• Groove of the Evening/Ciara/Missy/”1,2 Step”

    TweetOh, the days when Ms. Ciara and her music Goodies ruled our worlds….wasn’t life just so much more krunkalicious back then?  As matter of fact, Krunk-n’-B Queen, it most certainly was as even thirteen years after CiCi and Missy shook our Jello shakin worlds with Goodies sophomore single, “1,2 Step,” it still sounds fresh to

  • 10 Reasons Why You Need to Show Some Music Love to Ciara

    TweetThose that know the man behind the Mixtape know that I musically live for my R&B divas-Total, JHud, Aaliyah, Mariah, Monifah, any diva with one name, you get the idea. If there is one sultry R&B gal who I’ve shown my music love for since day one, it’s Krunk-and-B goddess, Ciara. With her trunk bangin’

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