Forgot About Friday/Random ’90s Dance Divas

This week’s Forgot About Friday list is spectacularly special for a handful of reasons. For one, each and every one of the songs featured will make you move your music life as we cruise into the weekend. And two, the list also features some of the greatest one-hit wonder dance divas from the ’90s. We know the tubular decade was full of nostalgic surprises, but one thing it was absolutely full of was all those groovy ladies who struck out to make a long-lasting music impact on the Billboard charts. While some succeeded, others, well most of them, ended up just delivering just one or two hits and then literally fell of the music map.

While we could sit here all disco day and ponder where each of these next lovely ladies are today (here’s looking at you, Gilette), we’re going to take a shorter route and press play on each of these tracks and reminisce on the times they owned a spot on our back-in-the-day mixtapes. Enjoy!

Philly Mixtape has a feeling that you will…


What was 4-foot-two and had a voice that only certain kinds of dogs could here? That would be Michel’le, who delivered  cheeky hits with “No More Lies” and “Nicety,” which we still can’t figure out exactly what it means. 


For years, there were rumors that Gilette of “Short Dick Man” and “Mr. Personality” fame was murdered. That was just her career. 

Kathy Troccoli

Back-in-the-day, Ms. Troccoli had us all dancing with “Everything Changes“…and then she didn’t. 


More power to you if you know what the f#$k the now defunct dance diva is saying in the verses of her trademark dance hit, “Rhythm of the Night.” 


Not to be confused with Corona, of course. “Temptation” 4 lyfe. 


We should’ve known that a singer who covered other artist’s tracks was never going to last. But, we’re sure grateful for her rewires of Ms. Cyndi’s “Time After Time,” Ms. Ward’s “Ring My Bell,” and especially Mr. Gregory Abbott’s “Love You Down.” Pure ’90’s bliss all the way. 

Boy Krazy

While studies have proved inconclusive as to where these ladies are now, there’s no denying that their single, “That’s What Love Can Do” is one of the greatest pop singles of the ’90s.