…Taryn Manning….Dan Akroyd….Kim Cattrall as “Mom”…that guy, whatever his name is…really, why didn’t this win Best Picture?? Just another one of life’s mysteries…but still pure Brit Brit bliss at its very bestest. 

9.B-A-N-A-N-A…If there was anyone, err, snake who came close to snatching Britney’s 2001 weave, it was Ms. Banana the Python who joined Britney on Sept 6th, 2001 on the iconic VMA stage for a performance of “Slave” that was every bit as slithery as it was oh, so scandalous being that the pop starlet was only nineteen at the time. Now, watch this and all. 

10.Then there’s this…


11.So, there’s this song called “What It Likes to Be Me” It’s Britney. It’s Justin. It’s fucking everything, bitch.

 12.It’s blessed with “Anticipating”…… the most underrated song of her career. Spin it out with your gaggle of gurlfriends all up in a weekend and you’ll absolutely understand why. 

13. No explanation needed. Right, Ms. Jett? 

14. “Boys”….because sometimes we all just need one. Now, let’s get a little randy, baby, with Mr. Powers, Mr. Pharrell, and the legendary Ms. Britney Spears. 

15. Do you really need another reason? If so, here’s “Cinderella” because we gotta go listen to Britney… more time….and then keep on with them changes, kids. Now, get it, get it…wtf. 

And if you’re feeling really angsty…”Lonely” always gets the werk done.