• Groove of the Day/Ms. Janet/”All for You”

    No words….just watching this video for Ms. Janet‘s blockbuster 2001 single over and over again and remembering she betta werk for that legendary choreography.  4, 3, 2, 1,….go.  Are you an entertainer, promoter or event planner who’s doin’ it all for Philadelphia and beyond? Then Philly Mixtape wants to hear from you! For questions, comments

  • Groove of the Day/Kylie Minogue/”Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

    Feel the Fev-ah.  Yes, Kylie Kween, that’s absolutely what we felt and what we all still feel when it comes to the overseas dance diva’s sensual eighth studio album, Fever, which will be celebrating fifteen years next week since its stateside release.  While opener, “More More More,” as well as glorious grooves, “Love at First Sight,”

  • Groove of the Day/Gloria Estefan/”The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”

    Brace yourselves. Actually, scratch that…brace those feet because thirty years ago, Ms. Gloria Estefan served the world with Let It Loose, a Billboard chart destroying record that further cemented Ms. Estefan’s status as being that Latin crossover diva.  While we could spill todos los dias de musica about this album and all of those delectable

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