Groove of the Weekend/Carly Slay Jepsen(The Knocks Bootleg Rewerk)

Later on tonight, Philly is about to get served with all sorts of music truth when Gilligan Moss, Bipolar Sunshine take the stage at The Foundry alongside headliners The Knocks for a show that’s guaranteed to warm up the darkest 0f souls on this oh, so frigid first weekend of March

And since those temps have dropped, it’s the perfect time to let those beats drop, especially when it comes to the shimmering bootleg The Knocks have provided for the one-and-only Ms. Carly Slay Jepsen and her ’80s kissed EMOTION single, “All That.” 

A bit later this afternoon, Philly Mixtape will be serving up a special tea that will introduce everyone into the groovy world of this red-hot neo-diso duo where they broke fine Lennox music mugs about it all, including whether or not they too refer to the “Call Me Maybe” diva as Carly Slay….they do. 

Stay tuned! But first turn up this bootlegged up remix of “All That” because it’s indeed all that and a bag werk that only The Knocks can truly provide for our frigid weekend hearts. 




Carly Rae Jepsen Really, Really Wants You to Like Her New Song

Carly Rae Jepsen is back on the music scene. No, you’re not hallucinating, the forgot about “Call Me Maybe” diva has returned with a new single titled, “I Really Like You.” The ’80s kissed track is a fun romp that is packed with synths and plenty of sass, which is delivered to perfection by Ms. Jepsen. Produced by Peter Svensson (who delivered Ariana’s “Love Me Harder” and was also in the ’90s group, The Cardigans.), dare I say that this new song could be Carly Rae’s triumphant return to form to the music scene? It’s no secret that Ms. Jepsen faded into music oblivion after “Maybe” stormed the airwaves three summers ago, but I have a feeling that this tantalizing new tune may only be the beginning of her long waited comeback to the charts and our headphones. However, don’t take my word for it, dive into Carly’s new tune below and who knows…you may just really, really, really like it. Philly Mixtape certainly does…and that’s saying something. Welcome back, boo!