Get to Know Cafe Twelve

I know that it may seem totally cliche, but as a writer, I prefer writing in coffee shops rather than working from home. Since I began my Philly writing journey a few years ago, I have no doubt searched high and low for the perfect low key place to do my work. These days, I’m happy to say that I’ve found my creative home at Cafe Twelve on 12th and Locust streets. So, today, just to take a little break from the music, I wanted to take the time out for you guys to get to know my favorite Philly writing spot, Cafe Twelve.

It’s no secret that the well known location at 212 South 12th street has felt like it was under new ownership every other month, but thanks to fabulous new diva- in- charge Alyssa Shilliday, who alongside head baking diva Kate Hearter, Cafe Twelve has finally settled into a warm and cozy spot that has all the ingredients and makings to warm you right up during these frigid winter months. Fresh baked muffins, cookies, scones and so much more? Check. (Peanut butter and jelly scones=yas.) Delicious coffee served up from Philly’s famed Greenstreet brewing company? The best. Really, if you’re looking to just relax, get some work done, eat a delicious breakfast sandwich or anything else your heart desires, Cafe Twelve is the place for you.

Last week, the staff at Cafe Twelve were more than generous in letting me have my Philly Mixtape launch party there, and today, I just want to extend a ton of love and gratitude their way. Not only was everyone so kind to all of the guests and myself, but you could really feel that this is a place that has a great sense of community and plenty of love to give everyone who walks through their doors. They have let me post up working there since the early days when Philly Mixtape was just on Instagram, and I can’t imagine where I would be today without their warm and friendly vibes. (We won’t even talk about the endless bagel/bacon/cream cheese sandwiches they make for me..the best) ┬áIf you’re looking for good treats and just somewhere cozy to warm up, then certainly head to Cafe Twelve. There are so many coffee shops around this great city, but Alyssa and her groovy gang have really stepped up to the plate these past few months, going above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. I see many great things to come for this bustling business, so if you’re ever around 12th and Locust, stop in and say hello, trust me there will not only be delicious treats waiting for you to dive into, but lots of love all around.