Summer Groove of the Evening/Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”(Todd Terry Remix)

Since you’ve most likely listened to the original version of Ms. Lovato‘s sun-soaked, synth-ed up banger, “Cool for the Summer,” 785, 432 times today, why not switch things up a bit and take a dip into this delicious deep house rewerk provided by the one-and-only, Mr. Todd Terry…you’ll certainly be glad you did. 

Happy first night of summer, kids! Now, let’s get cool because it’s certainly gearing up to be a hot one out there this year. 




Summer Groove of the Day/Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”

Ms. Lovato’s “Summer” music cherry sure was tasty….

If there was a single released these past few months that absolutely pulverized my very sun-soaked existence, it was Ms. Demi’s oh, so tantalizing tune, “Cool for the Summer.” Besides being laced with that undeniable Max Martin production flavor, Ms. Lovato also came through exuding a new confidence on the blistery banger and it’s simply werked like a charm. While we know that this girl can sang, her voice is delightfully restrained throughout “Summer,” and is matched perfectly to the ’80s wrapped beat and groovy synths that Mr. Martin provided for her…and all of us. 

But the real mystery is…why didn’t “Cool” go higher on the summer music charts? Currently, Demi’s ditty is sitting at number sixteen on the Billboard Hot 100, and in my humble music bitch opinion, it should be at number one. (Sorry, “Cheerleader,” but enough is enough.) But not to worry because our girl is sitting pretty at the top of my personal summer grooves countdown and I have a feeling that it just might be for a lot of you kids out’s just that delicious. 







Mixtape Music News/Music Video Edition

The Weeknd/”Can’t Feel My Face”

Mr. Weeknd’s scorching summer single gets an equally fiery music video. 

Disclosure/Sam Smith/”Omen”

Last summer’s overseas “Latch” hit makers are at it again. Only this time, they go a little bit deeper into the dance music realm. 

Madonna/”Rain”/Behind the Scenes

Earlier this week, long time fans of Madonna reveled in what was almost 40 minutes of unused B-roll footage leaked online from the “Vogue” video shoot. While it wasn’t the most groundbreaking clip, it was a fascinating look at the Queen of Pop back in 1990, smack bang in the middle of her HBIC phase.

Now, similar footage has emerged from another of Madonna’s most recognizable videos – the blue-hued “Rain,” a rare reflective moment from 1992’s Erotica. Grab that music umbrella and get lost in the B-roll “Rain” storm below.

Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet. 

Joss Stone/”Stuck On You”

Look who’s back from Forgot About Friday land….and looking fabulous! 

Outasight/”The Wild Life”

Ready for your next summer music obsession?

Syron/”Talkin’ Crazy”

You won’t mind the craziness once the beat kicks in. 

Lion Babe/”Impossible”

It will be impossible not to fall in love with Ms. Babe’s latest romp.