Groove of the Evening/MC Lyte/”Ice Cream Dream”

The time we’ve all been waiting for is here….happy Summer 2017! 

Of course, with that fine calendar display will come lots of beach time, bikini-and-stillettos sets, Baby Gap speedos, sunburns, fabulous vacations, umbrella laced cocktails and of course…lots and lots of tasty grooves, both new and classic to go along with all of the sun-kissed madness. 

And while it’s absolutely essential to stock up the latest beats and bounces, let’s face it, they don’t make those summer grooves like they used to, kids, case in point anything and everything from the still bedroom ready vibes of the Mo Money soundtrack, which is now a quarter-of-a-god-damn-century old. (Although it feels like Stacey Dash has been annoying the fuck out of us much longer than that). 

Janet and Luther‘s “Best Things in Life Are Free”……Ms. Caron Wheeler‘s “I Adore You”…..Ralph Tresvant‘s “Money Can’t Buy You Love”….Johnny Gill‘s “Let’s Just Run Away”……they’re all still here for our baby makin’ pleasure. But if you really want that melt-in-your-mouth kind of music’ lovin,’ you must press play on MC Lyte‘s “Ice Cream Dream” right now because….life. 

Now, let’s make some summer babies with these beats as it’s the only way to be. 


Groove of the Day/Janet/Blackstreet/”i Get Lonely”

Does this one really need an explanation?

Most likely not because one, it’s Janet, and two, you’ve most likely already owned the sexy, sassy, ready Tina Landon helmed choreography that’s all up in the steamy video for Ms. Janet’s third single from The Velvet Rope, the Blackstreet assisted “I Get Lonely,” like, three times today. 

To the very few out there who may not be familiar with this track and the flawless album it calls home (go right here…right now) waste absolutely no time in jumping into it all right now. Your Wednesday/life will thank you and then some. 

And again….it’s Ms. Janet… 



This year’s grooves sound like….



Groove of the Day/Johnny Gill/”Rub You the Right Way”

One part classic ’90s R&B, one part New Edition and all parts headboard breakin’/baby makin’ magic, Johnny Gill’s “Rub You the Right Way” is simply that fire.

And since we’re expecting record high temperatures both today and tomorrow (hey there, almost ninety degrees?!!) it’s the perfect joint to play on full blast before we all start bitching simultaneously on social media on just how f#$king cold it is outside. 

Now, slip on this old school music robe and get busy…because it’s too glorious outside–and in life–not to. 

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