Groove of the Evening/Ciara/Missy/”1,2 Step”

Oh, the days when Ms. Ciara and her music Goodies ruled our worlds….wasn’t life just so much more krunkalicious back then? 

As matter of fact, Krunk-n’-B Queen, it most certainly was as even thirteen years after CiCi and Missy shook our Jello shakin worlds with Goodies sophomore single, “1,2 Step,” it still sounds fresh to death and makes us to wake the party up while we simply get it on like nobody’s business. 

And of course, we’ll be steppin’ all night long while eating our filet mignon ’cause we fancy like that. Right, Miss Demeanor? 

But the true reason CiCi is being served up for your Tuesday night pleasure (and because we really do miss those days) is the fact that we’re now officially saying goodbye to February which means it’s time for all of us to get lined up in an even grander #thinkspring formation (who’s ready for ninety degrees temps next week?) because March has arrived and she’s a diva this year, gurl. 

If there’s one thing we can all agree right now, it’s that there were some things and thangs that occurred during the months of January and February that took all us by storm and combined they were, well, 2016 and worse in cray nut shell.

But one element that helped us out in our multiple weeks of need were those dear, sweet moments in music and pop culture (thank you, Gaga, Katy, Beyoncé, Adele and, like, every song that’s come out so far), and now that those daisy dukes and tank tops owning days are within our headphones reach now more than ever, let’s just all turn up the fucking music and dance. 

Plus, who doesn’t want to get down to the phrase A Jazze Phae Production like it’s 2004 all over again? 

Ready, set…step. 







10 Reasons Why You Need to Show Some Music Love to Ciara

Those that know the man behind the Mixtape know that I musically live for my R&B divas-Total, JHud, Aaliyah, Mariah, Monifah, any diva with one name, you get the idea. If there is one sultry R&B gal who I’ve shown my music love for since day one, it’s Krunk-and-B goddess, Ciara. With her trunk bangin’ grooves, smoky pipes, leather-and- laced- up dance moves with those legs for days, her, um, music goodies will always live on the Mixtape Music Vault. But, as we all know, since her electric debut over a decade ago, CiCi has struggled to maintain the chart heat that she once worked so good. However, I think it’s time to show Ciara some music love , especially since girlfriend is heartbroken after her split from rapper, Future. So, on that thumping CiCi groove, to kick off your 5 reasons why for April, we’ve doubled up…and you know what that means….get ready to twerk on some car hoods to Ciara’s classic banger, “Oh.” It’s time to get lost in a big ol’ buffet of music truth below…

1.Her debut album was…and still is…THAT fire….

For those that may not know, Ciara first exploded on the scene over a decade ago with her ‘krunk-and-B-licious’ set, ‘Goodies.’ The fiery record put Ciara on the music map, spawning hit singles and selling three million copies, and delivering bangers like, “Oh,” “Hotline,” “Lookin at You,” “Thug Style” and the Petey Pablo(!) assisted title track. If you haven’t taken a listen to CiCi’s debut lately, another romp in the headphones is just what the music doctor ordered.

2.She’s the reason your drunk uncle attempts to do the “1, 2 Step” at weddings…

As much as Ciara’s “Goodies” was indeed a fiery debut single for our girl, it was follow-up single, the Missy Elliot seasoned, “1, 2 Step” that was really where it’s at…and most certainly still is today. Admit it, whenever you hear this classic flow in the club, in the bedroom or at your local Forever 21, you stop what you’re doing and most certainly shake it like ‘Jello-O’ to make those boys say hello. And when it comes on at weddings….your mom, cousin, grandmom and drunk uncle will always be gettin’ in on the “1, 2 Step”. Besides, hearing the phrase, “Jazze Made It” all these years later is quite amusing in a “Forgot About Friday” kind of way…

3.Her latest single, “I Bet,” is an almost there, but not quite hit…

Last month, Ciara released ‘I Bet’ as the lead single to her upcoming sixth album, ‘Jackie,’ which is named after the singer’s mother. While Ci’s latest single is on both the pop and R&B charts, it has yet to make THAT impact. Which is a bit of a music head scratcher, because CiCi’s latest offering is a soft, sweet gem that has a raw feel to it as Ciara sings about the drama with her and her baby daddy, Future. Now, will “I Bet” truly put Ciara back on the music map…maybe not, but compared to some of the other songs that mainstream radio has to offer these days,  “I Bet” is a breath of fresh air…and its accompanying video shows that girlfriend’s still got it…

4.Her last album was amazing….and nobody cared….

Two years ago, Ciara released her fifth album, simply titled, ‘Ciara,’ and it was nothing short of amazing. In fact, it was praised as some of her best work since her debut set.  Sadly, besides the hit single, “Body Party,” Ciara’s fifth studio effort failed to ignite any true chart heat, which is quite a music shame because laced throughout this standout record are cuts packed full of dirty beats, whirling synths and light ‘Goodies’ flavor,  especially on tracks “DUI,” “Read My Lips, ” and the rousing, “Keep On Lookin.”


5.The “Ride” video….

Ay dios mio, CiCi….

6.She still got those CiCi dance moves….

As seen in the recent clip for “I Bet,” “Ride,” “Get Up,” or any video that Ciara’s put out over the years, there’s no doubt that Ms. Ci has those move that can’t be replaced, especially in the video for “Oh,” when you know, she was twerking’ on that car hood like it was her job, honey…

7.Because of THIS amazing track….that you’ve probably never heard. 

While Ciara’s self titled previous effort was strikingly solid, there was one track that not only stood above the rest on the album, but it might be one of Ciara’s best tracks…ever..and it’s a synth-fully delicious song called, “Overdose.” The whirling pop tune could’ve been a huge hit for our boo, with its pounding groove, sensual flow and lyrics about overdosing on that big “D,” it’s a bit disappointing that radio didn’t do this one right. Trust me, after one listen, and you yourself will “Overdose” on Ciara’s deliciously underrated ditty. 

8.She’s one smokin’ hot workin it music baby momma….

…as seen in her ‘Jackie’ album cover. 


9. Did I mention she’s tight with Missy?

10. Because she’s been trying really, really hard all these years….

While any of the above reasons listed above are perfectly legit to show some music love to Ciara, one of the main reasons is that while true, the ever changing radio market and music market in general have caused Ciara’s star to fall over the years, despite the drama (including record label shade throwing), she keeps up the fight and continures to put out records. Even if they don’t chart as high as their predecessors, she keeps up the fight. That says a lot about our girl, and even if you don’t get down to some CiCi, at least give her some credit for keepin’ on for over a decade…