• Dirty Dancing Tea w/ Alyssa Brizzi

    TweetWhether you still live for the soundtrack, you’re a certified master of the infamous “Lift,” belt out all of the words to the dearly departed Patrick Swayze‘s “She’s Like the Wind” in the shower or because nobody puts Baby or you in the corner, for that matter, the classic movie, Dirty Dancing, certainly has something

  • 5 Albums Celebrating Milestones in 2017/Classic Soundtracks Edition

    TweetOh, the days when soundtracks were just as big as their accompanying films. Doesn’t it seem like a long lost art?  That’s because it most certainly is and once you dive or maybe lift into the soundtracks of Dirty Dancing, Sister Act, Titanic, Saturday Night Fever and even Mo’ Money, you’ll be reminded on how

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