VMA Performance of the Day/Britney/Xtina/Madonna/Missy/”Into The Hollywood Virgin Groove”

The smooch felt around the world…

Yes, that was the news headline on August 29th, 2003 (as well as one US Weekly headline that read Hot New Best Friends!),the day after Madonna played tonsil hockey with Britney Spears (and Christina, too.) live on stage at the ’03 VMAs for a performance that no one will ever forget and one that went down as perhaps the most memorable performance in VMA history. And Missy were there, too! 

Actually, let’s talk about Ms. Aguilera for a moment. After the kiss took over our pop culture lives, everyone seemed to forget that she was even there on stage during B & M’s (remember those necklaces?) infamous makeout session. There was also priceless moments when MTV so cleverly cut the camera to Justin Timberlake’s infamous reaction(s) during the performance and when Madonna stole Britney’s youth, err, locked lips with his ex during the set, completely missing Xtina’s equally eye-raising smooch. (it sort of was, too).

But at the end of the VMA day, all it took was that kiss was all it took for Madonna to make front-page news (she certainly needed it at the time. #Gap), no doubt reminding us once again that she’s the Queen of Pop

And of course…who ‘dat be? It be Missy on the M-I-C. Classic. 

There’s also THIS. Thank you, Mad T.V. 









Watch Christina Aguilera’s Epic Britney Spears Impression on ‘The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon’

Last night, XXXtina stopped by the ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ to promote her little show called ‘The Voice,’ and while the diva was cheeky and coy as always, when the two played “Wheel of Musical Impressions,” that’s when things took quite the epic turn. “How it works is we’re gonna take turns hitting this button here, which activates the musical impressions generator,” Fallon explained. “It will land on one random singer that one of us can do an impression of and then one random song title…Whoever’s turn it is has do an impression of that musician doing that song.” While hearing Fallon doing impressions of David Bowie singing “Grand Old Flag” and Michael McDonald doing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” were fantastic, it was Christina who blew everyone away with her take on Cher singing the Folgers Coffee jingle and Shakira singing the ‘Golden Girls’ theme. However…when it came time for her to impersonate Britney Spears singing, “This Little Piggy,” well, you just have to watch. It’s simply spot on and simply amazing. We’re ready for that album, boo. Dive in and prepare to be wowed below…