Forgot About Friday/Eiffel 65/Alice Deejay/ATC

Sigh……..anybody else really, really miss the music of the late ’90s/early ’00s? If not, you will once you try to figure out just what the fuck happened to Eiffel 65, Alice Deejay and everyone’s favorite “la la la la la” dance music maestros, ATC in this week’s edition of Forgot About Friday

Peep it up and dance it out. 

Eiffel 65/”Blue”  Yo, listen up here’s a story about how Eiffel 65 had one annoyingly delightful dance track out in ’99….and then they were never heard from again. 

That is until Flo Rida incorporated pieces of “Blue” into his Billboard Top Five single, “Sugar,” co-starring the lovely Ms. Wynter Gordon in 2009. 

Alice Deejay/Who Needs Guitars Anyway?  “Do you think you’re better off alone” and “Talk to me.” It was those ten words that made up Alice Deejay‘s dance smash, “Better Alone” and it was also those ten words that took over our lives for a few months back-in-the-day. Plus, those 2000 produced synths and that beat are still just as delightfully cheesy as ever. Wait, no they’re not…but we still live for “Better Off Alone”…anyway. 

Admit it, you still do. 

ATC/”Around the World(La La La La La)” No words…..just those opening bells and all sorts of “la la la la la’ing” all damn disco day


Rewerk Wednesday/Roger Sanchez

While there are many, many, many things that flood the dance music mind whenever anybody speaks of the name DJ Roger Sanchez–with his classic fire, “Another Chance” (that piano, tho) and his countless remixes just being a few–one thing that we must pay extra special attention to was his involvement in the legendary Strictly Rhythm dance record label.

Amongst a list that includes Erick Morillo, Todd Terry, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Armand Van Helden, DJ Pierre, Josh Wink, Ms. Ultra Naté, and Ms. Barbara Tucker, Sanchez certainly made his mark as a high-profile remixer and globally renowned DJ for all of us

Born into Dominican descent in NYC, Mr.Sanchez attended Manhattan’s School of Art & Design and immersed himself in the graffiti and break-dancing scene in the early ’80s. While breakin’ for his cardboard life at just thirteen years old, it was no sooner that Sanchez got the DJ bug and began to werk his magic at house parties and smaller venues.

But since this is the great Roger Sanchez we’re spilling about here, it wasn’t long before he was owning our dance lives at NYC hot spots like the Tunnel, all while he was getting his education on and studying architecture at the Pratt Institute. However after he realized that those dear, sweet grooves were his undeniable calling, Sanchez quit school and pursued music full-time.

And we’re so glad he did. 

With his dance life battery and headphones charged, Sanchez became a force to be reckoned with in the mix tape world (remember that house music mixtape you brought on Broadway? That was most likely his), and soon he had enough to invest in his very own nightclub, Ego Trip, which of course became a smashing success.

By 1989, Strictly Rhythm Records diva Gladys Pizaro had touched decks to see if Sanchez would be interested in production, and lucky for us, he was and his first single, “Luv Dancin,’ destroyed dance floors across the globe a year later. 

Although “Dancin” is decorated with a deeper flow, its charasmatic energy hyped up the New York house scene, and in fact, Sanchez hyped up the scene so much that it wasn’t long before he started working on tracks for Babyface, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Chic, M People, Soul II Soul and many, many, many more. 

And while We could all easily get down and go over each of Sanchez’s indestructible remixes, refires, mix tapes and sets (his 2017 fire, “Hold On” co-starring Boy George is also that, um, fire), this certified Roger that playlist is all sorts of warmed up and ready for you.

Just like he is for us every time he serves it out and then some. 

For tickets to go see Roger Sanchez at Rumor this Friday, Feb 24th, check your dance life right here.