Rewerk Wednesday/R3hab

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, (“Work!!”), Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Halsey, Dan + Shay, Lady Gaga. 

Those are just a few of the many names that EDM producer DJ Fadil El Ghoul–otherwise by his stage and world tour dominating name, R3hab--whose original tracks mixed, mashed and serve our feet with all to move on the dance floor of life….

……and this Saturday, he’s about to do all of that and so much more when he takes over Haven Nightclub in Atlantic City in the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino. 

Jumpstarting his career in 2008 producing the tracks, “Mrkrstft” and “Blue Magic” alongside fellow DJ Hardwell, R3hab would eventually link up with Afrojack in 2011 on “Aces High (Prutata), and it was pretty much thanks to that trio of monster club hits that he would come to werk with all of those names listed above.

And when it comes to his slay alongside Aussie DJ Diva Havana Brown on the ever-so-classic, “Big Banana?” Fucking priceless. 

Over the years, R3hab certainly been a master of his own material releasing several records on Afrojack’s Wall Recordings label, but it was his later partnership with Spinnin’ Records that would not just lead him to his own weekly radio show on SiriusXM, but also a handful of International Dance Music Awards that led R3hab even greater stateside notoriety. 

These days, El Ghoul continues to be a dominating force on the festival circuit (hey there, Coachella) and will no doubt continue to own our fist pumpin’ lives forever. For much more with this globally dominating DJ, you must dive into his latest record, The Wave, right here and his 2017 set, Trouble, here, as well as on this playlist of rewerks below. 

And going to witness him take over Atlantic City this weekend wouldn’t hurt either, if it does, you know it would only be the good kind of pain brought on by the one-and-only, R3hab

For much more local entertainments goings on this year and beyond, be sure to hit the floor like J,Lo with Philly Mixtape right here and here

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15 Sexy Deep House Grooves to Warm Your Frigid A** Up All Winter(And Beyond)

Brrrrrrr..…….it’s cold out there. 

That not-so-shameless Bring it On reference (damn you, HBO NOW) indicates that yes, Torrence, it is cold out there, but that also those temperatures in the atmosphere are going to drop like all of us after New Year’s. 

So, in order to save, well, all of us from that not-so-elusive mental #thinkspring countdown, and to save you from going all The Shining on that one co-worker…..

……we get it for the tenth time today, Linda, it’s f@cking cold out.…..a luscious setting of proper grooves to get us through these frigid times is absolutely in order. 

While any type of groove in ya damn life is fitting at any moment in time, there’s just…..something about a deeply synth-ful deep house beat. 

Whether teaching us life on the after hours dance floor or just teaching us about life in general, the (vastly underrated stateside) genre of deep house is just, well, imagine it as an never ending big ol’ mug of the world’s finest hot chocolate that just warms you up from the inside out…..and makes you feel a lil’ sexy as you take each sip. Yes. 

Plus, it’s a known scientific fact that grooves provided by Gorgon City, BURNS, DJ David Penn, Duke Dumont, Todd Terry, Matvey Emerson, Sandy B (!!!), Jennifer Hudson, Katy B, NAATIONS and Sonny Fodera will lead you to a less a frigid life this winter and beyond. 

Even Linda in accounting. 

So, let’s warm it up, kids, ’cause that’s what these ridiculously deep grooves are about to do. 

BURNS/David Penn/Johnny Yukon/”Worst”  Nothin’ like a little new deep shh…to ignite this dance floor of warmed up life. 

Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”/Todd Terry Remix Because it’s never too early to get into the #summerscomin mind frame, especially when this synth-fully delish refire is helping us keep warm all frigid life long. 

Gorgon City/Duke Dumont/NAATIONS/”Real Life”  When they ALL get together….this is what happens. 

Husky/”Work it Out”   Indeed.  

Sonny Fodera/Yasmin/”Feeling U”  That piano and this bubbly, synth-ed rhythm is absolutely going to do delightful things to you from the inside out. 

Matvey Emerson”Run Away”   This….

Matvey Emerson/”Over”  And then this…..

Sonny Fodera/Yasmeen/”Caught Up”  More caught up than Usher in ’04….now, that’s some serious shit. 

MNEK/Gorgon City/”Ready for Your Love”  Ready for a lil’ deep lovin’? Yas. 

Duke Dumont/”Won’t Look Back”  When the vocals, well, you’ll see… 

Miguel Migs/”Lisa Shaw/”I Can See It”  Having one of those f#$king days? Play this. 

Miguel Migs/Meshell Ndegeocello/”What Do You Want”  See above statement. 

Gorgon City/Katy B/”Lover Like You”  For those special winter Tinder dates or those extra special nights by ya damn self…either way, what deep bliss courtesy of Ms. B and GC’s laced up beat.

Gorgon City/Jennifer Hudson/”Go All Night”   Go. 

Sandy B/”Make the World Go Round”/Deep Dish Extended  Mix  What we have right here is the deepest nine minutes of your f#$king life…are you warming up yet? If not, first, see a doctor, and then repeat these tracks until spring. Round and around we and for the rest of our deep house lovin’ lives. 

For the ultimate warmed up experience, dive in deep with this Spotify playlist. 

For even deeper shenanigans served up by Philly Mixtape this winter and beyond, dance it on over to right here and here. 





15 More Must Have Grooves For Your Summer 2018 Playlists

Now that we’re in the very heart (and heat!!) of summer, you should waste no time in maximizing those sun-kissed playlists as much as possible. 

With that being said, take a lil’ break from perfecting the “In My Feeling” choreo (you too, Mom) and let the latest and greatest grooves from Ariana Grande (yas), Matvey Emerson, Husky, Bebe Rexha, Childish Gambino, Duke Dumont and J Balvin get all sorts of in as we ride along into the end of July. 

Plus, Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame’ record is turning 10 next month, and there’s truly no better time to get the party started other than 

Lady Gaga/”Eh, Eh(Nothing Else I Can Say)”/Random Soul Remix   Kicking things off with a Gaga throwback, Mother Monster’s debut opus, The Fame, is turning 10 next month, so what better time to celebrate it all other than right now with this ultra sun-kissed remix that’ll hit you in all of the right G spots. And yes, we’ll get to the meat dress a (nasty!) touch later, but for now, um, just dance to this rainbow-worthy remix and everything else on this playlist. 

J Balvin/Willy William/’Mi Gente”      Because 10, 000 times is never enough….

Ariana Grande/”God is a Woman”   Indeed, Ari, indeed…and this video, tho…just watch. 

Duke Dumont/Ebenezer/”Inhale”     We’re going straight to the disco with this one, kids. 

Bebe Rexha/Quavo/”2 Souls on Fire”    This year’s summer fling/breakup anthem is right here…light it up. 

Childish Gambino/”Summertime Magic”   Groove on, Mr. Gambino, groove the f#$k on. 

Just Us/Wolves by Night/”Flirtatious”(James Hype Remix)   Deeply delicious. 

Drake/Michael Jackson/Don’t Matter to Me”    It’s just that summer groove. 

Chez Moon/”Close to Me”(Swanrick Remix)     Those hot-and-steamy summer nights, tho….the best. 

Goodluck/”Saved by the Summer”   No explanation needed…

Nicki Minaj/Ariana Grande/”Bed”     Nicki and Ari done did it again…..

Matvey Emerson/”Better Days”    Hey, summer, we feel you all up in this bold banger. 

Husky/”Promise Me”   …and another one….

Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”/Todd Terry Rewerk    Because it’s simply just not summer without this fiery refiring of Ms. Lovato’s now classic summer anthem. Happy dancing!! 

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