Groove of the Day/Gloria Estefan/”The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”

Brace yourselves.

Actually, scratch that…brace those feet because thirty years ago, Ms. Gloria Estefan served the world with Let It Loose, a Billboard chart destroying record that further cemented Ms. Estefan’s status as being that Latin crossover diva. 

While we could spill todos los dias de musica about this album and all of those delectable hits (“Betcha Say That,” 1-2-3,” “Anything for You,”), just have to let the infectious “The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” sound it all off and give you another reason why the heat provided by Ms. Estefan and her mighty Miami Sound Machine (this was actually her first album labeled without them, although they do play on most of the tracks) will remain scorching until the very end of music time. 

Lucky for all of us, that’s about a quarter-to-never, so get on those feet and let all of the rhythms of Ms. Gloria get you. 

Because they will. 

Cover photo courtesy of Latin Music Club Report 


10 (Sort Of) Underrated Beyoncé Singles

Let’s face music facts….there are two kinds of Beyoncé fans in the world. There are those fans who are familiar with her chart destroying werk like “Crazy in Love,” “Baby Boy,” “Ring the Alarm,” “Formation,” Deja Vu,” “Get Me Bodied,” (and even “Girls” and “Grown Woman” if you’ve been to a drag show…anywhere) and will show their music love to them whenever they hear them strutting down the music runway on their selected Beyoncé station. 

But of course, there are those Bey fans who drink all the Lemonade they can handle and will come after you with a Gilette Venus razor if anybody dares get in The Queen’s way. (right, Jay z and Rachel Roy?) That group is known as The Beyhive and they would say that not one of the diva’s radio ready romps is underrated in the least bit since they’ve most likely listened to all of these tracks 5-500 times today. 

So indeed, it’s a slippery slope when firing up a (sort of) underrated Beyoncé playlist, but here are 10 tracks that aren’t “Irreplaceable.” 

Green means…go. 

“Fighting Temptation”/”Summertime” That moment when Beyonce released a pair of sensual grooves from The Fighting Temptations soundtrack…and…much like the movie itself..were forgotten about five minutes later. And each of them are laced with legendary rap and hip hop artists, so you better recognize. 

“Check On It” The Pink Pather. Enough said. By the way, anyone hear from Bun B and Slim Thug lately? Anyone? 

“Hip Hop Star” Okay, so this Dangerously in Love groove wasn’t released an official single, but it damn right should’ve been. 

“Green Light”/Freemasons Rewerk While debating with your Beyhive co-workers on whether this jazzed up B’day banger is perhaps one of her most underrated singles, work it out on the dance floor to this oh, so slick Freemasons refire. 

“Diva” Because it’s always so much fun to ask random strangers in bars where they boss at. And if he don’t have a six pack in the cooler, he can forget all about it. 

“Video Phone” Before Lady Gaga enlisted Bey on “Telephone” and had us Star ’69’ing for our lives, the diva-licous duo served us with a remix of “Video Phone,” which is where the dial-me-up madness truly began. 

“Put It In A Love Song” What should’ve been a smash hit for both Ms. B and Ms. A….went absolutely nowhere on the charts. 

“Why Don’t You Love Me” This video. 

“Party” Because it’s the perfect weekend groove and because you’re still trying to figure out how to live that Swagu life. 

And anything else from 4, um, for that matter because this was the last album before Bey started dropping things left and right, and we all know what those things are, especially since those albums will be the basis as to why you’ll have no voice left after Beyonce takes the stage at Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday night. 

Are you ready for all that Formation World Tour jelly? 








Jam of the Day/Britney Spears/”Do Somethin'”

Oh, 2005-ney. Wasn’t she just so much fun? Of course, as we all know, this era of Brit Brit truly began in late 2004 when she happily married KFed in the backyard and thus began their journey into, um, chaotic matrimony. But being the true diva she is, Ms. Spears did still manage to supply us with the perfect soundtrack to her I’m-about-to-get-a-little-crazy-for-you times, with her Greatest Hits:My Prerogrative collection owning its place as the perfect music companion to…it all. 

Besides containing those hits as well as the title track rewerk of Bobby Brown’s classic ’80s anthem, the shimmering set is also laced with a little underrated Britney ditty called “Do Somethin,” which is oh, so blessed with an accompanying video that’s just….you have to watch and relive it once again….Louis Vuitton Hummers and y’all.



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